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Leveling Up Characters Quickly in Genshin Impact

There are various aspects to levelling up characters and it can take a while before they reach their max potential.
Leveling Up Characters Quickly in Genshin Impact

There are many ways to improve characters quickly in Genshin Impact but if you want to truly see what they can do you will have to divide their needs and take them on one by one. You can't just build your character to their best straight away. You will need to play the game, explore new areas, and increase your adventure rank.

Character Level

Most players start by leveling up their characters first. This means spending mora, character EXP materials, and ascension materials which can be hard to get in bulk, especially if you are a new player. Before we get into all of that though there are a few limitations in place that prevent you from achieving the level cap right away.

Adventure Rank

Your adventure rank is what decides how far you can level up your characters. Ascension levels are tied to your adventure rank which means that you have to reach adventure rank 45 to fully level up characters. It also means that you will have a level cap for all characters until you reach the prerequisite adventure rank which you can see in the table below.

Adventure Rank

Ascension LevelLevel Cap

AR 15

1Level 40
AR 252Level 50
AR 303Level 60
AR 354Level 70
AR 405Level 80

AR 45


Level 90

In order to get to the highest level cap as fast as possible you will need to increase your adventure rankings quickly. This can be done best by completing quests. Certain story quests will be your main method for gaining a lot of adventurer's experience in Genshin although there are other activities that you can do on the side.

You also get adventure experience for using resin, opening treasure chests, exploring the world, completing commissions, gathering regional collections, completing adventurer handbook investigations, and hunting down the unusual hilichurl. By combining all of the experience tasks you can breeze through adventure rankings while still getting character EXP materials in surplus.


Using up resin plays a very important part in leveling up your characters fast in Genshin. There are two sides to using up resin. The first is the adventure exp that you get from fighting weekly bosses, completing trounce domains, claiming ley line outcrops, and clearing domains.

The second very important side to using resin is all of the weapon ascension materials and character EXP materials that you gather while using resin. These will be important if you want to level up characters as much as they can be.

This can be a lot to take in for newer players so it is best to follow the Battle Pass to track your progress. The battle pass rewards you for fighting weekly bosses, using up resin daily, and challenging domains. Using it as a tracker can help you build new characters fast in Genshin Impact.

The reason why resin is a limitation is because you only have a set amount of resin before it needs to recharge. This means that you need to pick and choose where and how to use your resin so that you can maximize the rewards as well as the adventurer's experience that you get.

Leveling Up Characters Fast

Once you are aware of the above two limitations you can start building your new character as efficiently as possible. To level up characters fast there are four things that you will need character EXP materials, mora, character ascension materials, and regional specialties.

Character EXP materials can be found from a variety of sources but the most dependable one is through revelation ley line outcrops. These reward you with hero's wit and wanderer's advice, the amount depending on what world level you are on. The rewards also go up if you use condensed resin instead of just normal resin.

Farming mora is similar to character EXP material as there are a lot of sources for mora as well but the most dependable way is to get it through wealth ley line outcrops. All of the same factors apply to this as well which means the amount you get scales with your world level and you'll get more if you use condensed resin.

One thing to note about using condensed resin is that it doesn't make it cheaper, it just saves time as you get double the rewards for double the resin but the same amount of effort.

Character ascension materials are a lot rarer to get as they require you to fight world bosses. The rewards you get from fighting them also scales with your world level but that doesn't matter much as you won't need many resources unless you're raising characters to the level cap.

For regional specialties you will need a farming route if the item is rare like this farming route for Onikabuto in Genshin Impact. You can also visit the worlds of other people in order to get these materials but make sure to ask before you take them otherwise you might not get invited back.

Character Talents

Reaching the level cap for characters isn't the only goal here as you also need to take talents into account. Improving character talents helps increase character stats like normal and charged attack damage, elemental skill damage, and elemental burst damage. The talents for every character can be improved in order to make them more effective on field.

Increasing talent levels isn't easy though as you will need character EXP materials that are found in repeatable domains, drops from certain enemies, Mora, and regional specialties like Onikabuto which can be a pain to find. For higher talent levels you will also need other rewards that drop from weekly bosses at a high world level and a Crown of Insight for Level 10 of each talent.

Talents are something that you will want to focus on immediately as they automatically scale when you level up characters. You will need to decide which talents to increase for which character but Genshin Impact has a handy feature now which shows you what other players have focused on. Using that feature you can tap into the meta in-game and see the best possible move.


Weapons are also a very important part of building your characters. Weapons are much easier to build than characters as all you'll need is Mora, weapon enhancement EXP materials, and weapon ascension materials. The ascension materials are the only ones that you really need to worry about as they are reliably found in domains whereas EXP materials can be made using ore on demand.

Weapons also have a system similar to constellations for characters. You can refine weapons using refinement materials which usually take the form of the weapon itself. Doing this is definitely worth it as you can buff weapon talents by a decent amount.

If you are a an early game player there is a good chance that you don't have many weapons to refine. To solve that problem you should go after four star weapons that you can just get in the game such as the ones you get through fishing rewards or ones that you can make using billets. Some of the starter weapons are extremely useful whereas the ones that you get through fishing are all incredibly powerful. If you are new to fishing then you can check out our Genshin Impact fishing guide.

Serenitea Pot

For players wishing to progress quickly it is a good idea to build up their Serenitea pots. The shop in the Serenitea pot allows you to buy fragile resin once a week for the native currency as well as EXP books and weapon enhancement EXP materials. Having the teapot market is a huge boon and if you haven't unlocked it yet you are missing out.

Paimon's Bargains

Players in an extreme hurry can always use Paimon's bargains to get the stuff they need. You can get weapons, level up materials, weapon enhancement materials, and mora by spending masterless stardust and starglitter.

You are only allowed to purchase limited items though and you will have to wait until the shop reset to buy any more.

Quality Over Speed

All players should keep in mind that building up characters fast in Genshin Impact doesn't automatically equate to better progression. You should keep in mind which characters to build and how to build them. There is a lot more to building characters than just leveling up as increasing their effectiveness also means getting the right artifacts in Genshin Impact, having complimentary party members, equipping the right weapon, and learning how to use the character effectively.

All of the above comes with time as experienced Genshin players know that even free Genshin characters can carry your whole party, no matter how low in the meta they may be so don't be scared to experiment and don't be afraid to play to the strengths of your unique playstyle.

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