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How to See Your Highest Damage In Genshin Impact (Simple Step-By-Step Guide)

The ultimate symbol of superiority. Learn how to check your highest damage dealt in Genshin Impact to show off to your friends!
How to See Your Highest Damage In Genshin Impact (Simple Step-By-Step Guide)

You've pulled the hottest characters and equipped the best artifacts. You have taken the best screenshots of your team rocking the battlefield. What else could there be for you to do?

Fischl vs Andrius

If you're a person who likes to constantly push your personal boundaries, there is one ultimate goal - to deal more and more damage. Essentially, Genshin Impact is all about the numbers you dish out. The higher the damage, the faster you can clear Genshin Impact content. However, have you ever wondered what the highest damage you dealt since you played Genshin Impact is?

How to Check For Your Highest Damage Dealt in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact has prepared a way for you to track your highest damage dealt in-game. It records the highest damage dealt in a single hit.

To check your highest damage, follow the steps below!

  1. Launch Genshin Impact and open the Paimon menu
    Open Paimon Menu Genshin
  2. Open the Achievement Tab
    Open Achievements Tab
  3. There will be a lot of sections for you to choose from. On the Achievement Tab, select Wonders of the World.
    Wonders of the World Achievement Section
  4. You should be able to see a list of achievements on the right portion of the screen. Navigate to the top left part of the screen where there is a search bar, and enter "Purveyor of Punishment".
    Search Bar for Achievements
  5. Once you have entered "Purveyor of Punishment", you should be able to see the achievement on the right side of the screen. Observe the highest damage that you have dealt, which is printed above the date you obtained the achievement!

Genshin Impact has created a system that connects character stats to the potential amount of damage you can potentially deal. Check out how you can maximize your biggest blows!

How to Increase your Highest Damage?

Increasing your highest damage requires weapon, artifact, and food optimization in order to get the highest stats possible for your character. In order to maximize your damage, you will need as much of the following stats, usually done with the most powerful DPS character in your arsenal.

Genshin Impact Character Stat
  • Critical Damage (Crit Dmg%)
  • Critical Rate (Crit Rate%)
  • Attack (ATK)
  • Elemental Mastery (EM)
  • Support Buffs

What are Crit Dmg% and Crit Rate%?

Crit Dmg% and Crit Rate% are crit stats - bread and butter to the main DPS character. A critical hit in Genshin Impact means that your character deals double the amount of damage.

Crit Dmg% increases the critical damage dealt to the enemy when a critical hit lands. If you have a Crit Dmg% of 200%, it means you deal 2x the amount of damage when you land a critical hit as compared to a normal hit.

Crit Rate% increases the rate of your character landing a critical hit. Having a Crit Rate% of 70% means there is a 70% chance for your character landing a critical hit on the enemy.

It is ideal to have high crit stats in order for your to output more damage. The higher both crit stats are, it increases the chance of you hitting your enemies with more damage, thus defeating them faster. An ideal crit stat ratio (Crit Rate% : Crit Dmg%) would be 50:100 for characters that do not ascend with a scaling crit stat, and 50:150 for characters that have a scaling crit stat when ascending.

What is Elemental Mastery?

Reactions. Elemental Mastery has everything to do with elemental reactions. Referring to the character stat page shown above, you can access the Elemental Mastery description, shown below.

Accessing Elemental Mastery Calculation

An example to demonstrate how much more damage you can do with Elemental Mastery is provided below.

Elemental Mastery Calculation Description

What is for sure is that the more Elemental Mastery your character has, the more damage they can deal when an elemental reaction occurs.

You can refer to all the reactions that Elemental Mastery affects with the list below.

  • Melt (Interaction between Pyro and Hydro)
  • Vaporize (Interaction between Pyro and Cryo)
  • Overload (Interaction between Pyro and Electro)
  • Superconduct (Interaction between Hydro and Electro)
  • Swirl (Interaction between Anemo and any of the following elements: Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo)
  • Bloom (Interaction between Dendro and Hydro)
  • Hyperbloom (Interaction between Dendro Core and Electro)
  • Burgeon (Interaction between Dendro Core and Pyro)
  • Quicken (Interaction between Dendro and Electro)
  • Spread (Interaction between Quicken State and Dendro)
  • Aggravate (Interaction between Quicken State and Electro)
  • Burning (Interaction between Dendro and Pyro)
All Elemental Reaction in Genshin

It's okay if you cannot remember all of them as not all the reactions apply to a single character. However, just make sure that if they do rely on reactions to deal damage - maximize the amount of Elemental Mastery you can equip on that character.

What are Support Buffs?

All players are provided with 4 characters to create the strongest team in Teyvat. With various characters that are specialized in their own fields, there are a select few that excel in supporting their team. All highest damage (or more likely referred to as highest dmg) records involve well-built supports, which shows that you need to have an overall commitment to your team to reap amazing damage in Genshin Impact!

One of the most well-known universal support buffers is the 4-star Pyro character Bennett. To maximize his supporting abilities, make sure to level up his elemental burst talent levels. Since his buff originates from his elemental burst that scales off of Bennett's base ATK, it is advised to provide Bennett with a weapon that provides a high base ATK.

Bennett Genshin

Another favorite support that many people seek is the 5-star Anemo character Kazuha. Kazuha has an interesting talent kit, where he can buff the elemental damage of characters by swirling that particular element, which scales off Elemental Mastery. Make sure to provide Kazuha with as much Elemental Mastery to ensure he buffs you to the max.

Kazuha Genshin

Of course, there are a ton of other support characters that contribute to players recording the greatest damage dealt. With different types of support that can buff other specific stats such as crit damage, you only need to build the proper teams before you start seeing the highest crit damage that your team can deal.

Although there are some other enemy stats (also known as enemy calc), such as a specific enemy resistance, that can affect your damage output, remind yourself that you can optimize your character to dish out the biggest number.

If you're looking for ways to top up Genesis Crystals, make sure to check out Genesis Crystal prices before buying Genshin Impact gift cards! For F2P characters, make sure you have checked every corner for obtaining free primogems and make sure to save primogems to pull for your favorite characters!

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