PUBG Lite Bots: how to spot and avoid them and why they might be a good thing

Bots in video games aren't usually a good thing for most of us but there are times when bots are very useful to have around. For multiplayer games like PUBG, bots are an issue since they can either be extremely good to extremely bad. Some bots are set-up to automatically aim for the head, in MOBA's they might instantly avoid spells from other players and in MMO's they're usually farm bots who automatically harvest resources or kill mobs. There are a variety bot types and if you play games online then you've most likely seen at least one.The gaming community generally dislike bots since those are automated, unfair and generally seen as cheating. This isn't always true when it comes to PUBG Lite bots, however.

Are there bots in PUBG Lite?

While PUBG Lite matches should be full of humans, some of them might be bots instead which isn't an entirely bad thing. If you've been playing the game for a while then you've already played games with PUBG Lite bots. They're usually pretty obvious in games and are more commonly seen at the lower ranking levels.When you're just learning to play PUBG Lite you might not immediately notice which players are bots. The more experienced you become with the game, the more obvious the bots become since they don't move or act like real humans. The bots in PUBG Lite aren't usually extremely good so there's no need to worry about the PUBG Lite bots winning constantly. In this game, the bots are bad and are fodder for your kill count.

Why are there bots in PUBG Lite?

Bots are mostly created by other players for a variety of reasons which has to do why most PUBG Lite bots are bad at the game. Bots have been created by others who play the game and they're usually found in the lower levels. The developers also added bots for a time to help with matchmaking stabilization but they removed after Sanhok was added to the game. Some players do still report seeing them in games but the 'official' bots are supposed to be gone now.PUBG Lite can have player count problems at times and more so than the other versions of the game due to the limited regions PUBG Lite is targeting. Having some bots in the game does help fill lobbies faster and means that you'll be games without spending a lot of time waiting. Most players find the lower starting account levels to be the most populated by bots which are also helpful for getting a boost up the levels thank the free kills and points.While having part of the match fill up with bots can help start the game faster, there is a downside. Depending on your region and the time you play, it's possible to get a match made of only bots.

How to spot PUBG Lite bots

There's usually a handful of ways to spot a bot in this game and you probably don't even need this list. PUBG Lite bots are very obvious making them easy to spot. However, these points on the list can also be applied to how real people play the game so they aren't always entirely accurate. Keep in mind that bots tend to move in a way that doesn't look human though there are a small number of players who will also move like that for some reason. It could be that they're eating while playing, they're having controller issues or other a variety of other reasons.

  • They usually walk and don't run, even in large open areas. They also don't usually go into prone position or crouch often. Even when being shot at, they just walk.
  • Bots will usually shoot one bullet at a time in your direction but will miss you a lot as well regardless of the weapon they hold.
  • PUBG Lite bots aren't very environmentally aware. They will walk straight past you unless you trigger them.
  • Bots are often designed to go towards where the footsteps are on the minimap but they don't recognise upstairs and downstairs. You can be on top of something and they will just stand underneath it.
  • Once they are triggered or locked onto you, the bot will shoot at you as soon as part of your model is exposed.
  • Footsteps also sound strange from bots as they move in unnatural ways.
  • When shot at, bots don't move. They usually stand there until they die or kill you. At a close distance, they might move which might be due to the bot having a command to dodge melee weapons.
  • They don't upgrade weapons, get new attachments or armour
  • Bots will have a username which doesn't sound like a real person

How to avoid PUBG Lite bots

In truth, the only way to avoid bots is to play more and keep levelling up. Leaving the lower level and ranking brackets will mean you see fewer bots in your matches. Grinding up the levels isn't difficult and the lower levels containing bots is beneficial here. It's much easier to gain points with bots to kill.Acting a bit like a bot will also attract bots to you which can be a good move if you want to get a lot of free kills. Shooting one bullet at a time for a bit will cause bots to come towards you and if you're in a good position, this is great for grabbing easy kills to boost yourself out of the bot zone.PUBG Lite does have a bot issue for the lower levels but climbing out of that area is relatively easy and can be done quickly. Playing with bots can come with advantages such as easy target practice or getting games to start during off-peak hours for your region. They come with issues however which can make them frustrating to play with. The only way to reduce how often you play with bots is to keep grinding up the levels and move up the ladder to land more matches with a higher real player percentage.