How to Link or Unlink Your Genshin Impact Account? [Step-By-Step Guide]

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How to Link or Unlink Your Genshin Impact Account? [Step-By-Step Guide]

For PlayStation console owners, the question of how to link and unlink a Genshin Impact account has likely come across their minds. If you are one of them, relax! The process of doing so is not as hard as you would imagine it to be. We will show you all the steps necessary for both linking and unlinking your Genshin Impact account so you can start wishing for your favorite characters on any platform!

How to link your Genshin Impact Account?

Now, Genshin Impact has the function of linking (and unlinking) Genshin Impact accounts to other widely used social media accounts! To name a few, here are the social media accounts that you can link your cross-save data, so you can continue adventuring anywhere or on any platform!

  • Apple account

  • PlayStation account (or also known as PSN account)

  • Game Center

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

Linking Genshin Impact Accounts to Other Social Media Accounts

In order to sync your cross save data for your Genshin Impact account with your other social media accounts, you would have to follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch Genshin Impact on either a PC or mobile device (not a PlayStation Console)

  2. Once launched, open the Paimon menu and select Settings, which is an image of a gear below the Time changer.

  3. Click Account, and click User Center

  4. After clicking User Center, you should be redirected to another page that is still inside the Genshin Impact game. This page should contain your username, email, and other personal data.

  5. Click on Linked Accounts to see the possible social accounts you can connect your Genshin Impact account to. The social media account that you can link your Genshin Impact account to may depend on what platform you are currently on.

For example, you can only link to a Facebook or Twitter account when playing Genshin Impact on a Windows PC. In order to link to an Apple or Game Center account, you are required to use an Apple device, such as an iPad or an iPhone. On the other hand, you can only link your Genshin Impact account to a Google Account if you are using an Android device.

Lastly, PlayStation or PSN account owners who wish to link their Genshin Impact account to a PSN account so they can play on their PlayStation console can do so by linking it through their PlayStation. However, do note that this step is only possible if you have not played Genshin Impact on your PlayStation before. We will discuss this further below.

Once you have decided which social media account you would like to link your Genshin Impact account with, press Link, and follow the necessary instructions!

Linking PSN Account with Genshin Impact Account

PlayStation owners - if you have not played Genshin Impact on your PlayStation, lucky for you! - you will simply just need to link your PlayStation account to your Genshin Impact account.

Unfortunately, for those who already played Genshin Impact on the PlayStation before, a few more steps are required in order to link your Genshin Impact account to your PSN account. You will need to file for a PSN account unlink request.

PSN Account Unlink Request

Before you do this, be sure that you are willing to lose your Genshin Impact data on your PSN account as cross saving is currently not possible. Once you have unlinked your PSN Genshin Account, there is no going back.

Step 1: Send Email to miHoYo

To unlink PSN Account from your current PSN Genshin account, you will first need to send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "PSN Account Unlink Request". Make sure that the subject line is exactly as stated above to receive an automated response.

Include an appropriate message in the email's body, such as "Hello! I am sending an email to miHoyo to ask for a PSN Account Unlink Request.

Step 2: Get a Response

When miHoYo has found your email requesting to unlinking your Genshin Impact PSN account, they will send you a reply, so keep an eye out for their email.

This email will most likely request you important details about your account, such as your PSN account ID, your Genshin Impact PSN Account's UID, adventure rank, and purchases made on the Genshin Impact PSN account. They just want to ensure that it is really the owner who is trying to unlink the Genshin Impact PSN account.

Step 3: Wait for Unlinking Process to Finish

Once you have given all the necessary information that miHoYo needs to unlink your Genshin Impact PSN account, you might have to wait for a while. During this time, you can still use your email account to log in to your other PlayStation games and play.

Also, since you might have a mobile account or PC account for Genshin Impact, you can continue playing the account on that platform!

Step 4: Re-launch Genshin Impact on PlayStation

After the unlinking process is finished, the Genshin Impact account data from your PSN account is gone. Essentially, the PlayStation launches Genshin Impact like it is for the first time. Genshin Impact will prompt you to link your existing Genshin Impact account to your PSN account with a pop-up window.

There is no other way to link your Genshin Impact account to your PSN account, so do not skip this pop-up message from Genshin Impact. If you skip this pop-up window, the game will register a new Genshin Impact account and you will have to redo the process all over again.

What You Need to Know to Link and Unlink Your Genshin Impact Account

Before we start to dive into exact details, we will be using a few terms that might be a little unfamiliar at first, but don't worry - you'll get used to them in no time!

PSN Account

PSN Account is a short form for PlayStation Network account. This is what PlayStation console owners need to download games onto the PlayStation, as well as use other services that PlayStation provides, like streaming apps to watch a variety of shows. Most likely that if you already have a PlayStation console machine, you already have a PSN account. Note that it should not be confused with PlayStation plus (you do not need PlayStation Plus to play Genshin Impact!)

miHoYo Account

The term 'miHoYo account' is interchangeable with 'Genshin Impact account'. In Genshin Impact communities, you will see both terms quite frequently, so do not be confused. They are referring to the account where you have your Genshin Impact account.

If you began playing Genshin Impact on a mobile device or PC, you most definitely have a Genshin Impact account. Genshin Impact accounts can be played on any other platform now as the cross save function is now online! This means that you can play Genshin Impact on the same account on most of the existing platforms.

Make sure that when the game asks for your Genshin Impact account, provide email accounts that are associated with the Genshin Impact account you want to link to your PSN account. Most of these processes are irreversible, so take your time.

After you complete the steps above, you should have your Genshin Impact account linked to your PSN account! Now you can access your main account on any platform without having to log in to a different account.

Now that you can play Genshin Impact, it makes it a lot easier to play with your friends! If you're wondering how to play with your friends, make sure that you are on thesame server as them! If you're already on the same server, why not celebrate bysplurging a little on Genesis Crystals, orgetting gift cards for you and your friends?

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