This Is How Video Games Can Help You Avoid Gambling On Gamstop

Find out if and how Video Games Help GamStop Gamblers!
This Is How Video Games Can Help You Avoid Gambling On Gamstop

Gambling is a fun activity when it’s done within reasonable limitations. It is always a great feeling when you win on a slot machine and hears all the bells and whistles celebrating your achievement. Gambling should remain a recreational, occasional activity for most players because it can quickly become a problem. There are no exact numbers about how many hours, how many spins, or how much money spent on gambling is alarming, but there are some signs.

Gambling loses its magic when you realise that it interferes with your life. Families, friendships, and careers ended due to the lack of a gambler's lack of control, which eventually caused more problems. There are applications all over the web that can help problem gamblers overcome their issues, and the most reliable casinos also offer ways to limit deposits and gaming hours.

Can video games help Gamstop gamblers?

Quitting an addictive activity is extremely difficult. If you quit smoking, you will feel the urge to grab a cigarette for weeks or even months. When you quit drinking, you need superior self-control (and maybe some outside help) to avoid raising that glass again. When it comes to gambling, especially online gambling, it’s just as hard: you have your computer and your credit card, and you can play anytime. Obviously, many players usually use self-exclusion services such as GamStop, but there are still many available sites not blocked by GameStop that accept British gamblers. What if you switched from your favourite casino to a game that gives you the same feeling of achievement and doesn’t need you to spend more and more money on it? In this article, we will provide you with some advice to switch from gambling to gaming, thus helping you maintain your mental health.

HOw video games can help avoid gaming

Video games may be controversial, but it’s undoubtedly a good way for players to escape reality. There are countless games you can play online or offline, but if you are trying to avoid gambling, there are some things to consider.

Things to avoid when you play instead of gambling

To avoid being back into gambling problems, it is important to choose the right games and follow some rules. Here we conifer some most important aspects that should help.

  • No loot box games: online games tend to have loot boxes, often requiring you to either grind or pay for them. None of these methods is good, because grinding takes time, and spending money on games is the exact thing you want to avoid. Some research and studies have already raised awareness of the gambling-likeliness of these boxes, so you HAVE to avoid them.
  • Subscriptions and in-app purchases: you can buy a game. However, you shouldn’t spend any more. MMOs offer subscriptions, premium currencies, and other purchasable things.
gamer lootbox

What games should you play to help you with your mental health?

It’s a question we would not dare to give a straight answer to. However, we think that the best games you could play if you have a gambling problem are the ones that offer you a lot of management options. Most survival games have good crafting and building system, and have built your shelter on a dinosaur-filled island (Ark: Survival Evolved), or having a good village and your won heir in the Medieval Dynasty can give you that level of excitement and that feeling of achievement you seek. When you play such games, you play on your own, and when you calculate, gather, craft, and design your game, you can take off your mind from gambling.

In case you have a gambling problem, you should aim for games that offer you a lot to do but they don’t frustrate you. And keep in mind: you play for yourself, so there is no shame in choosing the accessible settings! These games hardly build up an addiction, and maybe if you see what you can do in a game, you might start getting a hobby on your own to recreate the feeling of creating and crafting.

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