The PUBG Merit System explained

The Merit System within PUBG mobile is something that aims to give players a certain level of accountability for their actions and conduct when playing the popular battle royale. The system acts essentially as a code of conduct as to how players should interact with one and other, how players should behave in the game and punishes those that take part in nefarious acts that will have negative effects on other player’s experiences.It’s a system that is built around rewarding those that play with a wholesome attitude and stamping down on those that take part in the less savoury side of what PUBG can offer.

How Does The Merit System Work In PUBG?

The merit system is governed by merit points. Essentially, the more merit points you have, the better. Each player begins with 100 merit points in total and will maintain this level of points provided they stick to the rules provided. If a player conducts themselves in a less than savoury way while playing PUBG online, they may lose merit points.

How can you lose merit points in PUBG

There are a variety of ways to lose merit points within PUBG, each with their own magnitude for the player if caught. Here are a number of ways the player might lose merit points:

Teaming with a hacker

This will not be penalised if it is a one-time offence, after all, you might not know you were in a team with a hacker. However, a repeated offence within seven days will result in a loss of 15 merit points for each time it happens.

Killing a teammate

It can be tempting when you’re low on gear to kill a teammate and run off with his goodies. However, if you do this, you’ll receive a ten-point deduction, followed by a 15 point deduction for a repeat offence within seven days and then 30 points for each time after that if detected by the in-game system.If you are reported by other players however, you will receive a 20 point deduction for the first incident, 30 for the second, and then 60 points for any instances after this.

Using a cheating tool

This will lead to a ban and will be followed up with a 60 point deduction when you have served this ban.

How Do Merit Points Effect me?

Whether you are a law-abiding player or a miscreant that loses merit points, you’ll feel the effects of the merit system regardless. Those who abide by the rules will be rewarded for their behaviour, while those who fail to meet these criteria will see some penalties come their way. For those that maintain a rating of 100 merit points, the maximum amount of Battle Points they can receive per day will increase by 200, meaning more potential crates and loot.However, for those who drop below this, there will be varying degrees of penalties doled out for their poor behaviour. Here is a quick rundown of what happens at various merit point totals:60-90 merit points: Players will see their potential Battle Point and EXP earnings drop by 30% per day>60 merit points: Players will see their potential EXP and battle point earnings drop by 50%. This also means that these players will no longer be able to use the auto matchmaking feature or play any game mode aside from Solo. This can also have adverse effects on the royal pass

How do I get more merit points in PUBG?

It’s possible that you can accidentally fall below the perfect merit score thanks to an accidental team kill or teaming with back to back hackers. It’s unlikely but strange things happen all the time. So for that reason, you may need to fix your merit score. Thankfully, this isn’t too hard to do provided you conduct yourself appropriately from here on out.All you have to do is play games to climb back to where you once were. You’ll receive points based on where you place in these games too. However, even if you don’t do too well, you’ll still get something for your trouble.Here is a quick rundown on what points you receive:

  • Place in the top 100-51 players: 1 merit point
  • Place in the top 11-50 players: 2 merit points
  • Place in the top 10-1 players: 3 merit points

How do I check my merit score in PUBG mobile?

So you may be wondering where your PUBG mobile merit score is sitting at right now. You may be worried or just curious and wondering just how you check this score. Well, it’s not actually that difficult to find your merit score. Here is a quick guide on how to get this:

  1. Launch PUBG on your mobile and on the main menu, tap the player icon in the top right corner.
  2. Once you’ve done this, locate the ‘tier overview’ tab and select this.
  3. Once you select this, look at the bottom left of the screen and you will see your merit score

Be on your best behavior

The merit system is by no means a substitute for an anti-cheating system and PUBG doesn’t pretend it is. However, what this system does, is allow players to police themselves, have an enhanced sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions. Plus, it acts as a reward for players that behave the way the developers intend, which is a nice touch. It is commonly known that people respond to positive reinforcement rather than negative, so it is great to see PUBG incorporate this.Additionally, if you lose some points by a freak accident, it isn’t the end of the world. You simply play games, gather your points back and get back to receiving those extra battle points in no time. So play fair and respect others when you’re gunning them down.