How to make PUBG fullscreen? [Solved]

Here are 5 ways you can play PUBG in full screen mode on Windows PC.

How to make PUBG fullscreen?
How to make PUBG fullscreen?

Can’t go fullscreen in PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds without experiencing bugs? This guide is for you if you experience any of the following:

  • You don’t know how to go full screen
  • PUBG simply refuses to go full screen or stay in it
  • Game flips back into borderless windowed mode randomly
  • Game is seriously underperforming in FPS during full screen mode
PUBG steam screenshot

Playing in true, exclusive fullscreen mode not only benefits your game’s frame rate, but also lowers the amount of input lag you’ll experience. Needless to say, enabling full screen mode in PUBG is strongly recommended. Here are 5 awesome ways to do so.

Solution 1: Secret tricks when using Alt-Enter keyboard shortcuts to toggle Full screen mode in PUBG

If you are a long time PC gamer, then you most likely know about the [F11] or [Alt] [Enter] shortcuts you can use to toggle in and out of full screen or Windowed mode when playing games on Microsoft Windows.

For PUBG, Alt-Enter is the shortcut to use, but there’s more to it than just tapping [Alt] [Enter] one time.

Fullscreen keyboard shortcut PUBG

To properly troubleshoot for PUBG, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start PUBG and wait for the home screen to load.
  2. If you are in Windowed mode, press [Alt] [Enter] simultaneously to toggle fullscreen. If that didn’t work, simply press [Alt] [Enter] 2 times.
  3. If you are in borderless fullscreen, go to your display settings and change your display mode to [Windowed]. Then apply step 2.

If you don’t know how to change your display settings in PUBG, check out solution 2 right below.

Solution 2: Change your Display mode setting in PUBG

The 2nd easiest way to go full screen in PUBG is by adjusting your [Display mode] found in the in-game settings. There are two troubleshooting methods to try.

display settings PUBG

Change your PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds display mode in-game:

  1. Press on the cogwheel or gear icon in the TOP RIGHT corner of your HOME SCREEN.
  2. Alternatively, press [Esc] when you are in practice mode or in a match.
  3. In your settings, navigate to the [Display] tab.
  4. Find the [Display Mode] setting and choose [Full Screen].

If this didn’t work:

  1. Change your display mode to [Windowed].
  2. Apply settings.
  3. Change it back to [Full Screen].

Alongside this change, do remember to set the [Resolution] setting to what the native resolution for your monitor is. For most, this is 1920 x 1080p.

If your game still looks blurry or does not cover the whole screen, then we'll need to look up the Recommended display resolution for your monitor. Very easy to do, just follow along.

Display settings on PC PUBG

How to find your monitor’s Recommended display resolution:

  1. Right click an empty space on your desktop and select [Display settings].
  2. Navigate to [Scale and Layout]. 
  3. Click on [Display resolution] to open a drop down menu, then look for an option that says “Recommended”.
  4. Use that resolution for PUBG.

Solution 3: Force full screen mode by launching PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with Steam Launch Options

Steam launch options is a hidden gem only for users who installed PUBG on Steam. Through this feature, you can force launch most PC games in your steam library in basically any display mode you prefer. This includes: full screen, borderless full screen (Borderless windowed mode), or purely Window mode.

Steam launch settings config PUBG

How to use Steam Launch Options to force a display mode of your choice:

  1. Find PUBG in your Steam Library.
  2. Right click and Select [Properties].
  3. In the launch options text zone, the settings you like.
  4. Close the menu to apply settings.

To launch in full screen, type -fullscreen.

To launch in Windowed Fullscreen / Borderless Windowed mode, type -popupwindow.

To launch in Windowed mode only, type -window.

Solution 4: Edit your PUBG full screen settings in the config file GameUserSettings.ini 

This solution requires a bit of tech savviness, so if you’re not up for it - simply skip directly to solution 5. Using the config file of PUBG, we can preset the display mode of your game to fullscreen AND its display resolution.

PUBG windows r key for gameusersettings.ini

To look up your GameUserSettings.ini file, do this:

  1. On your desktop, press [Windows] key + [R] to bring up Run.
  2. In the text line, copy and paste this: %localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor 
  3. Click OK to navigate to the file location.

Once you have the file, open it and replace the settings in your file with the following:


For resolution size, make sure the following settings are equal to each other.

ResolutionSizeX= [Key in 1920 or your recommended Width]

ResolutionSizeY= [Key in 1080 or your recommended Height]

DesiredScreenWidth= [Key in 1920 or your recommended Width]

DesiredScreenHeight= [Key in 1080 or your recommended Height]

Once you are done with these replacements, save the file and boot up PUBG. If you can’t see the config file, make sure you have enabled the ability to view hidden files & folders via folder options.

Folder options in search bar

To change folder options, simply search for “File Folder Options”, then follow the simple path below:

Folder Options -> View -> Hidden Files and Folders -> Display files, folders and hidden units

Solution 5: Disable your Full screen Optimizations setting if all solutions above did not work

Windows can be a confusing operating system at times. In this case, if all solutions above did not work, it’s likely due to conflicts caused by “Fullscreen Optimizations”, which is a feature Windows automatically applies when you launch a game.

This feature can create conflicts with your fullscreen settings, and thus cause the game to either: crash, not enter full screen at all, only go partially full screen mode, stutter or drop in FPS excessively. Fortunately there is a way to turn off this feature, here’s how.

Disable fullscreen optimization PUBG

To disable full screen optimization, find the PUBG exe file:

  1. Locate your “PUBG” shortcut. 
  2. Select and press [Alt] + [Enter] to bring up your file properties.
PUBG steam

If you are on Steam:

  1. Go to your Steam Library.
  2. Click on [Local Files].
  3. Click on [Browse].

Once in the folder, select the PUBG file without BE. Right click to check its properties:

  1. Right click and select [Properties].
  2. Click on the [Compatibility] tab.
  3. Check the box for [Disable Fullscreen Optimizations].
  4. Hit [OK] to save settings.

Once this is done, try going full screen again with all different solutions detailed above.

PUBG gameplay screenshot

Voila! And now PUBG: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds should be working perfectly in full screen mode.

Each PC is different, so if this guide could not resolve your issue with going full screen, check out the guide for going fullscreen in Valheim for alternative solutions.