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How Video Games Are Influencing Online Casino Games?

Ever wondered what impact video games have on online gambling? In this article, we took a closer look at this topic!
How Video Games Are Influencing Online Casino Games?

Playing a video game or an online casino game has similarities, yet they couldn’t be more different. The most important common point between these two types of activities is that we engage in them because we need to have some fun. Casino games offer some extra thrill in the chance to win some actual money, while in video games, we can become heroes, soldiers, masters of crafts, or fool around washing dirty things with a power washer.

However, how big of an impact do these two activities have on each other? Some people think that video games have changed online gambling forever, and here we will discuss why it may be the case.

How Video Games Changed Casino Games Forever

Casino games have a more extended history than video games, since some of these games originate from Ancient times. In contrast, most of the popular gambling games date back to the Middle Ages, except for the slots, which first appeared in the early 20th century. The history of video games, on the other hand, begins in the 1950s when William Higinbotham introduced the first version of the Pong virtual tennis game. 

Tennis For Two - World's First Video Game
Tennis For Two - World's First Video Game

Still, even though casino games are older than video games, it doesn’t mean that online casinos won’t look at video games for material or features. In this article, we will discuss two essential factors that made online casino games different than they were before due to video games.

3D Graphics & VR

One of the significant areas online casino games had to improve to be on par with video games was the graphics. Nowadays, we have 3D games with smooth graphics and colors, and there is no place for the bland fruits and bells and bars. To raise the standard, casino game developers even started to tap into augmented reality and virtual reality technology to further improve the user experience.

Casino VR Poker


Another important field in which casino games rely on video games: identifying popular themes and symbols. You will find that when vampire movies were popular, casino developers released many slot machines with that kind of symbolism. Moreover, you can see that the Grand Theft Auto series influenced slot machines, and there is a slot machine following Lara Croft’s adventures from Tomb Raider or Agent 47 from Hitman. 

Tomb Raider Slots Machine

Apart from the actual video game-related themes, there are many different symbols-systems and topics casino games follow like wildlife, history, mythology, and hobbies. For the latter, the best example is the Big Bass series, which features fishing and offers some great features and winnings. Reading a Big Bass Splash slot review would be a good idea to find out more.

The Other Side: Online Gambling's Impact on Video Games

However, it's also worth looking at how some of the mechanisms played in classic gambling games manifest themselves in the most popular video games. The very fact that Counter-Strike alone has hundreds of sites that offer slots, blackjack, and roulette games in the theme of this iconic First-Person-Shooter speaks for itself, really. Even popular gambling sites like Gamdom have adapted their range of available gambling games to eSports titles to expand their audience – many online casinos consider this as an essential condition to survive on the market. However, there is much more besides to that!

Card Games

Let's start with card games, which manifest the mass of RNG (Random Number Generation) known from popular online casino games. Take, for example, the popular game that is Hearthstone, a card game from Blizzard Entertainment in which the roulette system was at one point implemented in one of the cards!

Card Games Video Games

The card game known as Gwent in the famous video game The Witcher 3 gained such popularity that the developers decided to create a stand-alone of this very card game, with even more random elements.L

Loot Boxes

Another manifestation of classic casino games in video games are various types of Loot Boxes, which you can read more about in this article: Why Loot Boxes Are Gambling? In short, Loot Boxes are some form of containers for video games in which we can get various items for the specific game. However, it is worth mentioning that usually, the value of the item we get from such a Loot Box is much less than the cost of opening it

csgo knife drop reaction

Still, players tend to buy Loot Boxes over and over, sometimes even spending thousands of dollars in search of the dream item. Sounds like gambling? Well, because it is.

Casino Simulators In Video Games

Video games' developer also decide to implement virtual casino simulators in their games. The best example of casino games in video games would be GTA Online, where the Diamond Casino and Resort features a whole casino floor with slots, blackjack, roulette, and even horse racing. 

GTA Online Casino

However, it is not an only game that features such things. With titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout New Vegas and even The Sims, we can also have a good time at the casino and play the most popular gambling games. 

With all that being said, there is definitely a relationship between casino and video games; though the latter doesn’t have a good effect on video games, it’s there, and we have to live with it.

Playing some gambling games from time to time is nothing wrong, however, it can become a bad habit. If you want to have the most fun of it and avoid the potential harm, you might also want to check out this article where we discuss just that: How Gamers Can Avoid Gambling? Conversely you might want to learn more about the best Dota 2 roulette sites.

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