All PUBG Medals Explained and categorized

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has a lot to offer players and while completing games can be rewarding in itself, the developers have added more to the game. Playing ranked games gives RP so players can be ranked higher up the ladder. However, there isn't much incentive for casual games and not all players care much about their ranking. PUBG Mobile uses a medals system to reward players based on their performance and their actions during matches. Currently, PUBG medals aren't available for the original version of the game so they can't be earned for PC or consoles.

What Are Medals

PUBG has changed a lot since it was released and one of the additions to the game rewards players for completing certain hidden goals. After every match players are given special titles based on their performance. With these titles being called Medals which just display what your actions throughout the match.Medals then are a visual title at the end of the match to show what you've done that game and how you were playing that match.  There's a large number of PUBG Mobile medals in the game and without an official list, there's no way to know exactly how many are in the game. We also know that other medals exist for the Chinese/Korean version of the game and medals for the different versions of PUBG.

How to receive medals

Medals are rewarded to players at the end of a match after completing a game assuming that they've done something to earn one. To be given one of these medals, players need to complete hidden requirements during the game.Currently, there isn't a way to see the medals you have on your account. There is third-party software which might be able to show you what's currently on your account but there are very few of these and they don't work perfectly. PUBG medals are given to players once when they've met the requirements.However, there are some exceptions. Event medals can be handed out during events for PUBG Lite which can then be exchanged for crates.

What are the different medals

PUBG medals are incredibly varied which allows for anyone to earn medals. There are no strict gameplay type requirements so all types of players and their playstyles can earn medals during games. More passive players can also earn medals by covering large distances, getting high-level armour, recovering health and more. It's also possible to get medals from specific deaths.This list might not be full due to the exact number of PUBG medals in the game being unknown but is as extensive as possible. Keep in mind the requirements for each medal are based on that match you just played and points towards them cannot be carried over between matches. Additionally, we don't know all of the requirements for medals which means there are medals seen at the end of games without anyone knowing what triggered them.

Medals for killing players

  • Gunslinger: Get between 7: 10 kills
  • Terminator (with gold lining): Get 10+ kills
  • Terminator (without gold lining): Kill the last person alive and get rank 1
  • Long Bomber: Get headshot kills over a long distance by any gun in the game
  • Head Hunter: Make 2+ headshot kills
  • Grenadier: Kill 2+ players via grenade
  • Fight Club: Punch 2 or more players to death
  • Deadeye: Get kills with accurate shots with long-distance sniping
  • Finisher: Kill a critically damaged enemy that another person on your team critically damaged them
  • Berserker: Deal over 800 damage with 3+ kills and survive over 20 mins
  • Wabbit Hunter: Use a shotgun to get 2+ kills
  • Road Rage: Kill 2 or more player by running over players with vehicles
  • Prone to Prone: Kill 2 or more players while in the lying down/prone position
  • Gladiator: Use melee weapons to get 2+ kills

Medals for getting a good rank

  • Chicken Master: Get rank 1 and have 5+ kills
  • Nugget Dinner: Get rank 1 but with less than 5 kills
  • Freeloader: Survive in a duo or squad but get 0 kills and finish with a good rank
  • Couch Potato: Die early in the game below the 50 ratings while the rest of your team gets a high rank and high ratings
  • Golden Boy: Deal 0 damage and take 0 damage but still win

Medals for taking damage or dying

  • Masochist: Damage yourself with a grenade
  • Fly on the Wall: Die outside of the safe zone without dealing much damage and shortly after landing
  • Too Soon: Die within 3 mins of landing
  • Suicide Squad: Kill yourself with a grenade or do another stupid action during the game which can get you killed
  • Helpless: Get knocked out 3 or times in a game
  • Skyfall: Be killed by bombardments in the red zone

Medals for other actions

  • Marathon Man: Cover 1000+ m distance by feet
  • Survivalist: Survive 25 mins or longer with a low kill and damage count
  • Armour Expert: Obtain a level 3 armour, backpack and vest
  • Curator: Keep an almost full backpack through the game
  • Scavenger: Loot 2+ airdrops Medic: Recover 500 or more health
  • Lifesaver: Complete 3 or more revives
  • Flying Fish: Fall into water 2+ times from a great hight
  • Wild Shot: Do an overall damage of less than 10 throughout the whole game
  • Sir Miss: Miss a lot of shots AKA Have bad aim that match

Unknown Medals

  • Bling Bling
  • Wretched Hive

Event Medals

PUBG event medals are released as part of special timed events which work differently to normal medals in the game. These PUBG event medals can be used in different ways depending on what the event is. Events like these have been exclusive to PUBG Mobile Lite in the past however, there's no reason why they couldn't be introduced to other versions of the game.The most common PUBG event medals are called “chicken medals” which are rewarded to players who meet certain conditions. Chicken Medals are used to open crates allowing players to earn a free crate by completing different missions. Four PUBG chicken medals are required to open a crate for a chance to grab special items for free.PUBG medals might not be critical to the game but earning them at the end of a match feels good. This addition also makes PUBG Mobile much more enjoyable but there's no sign of them for the original version yet. A future update could bring medals and PUBG event medals to the other versions of the game. Event medals give PUBG Mobile Lite players a chance to unlock free crates which contain special items.