PUBG Mobile bots: How to recognize them and what to do about it

PUBG Mobile is not immune to the problems seen in other popular multiplayer games including server issues and cheaters. Bots can both be a problem and a benefit for this game depending on what your point of view is on the situation. Other FPS games with bots created by players usually have the problem of them being incredibly powerful with aimbots and wallhacks built into them. Meanwhile, bots in MMO games are very obvious and have one or two targets such as automatically harvesting resources or killing mobs in a specific area.  

While bots are usually a bad thing in games, there are times when they can be beneficial. The developers of PUBG Mobile have used this to their advantage to improve the game.

Are there any bots in PUBG Mobile?

Most PUBG Mobile games are full of humans but yes, there are some bots in the game. Many of them were added into the game by the developers though some of them will also be player-created due to various reasons. The bots in this game are usually obvious since they don't react like a human, do strange or dumb things and they also don't put up much of a fight. 

PUBG Mobile bots aren't good at the game and have none of the problems seems in bots from other games which automatically aim for the head or immediately avoid attacks. Instead, they have the issue of being too bad which can be annoying to play with for an extended period. There are benefits to them however which outweigh the annoyances they can cause. 

The bots in this game might not be that noticeable at first if you don't know how to play PUBG Mobile or are unfamiliar with shooter games. As you gain more experience with the game, however, they will start to stand out more. 

Why are there bots in PUBG Mobile?

There are different reason why bots exist in the game but the most common ones you'll see in the game are ones created by the developer. New players will first be playing games against bots instead of other real people. This helps to ensure they find a game quickly and get to have a good experience during their first few games. 

Bots reducing waiting times

Bots can be found in almost all games and there's a good reason for this: they fill up the lobbies. Including bots for all matches help get matches started and means that players don't need to be left waiting for long periods. This is especially useful for regions with lower player counts or during off-peak hours. 

It might be annoying to see bots in games doing strange things but it's also annoying to be left waiting long durations for a single match to start. When this happens most people who quit playing which then extends the waiting time further for those willing or able to wait. Including bots helps to curb this problem and encourages more real players to stay for the game. Being able to start games quicker also helps to keep players long-term which is very beneficial to PUBg Mobile.

Who makes the PUBG Mobile bots?

The majority of bots in the game are designed by the developers but there are also some created by other players. There are different reasons why a player would create bots for a video game and when it comes to bad bots, they're usually in the game to either help new players or to fill lobbies faster. Bots from the developer were made for both of those reasons while player bots are more difficult to give a reason for. Those in regions with lower player counts or who play off-peak times might create bots to help start games. 

Developer created bots

While these bots have been in the game for some time now, they've become much more noticeable. Those who have played other versions of PUBG might find this one less fluid and enjoyable as a result. Action focused mobile games attract a smaller audience and hold a lower player count as a result. With the 7.1 updates, bots were added to other games included for all levels. 

Including bots for all games is beneficial and not just for new players. PUBG Mobile bots are simple and easy to kill which are perfect for enticing players to stay for the long-term. Mobile controls might not suit everyone but being able to get kills does encourage players to stay with the game longer. Having these bots in the game also helps fill matches faster which is great for different versions of PUBG.

Are bots in all versions of PUBG?

Bots can now be found in all versions of PUBG including console and PC. For PUBG Mobile Lite (insert a link to the other article here), the bots help fill lobbies which is important considering the lower player count this version has. Since PUBG is now on Google Stadia, bots are critical to the platform due to the lack of players there. 

How to spot PUBG Mobile bots

Bots in video games are usually obvious and most FPS bots are designed to be good at the game with in-built aimbots and wallhacks. For PUBG Mobile bots, this isn't the case, however. It's very rare to see a bot in this game which has any kind of hack built into it to make them good at the game. Most of the bots we see here are quite dumb and are terrible at the game. 

There are several things to watch out for when playing the game since the PUBG Mobile bots will typically do specific actions which make them obvious. For the most part, they're also obvious to anyone who hasn't read this list but there are still a few points which might not be so immediately clear to players.

  • Bots usually just walk or run through areas without attempting to use cover or trying to save themselves.
  • They don't usually enter houses or buildings and don't even go inside to collect loot. Expect them to circle the house instead or stand close to it. 
  • Surprise attacking a bot doesn't 'work' since they immediately know where you are and will shoot back
  • Most bots can't aim and will miss most shots on you, however, some bots with certain weapons can kill you instantly 
  • Bots don't usually parachute into games, they spawn out of nowhere with some loot items already on them. If they do parachute then they don't land on buildings.
  • Their movements are predictable at all times and they don't 'zig-zag' to avoid being hit if you shoot at them. Bots will just stand in one spot and fire at you. 
  • Bots always have interesting items on them so it's worth the risk to loot them
  • They don't use throwables and will normally use a gun instead of melee weapons
  • Unlike humans, they only use single fire mode to attack and will stand in one place when attacking
  • Staying in one spot for a long time can cause bots to spawn close to you. Firing at them can also encourage more bots to move towards your positions.

What to do and how to avoid PUBG Mobile bots

PUBG Mobile bots are difficult to avoid since there's no way to know if they're in the game until you suddenly see one casually walking across an area or standing next to a building. There are ways to reduce how often you see the bots in this game and these mostly apply to all versions of PUBG.

Play more of the game

There are more bots at the lower levels of the game to help fill those lobbies but playing more of the game and gaining levels does help. As you reach the high levels and ranks in PUBG Mobile, you'll be encountering more real players in your matches. While there will still be bots in your games, there will be fewer bots as you increase your account level and rank through playing the game. 

Playing ranked mode

Ranked across all PUBG games have a lower player count than the casual mode. So playing competitive modes means there is a greater chance of playing with more real humans. This mode is considered the best way to avoid bots but this isn't perfect either. The options to play here are more limited so it might not suit you or whoever you want to play with. While it might best the best way to avoid bots, it might not be viable for you. 

Survive longer

While there might be bots in the game, there should also be other human players. Bots will be quickly killed when they encounter real players who won't have much trouble dealing with them and their strange behaviours. As a result, the players left during the later stages of the game will all be human and there is very little chance of a bot winning a game or making it to the final circle. If a bot does make it to the circle then there's a good chance another player is trying to use the bot to help them win. 

In general, though, surviving longer into the game should leave you in the game with only other humans. This isn't true for your first few games of PUBG Mobile though! For your first few games, there will only be bots in the match with you. 

Can you avoid bots in your first game?

No. The first game on PUBG Mobile will be just you versus bots and a lot of the first games that you play will be like this. It will improve after a while but if you've never played PUBG Mobile on that account then you will be facing bots. There is no option to turn this off and all players go through it.

How to use PUBG Mobile bots to your advantage

Grind RP

They might be annoying to play against but bots are the best way to complete missions and earn RP during games. Most missions will demand players do things which are difficult to do when playing with real people. You would need those players to let you throw a grenade in their face to punch them to death which isn't very common. Bots, however, don't have the natural responses that humans have made them perfect for completing missions. You don't need to worry about they reacting too much and having to play lots of games to complete one mission like you would with only humans. 

Boost your K/D ratio

PUBG Mobile bots mostly suck and are great target practice. Especially if you need to train your skills for certain weapons such as snipers. However, bots aren't exactly intelligent so what you learn from them can't be applied to humans. They're still good targets for learning to snipe or how to use throwables. Even if you don't want to or need to hone any skills, killing bots will help boost your K/D ratio in the game to keep it at a decent level. 

Achievement Hunting

Just like with RP, bots are great targets for achievements. Some of the achievement tasks in this game can be tricky to complete when playing against real humans which can take you many matches to do. Bots make this much easier however and completionists should exploit the bots for this purpose. Most of the achievement tasks can be completed easily when playing with bots so if you notice a lot of them in your game then we advise you take advantage of this. 

PUBG Mobile bots might sometimes be useful but it can be annoying to end up in games where there are so many of them just walking around or standing next to a building because there's a player in there. While there's not much we can do about bots in PUBG, it's easier to avoid playing with them as you level up. Playing ranked is another great way to almost totally avoid bots but there are certain requirements here which might not make it a viable option for everyone. 

Having to play with bots might not be the best thing ever but including bots in games does allow matches to start at least. Playing exclusively with PUBG mobile bots is also a good way to help new players learn the mechanics without added pressure from experienced players.