„Where We Dropping Boys?“ The Miramar Guide

PUBG spent an awfully long time in an era where there was only one playable map on offer for players. While this was pretty much the trend of all battle royales at the time, this would soon change for the PUBG community as in December 2017, or May 2018 if you were a console player, we were treated to Miramar, the second-ever PUBG map. This map would swap the harsh soviet environment of Erangel for a more sunny and warm feel based in Mexico.This map would match the 8x8km size of Erangel despite being touted to be only half the size and would offer a brand new challenge to players. This map is a much more city-centric map which has densely populated areas in short supply and a vast, open landscape rife with canyons, mountains and dry, barren terrains filling the space between. The aim of the developers was to create a map that made a lot of the useful tactics on Erangel useless and asked players to adapt to a new way of playing and change their approach.

What is Miramar's Background in PUBG?

In terms of a backstory for Miramar, there isn’t too much to say. What we do know about this place is that it is a hotbed for illegal car racing and that PLAYERUNKNOWN was dying to get this space for himself so that he could stage another leg of his survival games in the new desert setting. This info came from some promotional material released as part of the season 4 lore for PUBG.We also know that this area was subject to a lot of economic growth with the demand for petroleum rising. This led to a rise in tourism and growth in the population in the area. However, the area would have a rise in crime and the prisons would become overcrowded. Tensions rose and prison riots began to grow in frequency and intensity. This led to an eventual escape from the prisoners and therefore, the evacuation of the general population of Miramar.

How was Miramar Received?

In terms of the reception for PUBG’s second official map, it’s a mixed bag. A lot of players enjoy the change of pace that the map provided and the range of tactics that can be used to great effect on this map. Not to mention that a number of players enjoyed the ability to use long-range weapons with much more effective due to the openness and the verticality of the map.However, many players don’t enjoy this map due to the scarcely populated areas, the lower spawn points and the games that will last much longer than on any other map due to the design and layout of the map. It is down to a matter of preference we suppose.

Map overview

Due to the desert setting for this map, it’s hardly a surprise that this one takes a different direction in terms of layout and design. The map has much less water content than Erangel with the only large body of water being the one on the bottom left and right of the map. There are two small islands on the bottom left of the map as well that have two entryways each. Then there is the main body of the map that takes up the rest of the space.This map also happens to have several more large cities than Erangel with seven of these being particularly built up areas, these include Chumacera, El Pozo, La Cobreria, Los Leones, Valle Del Mar, Monte Nuevo and San Martin. Then there are nine smaller towns and minor cities to explore as well.

What are the best Drop Locations on Miramar?

When you’re playing this map for the first time, it can be quite intimidating. It’s a real change from Erangel and asks the player to be savvier from long-range, loot areas that are much more densely populated or risk not having enough gear to succeed and there is the added consideration of the mountains and canyons too. It’s a map that really challenges players and you’ll need to know what places are best to begin your hunt for a chicken dinner with the hot desert sun on your back. Here are the points of interest for Miramar.

El Pozo

One of the major cities in the Miramar area. This area is really built up with a variety of structures, making it the second-largest city on the map and for that reason, a very popular drop location. The main point of interest from within the city is the boxing ring, however, there is a cavalcade of buildings that you can loot. Plus, due to the area being so tightly packed, you can move around with some degree of stealth. So if you want to get what you need and duke out again, this is a viable option.This plan is further complemented by the abundance of vehicles you will find in this city. So if you want to make a quick getaway with your haul, the transport options make this very possible. Overall, it’s a risky place to drop if you don’t know the area well but offers enough stealth options and loot to make it a desirable location for a variety of players.

Water Treatment

This area is just north of the centre of the map, meaning that if you choose to land in this location, it’s unlikely you’ll be too far away from the safe zone. Then into the bargain, this area is chocked full of useful supplies and weapons. The amount of loot you can acquire is able to kit out a full squad at a push, so provided you clear out all the other that land here with you, you’ll be well on your way.The number of enemies you’ll have to deal with can be pretty high at this drop location and when coupled with areas that will leave you very exposed, you may have your work cut out for you to get out alive. However, if you can handle the pressure, this area will gift you some really good gear to chase a win.


Remember how much of a death wish it was to land at School on Erangel? Well, on Miramar Pecado is the equivalent. Due to it being smack bang in the middle of the map and reachable for players no matter what flight path is taken, it means most players will drop here and set up shop for the rest of the game if they can.For many, this is a place where you drop in, get into a fight pretty much immediately, aim to grab some decent loot fast and then get out of there before you they end up full of bullets. Though, if by luck or skill you do manage to make it through the chaos that Pecado brings, you’ll have enough loot to kit out two full squads over.What we would say is that if you’re inexperienced, this is not where you want to be. This is for those that either just want the fun of an instant gunfight regardless of the consequences, or alternatively, pros who can really handle themselves.

Valle Del Mar

Here’s the deal with Valle Del Mar. It’s a place where barely anyone decides to land, it’s a quite well built-up area and the amount of loot is plentiful. So what’s the catch I hear you ask? Well, it’s situated on the far west just on the coast. So if the safe zone happens to be on the other side of the map, you’ll be in for a long walk to safety. We say walk because there is rarely ever any vehicles in this location.It’s essentially a gamble on where the safe zone appears as to whether you’ll succeed with this drop. Although, if you aren’t too worried about the win and want to rack up some kills, you can use the tactic often used on Erangel and camp on the bridge. This will give you a good chance of picking up some EXP but except to make it out alive when the circle does you dirty. You can’t have your cake and eat it.


This one is a drop zone that doesn’t offer too much loot despite it looking like quite a sizable area. At absolute most, you might be able to kit out a squad but that is far from a consistent occurrence. This makes this a more viable drop when playing solos or duos. However, when playing squads it’s pretty unlikely to encounter any other players here. So with a little bit of luck, you’ll have the place to yourself.There are also a number of buildings and areas on the outskirts of Chumacera that will supplement any missing gear that you didn’t get in the main area. Don’t expect any outstanding loot from here but it’s more than enough to get you going.


This area is just south of the city of Los Leones and is somewhat of a hidden gem on this map to most players. The loot in this game will only support a solo or duo game due to the limited amount of gear on offer but the quality of what you can find is usually pretty high. In short, this is an area that you will almost always have to yourself and can be a real diamond of a drop location, especially in a solo run.As a little disclaimer, this area isn’t the easiest one to navigate, you’ll have to revisit a few times and you’ll probably miss a few spawn locations until you really get to know the place. However, when you really learn the ins and outs of yhe cave, you really get an appreciation for just how useful it can be to start your run.

Los Leones

This one is a really popular area that has a lot of visitors at the start of games. This is due to the sheer size of the place as it is the largest city on the map with El Pozo not even coming close in comparison. If you arrive with a squad and you manage to survive the carnage that the area provides, you’ll walk away with everything you need for an end game battle.What’s great about this area is due to the size of the city, you can navigate the space without running into many enemy squads if you’re careful. Meaning, you’ll be able to grab more than enough gear for battle and not have to engage in any tense early game fights like you would at say Pecado.Then once you’re done ransacking the place, there are so many vehicles on offer that you’d have to be blind to not acquire one. This makes the quick in and out a viable option for this area and means that if the circle isn’t kind to you, that you needn’t worry.

Hacienda del Patron

To the untrained eye or the inexperienced player, this area may look like nothing more than a glorified house with a few surrounding areas. In a sense you are right, the area is rather minuscule and it’s only a stone’s throw away from the city of San Martin. However, if you’ve ever been to this area, you’ll know that the loot that you can get here is unlike anything else on the map.In this small area, you’ll find enough gear to comfortably kit out a full squad and the area is also central, meaning that you’ll rarely find yourself outside the safe zone. So you have all the time in the world to kit yourself out, loot all the scraps and be on your way.The only catch is that this area is almost always directly below the flight path and you’ll find that it’s also very popular even if it’s not. So hit the ground fast, get anything that fires bullets and make sure you leave with everything you can.

La Bendita

This area plays host to the scene of a plane crash which has left a massive crater in the earth. Thankfully, their tragedy is your gain as they seem to have had some valuable cargo on this plane. Some is the keyword in this instance as the loot is quite limited. So if you are going to make your way here, it’s best to do it in a solo match. You’ll get enough to get yourself going and it’s rather unlikely to have company join you.

Puerto Paraiso

Hot sand, cold water, all that’s missing us a beach towel and an ice cream cone. We could also do without the ripping of assault rifle fire but you can’t have it all we guess. This area is the beach holiday that no one asked for. This one is rarely accommodated by the planes flight path, so you may have to trek some of the ways to get here. If you do though, you’ll be treated to a mass of fantastic loot.Plus, thanks to the location, you’re likely to only have a few players to deal with, if any. We suggest you drop on the raised area of the town. This allows you to take advantage of the vantage point this provides and take out any players that were silly enough to think you were willing to share your beachfront property with them.

Our Top Miramar Drop Location

Drop locations are so diverse and offer pros and cons depending on the players playstyle and the mode you’re playing. So there is no one location to rule them all. However, if we were forced to choose a favourite, it would have to be Los Leones. It seems like the obvious choice due to it’s size and honestly, that is exactly why we love it.You don’t usually have to engage with other squads unless you want to, You have a cavalcade of buildings to explore, you’ll always walk away with enough gear for your whole squad if you survive and there is always a vehicle close by so you can zoom out of there is style. What’s not to love?

Hints and Tips for Miramar

As mentioned, this map is a new challenge when compared to the likes of Erangel. The area is just as expansive but offers a much more sparse area with the larger areas being very large indeed. It requires a new approach and mindset to achieve success and cook up some chicken dinners. Thankfully, we aren’t just here to tell you where to land. We are also here to tell you how to survive when you reach the ground and give you a gentle nudge towards a memorable victory. So here are some tips on how to play on Miramar.

I have the high ground

The verticality of this map is one of the stark contrasts to Erangel. Most of the buildings in the cities will have multiple stories and the mountainous terrain makes for a lot of vantage points to use against your foes. So be sure to climb every high area on your travels, this means you’ll be able to scout further ahead and get the drop of those that are hanging around below you. Just be careful not to be caught out by those already on the hill because then they have the advantage.

Prepare for open areas

On this map, it is pretty much inevitable that you will have to traverse a large open area. Unlike these situations on Erangel, you won’t have the luxury of foliage or cover too often on this map. This means that if you’re also without a vehicle, you need to play smart. So before you go charging into the open space with a sign that basically says ‘shoot me please’ be sure to do your homework. Scout the area ahead, see if there are any potential threats and assess if you think you can make it to your destination without getting pumped full of lead.

Be sneaky

One thing that was rarely possible on Erangel was the art of stealth. The buildings were so sparse and you were always out in the open. However, with Miramar’s densely populated city areas, it’s much easier to remain undetected. So if you just want the loot and not the stress of an early fight or just don’t have the resources to get involved in these skirmishes, you can use the mass of structures to get around undetected and prepare yourself adequately.

Desert Island Dinners

This map may be one of the more divisive ones on offer within the PUBG community but it cannot be disputed that it does have a certain charm about it. It allows for new tactics to take centre stage, has a much more tight-knit set of areas with contrasting vistas of open space and it still maintains that same feel that Erangel offered PUBG players for so long.Hopefully, with this guide, you have enough knowledge to take to the dry desert of Miramar and cause a storm. Use the drop zones that suit your playstyle, make use of the tips on offer and you’ll see yourself winning game after game in no time. So get after those chicken dinners now and don’t forget to bring sunscreen.