The most expensive Rust 2 skins

Not everyone knows that Rust skins (especially those that came out right after the game's release) can cost thousands and how big the economy can be in this game, so that's what we'll talk about in this article.

What is the most expensive Rust skin?

The most expensive Rust skin is Metal Tree Door, a skin for the Wooden Door item. 

Currently, a Metal Tree Door costs about 1800 dollars ($300 more than it will cost in early 2021). This skin was removed from the game long ago, while a very similar alternative called Wisdom Door is still available on the market, pricing only $3.

Why is Metal Tree Door so expensive?

You may think that this skin is nothing special it is not particularly beautiful or refers to any significant event for the Rust community. Besides, as we mentioned above, there is a much cheaper alternative for this skin on the market. And you know what? It doesn't matter. What does matter is that this item is simply scarce

Metal Tree Door was only available for a short period, right after the game's release. The only people who have managed to get this skin are the first few hundred players, and a large part of them doesn’t even play Rust anymore. As a result of this skin being rare and scarce, it can be costly. 

Other expensive Rust skins

Metal Tree Door is not the only skin that costs this much. We prepared for you a list of other expensive Rust skins worth, for example, a new computer or smartphone. 

#2 Punishment Mask

  • Base item: Metal facemask
  • Cheapest Steam price: $1,740

Okay, this skin has a pretty good story behind it. Punishment Mask refers to none other than Marvel's famous comic book, The Punisher. It was on the market for literally hours before it was copyright claimed by Marvel, and so not many people have even bought this skin at all. It's an item that looks unique, is rare, and has a good history behind it for the community — that said, the price shouldn't surprise anyone.

#3 Alien Relic SMG

  • Base item: SMG
  • Cheapest Steam price: $1,247

If you remember the early days of Rust, you may be familiar with this skin pricing around $10. Today, when this skin is really scarce on the market, a famous YouTuber (Rcham) uses it, and SMG has become a relevant weapon, the price has jumped a hundredfold. Besides, this skin just looks nice and shiny, and no one should be surprised that someone may want to have it. Plus, it glows in the dark!

#4 Big Grin

  • Base item: Metal facemask
  • Cheapest Steam price: $711

If you are looking for a Metal facemask skin similar to the iconic "Troll Face" — Big Grin is your go-to choice. Unfortunately, it's pretty pricey, primarily due to its heavy availability and just cool, creative design. This skin at the beginning also cost about $10, but when it became unavailable for High-Quality Bags, its price started to increase because there were less and less of it on the Steam market.

#5 Knock Knock

  • Base item: Rocket Launcher
  • Cheapest Steam price: None (Last sold for $458 on March 24th)

Actually, this skin is probably rarer than all the ones listed so far, yet the price is almost three times different. Why? We don't know, the Steam market has its own rules, but here again, the price is explained by how rare and unique this skin is. We will not be surprised if, in some time, it will replace the Metal Tree Door as the most expensive Rust skin.

#6 Glory AK47

  • Base item: Assault Rifle
  • Cheapest Steam price: $425

Glory AK47 is a rare, nice skin for a handy weapon (Assault Rifle). Just a year ago, this skin cost just two dollars, and now? Over 400, and it's going up. It doesn't look like that's going to change — there are only 12 listings for this item on the  Steam Community Market.

#7 Tempered MP5

  • Base item: MP5A4
  • Cheapest Steam price: $402

Finally, another expensive Rust skin — Tempered MP5. Tempered skins are very similar to the “Fade” skins from CS:GO, not only in design but also in price. It’s no surprise, these are some of the prettiest skins in the game, and the rarest ones are just super expensive. When this skin first appeared on Steam (late 2016), it was priced around $15, which is quite a lot for a Workshop skin.

Why do Rust skins get so expensive?

Have you ever wondered why Rust skins are so expensive compared to, say, CS:GO or Team Fortress 2 skins? After all, this game is far less popular and should have far fewer interested buyers. Well, it's the game's lower popularity that's affecting such high prices. The fewer players — the fewer items; and the rarer the skin is, the higher its price. This also explains why collectible Steam cards for less popular games are so expensive. If today, there would be a big boom for Rust and its popularity would equal, e.g., Valorant, the prices of skins would go down a lot. 


As you can see — skin prices in Rust can be very high. But don't be discouraged!  On sites like Rustskins, Dmarket, and Skinport, you may find the most expensive skins for a much lower price than on the Steam market. It is on these types of online marketplaces that people choose to sell their most valuable items, mainly because of the low sales fees. If you're looking for a place to buy Rust skins at a low price, be sure to visit these sites!