How to Fix Playerunknown’s: Battlegrounds Failed to Authenticate from External Provider Error

In this world, there seems to be nothing more infuriating than being told that you can’t play your favourite game. This notion becomes even worse when the reason behind it is completely nonsensical and doesn’t seem to have an immediate solution available. As of late, a lot of people are having issues with PUBG’s error that fails to authenticate from the external provider.Why this error occurs in the first place is one thing, but it’s the fixing it that seems to be the issue for a lot of people. Hence the need for this guide, which should talk you through the steps necessary to getting back to that coveted win!

Solution #1: Go Offline in Steam & Back Online

This error that fails to authenticate from external provider is a strange problem that appears to be related to the developer’s server end. From reports, there appears to be very little rhyme or reason for this error to occur in the first place and it seems to just happen at random to some poor, unsuspecting players.Thankfully, one of the fixes for this error is super simple and all it takes is for you to go offline in Steam and then back online:

  1. Assuming that your Steam application is already open, head into the upper-left corner of the Steam application, where there should be a button that says “Steam.” Left-click on that button and then hover down to the “Go Offline…” button. Once you press that, it will ask for you to confirm that you wish to go offline and then it will restart your Steam.
  2. Steam will eventually open back up following on from the restart, but now it will be in offline mode. Obviously, offline mode is as it sounds and you won’t be able to play any online games until you re-enable the online mode.
  3. To re-enable online mode, head back up to the Steam button at the upper-left corner of the application. Where it used to say “Go Offline…” it will now say “Go Online…” which is the option you’re going to want to select. After a few moments, Steam should restart and it will ask you to log back into your account.
  4. Once you’ve logged back in, that should hopefully have fixed the issue that you’ve been having with the failure to authenticate an external provider. Give it a go and see if this one works for you!

Solution #2: Restart Your System

This tactic has been used previously, but there’s a good reason for it. A lot of the time, just restarting your chosen system is a quick and easy way to try and fix the issue. Usually, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes and it’s a great way to test to see if it’s a temporary issue that’s easily fixed or if the problem needs a little something extra.

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or head to the lower-left corner of your desktop to open up the Windows menu. At the very bottom of that menu is a “Power icon” that you’re going to want to click.
  2. Three options will now show up: Sleep, Shut down, and Restart. The last one – Restart – is the one you’re going to want to choose and then wait for your PC to complete a full restart.
  3. Once that’s finished and the restart has been completed, give PUBG another go and see if this has managed to fix the problem. If it has, that’s great! On the off-chance it hasn’t, you should make sure to try one of the other fixes to see if that fixes the problem for good.

Solution #3: Run as Administrator

Running the game as an administrator is another classic fix for these types of errors and it’s a quick and easy fix that usually does the job. You’ll be tasked with going through several of your PC’s folders, but it’s another one of those solutions that just might fix the problem you’ve been having with PUBG as of late.

  1. Start off with opening up the Folders window on your PC and click on the tab labelled “This PC.” Underneath that window, there will be several devices and drives that are connected to your PC. You’re going to want to double-click whichever one has your copy of Steam installed. If you only have the one hard-drive, it’s going to be that one.
  2. Inside that drive is going to be several more folders, but the one you’re going to be aiming for is “Program Files (x86)” – although, sometimes Steam can be installed in the original “Program Files” folder. Once inside the folder, head towards the bottom of the folder and look for “Steam.”
  3. Head inside the Steam folder, then through to “steamapps” and then “common.” Inside “common” will be all of your downloaded Steam games, so be sure to look for the “PUBG” folder. Continue on through the “TslGame” > “Binaries” > “Win64” folders, where you’ll soon locate an application called “TslGame.”
  4. Right-click on that application and click on “Run as administrator” and that it will ask if you wish to run PUBG as an administrator. Click on “Yes” and then you should be all good to go and hopefully it’ll solve this rare error.

Solution #4: Wait for Several Hours

Unfortunately, this is the one fix that no one can truly control, with the exception of the developers, due to this issue appearing to be a server-related problem. Naturally, when the problem is on the developers, they’re the only ones that can fix the problem.By any chance that the 3 previous fixes aren’t doing the trick, then have a little patience and wait for a few hours to see if they’ve managed to fix the error on their end. Somehow, if that still hasn’t done the trick, then shoot a message over to the support team and see what they can do for you in the meantime.In conclusion, these fixes are all very simple and aren’t too complex in the slightest. They’re quick, easy, simple, and will give you the chance to try all of them within a 10-minute timespan to see if they’ve done the magic trick.Through the use of all of these tricks, hopefully it will get you back into the game before you even know it!