PUBG Ranks and Mobile Ranks Explained

PUBG is one of the most beloved battle royale games around and the game that brought the genre into the mainstream. PlayerUnknown's Battleground has changed a lot since it first released and the ranking system has helped foster the competitive side to the game. The mobile version of the game also has a competitive PUBG ranking system in place. Reaching the higher ranks can demand a lot of skill and dedication to PUBG or PUBG Mobile.Most information about the PUBG ranking system is kept behind closed doors which means a lot of it isn't public. Thankfully, some information is public which lets us understand the system better. To get access you need to have a minimum Survival Mastery level of 40 which is a big increase from level 20 it had in Season 8.

Ranked Mode

The ranking system in PUBG is known as Ranked Mode which is a separate mode in the game. Like with most competitive modes, ranked is an official way to measure skill through a queue different to the normal mode. All players start a new season Unranked before needing to complete some placement matches to be placed in the ranking system.The Ranked Mode works roughly the same for each version of PUBG and mostly use the same things to judge players. Ranked Points or RP is how players are moved up or down the ranking placement system. Exact details on what effects the RP is uncertain but we do have some ideas based on what information the developer has provided.

  • Survival time
  • Getting kills
  • Dealing damage

Ranked Mode uses the previous season for judging players as the game still has the data on each player. It gives players some credit for their final score from the last season but players still need to prove themselves again which is why it still requires five placement matches from returning players. The rank it gives them will be biased towards the previous rank as a result. New players will need to complete ten placement matches instead since the system has no data on those people.

Ranked Rules

It features a few special rules not seen in the normal mode of the game. The normal PUBG Ranked mode is exclusive to squads and have 64 players at the start of the match. It can be played in first person or third person point of view.Ranked uses a variation of the SUPER settings/loot used by the PUBG Esports so that it's faster-paced. Players are given more loot, the Redzone has been removed, it uses a handful of maps uses in the pro circuit and there are also no bots here. The current focus is on squads for ranked at the moment but solo ranked will also be introduced in the future. Third-person (TTP) and first-person (FFP) are ranked separately but the highest rank of the two is the one that determines the reward for that season.Additionally, there are a few weapons which don't spawn in ranked but spawn in normal. This is either due to balance reasons or to keep the gameplay fast. Players could also be required to authenticate their accounts using a mobile phone number to reach the base level of Survival Mastery to play Ranked. Should the verified account be banned, the device used to verify it will also be banned which stop it from being used again for another account. However, the SMS verification is not required for console players.

Why can't I play with PUBG ranked with my friends?

It's important to know that while it's possible to play ranked with friends, there is a chance you'll have trouble getting matches. If you're struggling to get matches in your premade group then this could be a sign you can't play with each other.While this isn't made very obvious, it's not possible to play with someone who is ranked more than two tiers above you. You can group together but this doesn't mean that you'll be getting matches for ranked games.

Season Rewards

Ranked wouldn't be ranked without some kind of season reward at the end of it all. Reaching Gold or higher will reward you with a special ranked skin set which is brand new for each season. The designs have a unique Ranked aesthetic but each set is different to allow players to show off their accomplishments throughout their playing experience.Finishing the placement matches will also provide a unique nameplate and emblem at the end of the ranked season. It lets players show what tier they finished the last season on as a status symbol. The top 500 players in each region have an extra special design to recognize their placement and skill above the other Masters.

What are the rankings in PUBG?

Both versions of PUBG have their own ranking system which works in similar ways however, they have slightly different rank names for each tier. It's worth keeping in mind that when a new competitive season starts, the ranks will be reset but part of the final score from last season will be used to determine the starting rank for the new season. If you've never played PUBG ranked or PUBG Mobile ranked before then you'll be starting from scratch.The ranking system is focused around tiers however, there are divisions within those tiers. Details on the points for those division brackets is lacking but the game does display a clear points system for normal PUBG ranked. Looking at the points you currently hold gives you a good idea of where your placement currently is on the PUBG ranking board.

What are the PUBG Ranks?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has 8 tiers on the ladder for players to climb up. For the ranking system here, it uses a points system known as RP which stands for Rank Points. The original PUBG is split into two different ranked queues. One for third-person called TTP and a second for the first-person mode called FFP. These two queues have individual ranking boards so it's possible to take part in both of them but players will only be given season rewards according to which rank was highest between the two.

  • Bronze – 1-1399 Points
  • Silver – 1400-1499 Points
  • Gold – 1500-1599 Points
  • Platinum – 1600-1699 Points
  • Diamond – 1700-1799 Points
  • Elite – 1800-1899 Points
  • Master – 1900-1999 Points
  • Grandmaster – 2000 Points or Higher.

This means that the PUBG ranking system for the normal version of the game is more grind orientated so players who put more time into ranked will score higher. Also, winning more losing will provide a higher points gain overall. The system here works like other competitive games, losing matches will cost points and gaining them will gain them.

What are the PUBG Mobile Ranks

For PUBG Mobile, the titles for rank tiers are slightly different but the system works in the same way. This also uses RP to place players into different ranks however, there are a few known things which affect the score.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Conqueror

What are the PUBG Lite Ranks

The free version of PUBG is a free version of the game and much more limited in content. This version of the game was designed for old devices due to the popularity of the game in India where many users don't have modern smartphones which can run PUBG Mobile. While limited on maps, PUBG Mobile Lite does have a ranking system.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Conqueror

While information about the PUBG Mobile Lite ranked system is limited, we do know that it doesn't place as much emphasis on rank points. The original version released for the game used different names for each tier and it was later updated with the tiers being renamed to match the full version of PUBG Mobile. Before Season 6 these were the rank names: Beginner, Novice, Experienced, Skilled, Specialist, Expert, Survivor, Lone Survivor.

Where do they differ?

PUBG Mobile and Lite focuses on individual match results for ranking. In this version of the game, players can climb the ladder by playing matches, surviving long periods and getting kills.

Rank Distribution

The rank distribution is based on the RP associated for each rank tier. This changes from season to season however there is no official confirmation about how this works. There are predictions however based on what we can see from past and current PUBG ranking seasons. It doesn't change much between seasons though there is usually some kind of natural spread amongst players meaning that the top rank contains less than 1% of all competitive players.As you can see from this image, most players are located in the middle of the ladder which is normal for a competitive game. In PUBG ranked, most players are placed in the Silver tier bracket which is why it might seem harder to climb out of this area or why you might get stuck there for a little bit.

What determines rank in PUBG

While it's possible to rise through the ranks by grinding, this will only take you so far which means it's important to have some idea of how the PUBG ranking system works. The developer has kept the way someone earns and loses points a secret which is why so many players just assume it's grinding focused. There are a few things we know and some assumptions we can make, however, based on how other similar games work. In a past interview posted to the official website (, the developers stated that only placement, kills and assists are used to calculate the RP of a player.


There's not much information about how the ELO or MMR system works in any of the versions of PUBG ranked. Gamestroops ( has an article where they've gathered a lot of information about PUBG Mobile ranked. According to them, the ranking system combines win rate with kill rating based on the number of kills you made and your deaths. There's no way to know how true this is for other versions of PUBG since there are differences between PUBG Mobile, the Lite edition and the normal version of the game.What we do know however is the PUBG does use the original ELO system making it one of the few games to still use the original system. This just means that winning will increase the rating while losing decreases it. On a base level, this is how the ranked system works across all PUBG versions.

Factors that determine rank

Other things can affect the RP in PUBG. These are also standard for other battle royale games.

  • Winning or losing games
  • Getting kills and the rank of those you kill
  • The ranks of those who kill you
  • Survival duration time in matches
  • Damage dealt to enemies
  • Assisting with the kill

Winning games is important but there's a bit more to ranked that just winning lots of games. Most of the factors that determine RP aren't always obvious which means there's no way to know what will happen to your ranking from just one game. For the most part, we should assume that the initial placement, getting kills and being a good teammate are the best ways to earn RP and increase your rank.


ELO is the MMR in PUBG Ranked and is behind the matchmaking too. The rank titles don't matter as much as the ELO ranking does when forming lobbies. It tries to place players together based on this so the game is as balanced as possible. While the matchmaking system might not seem obvious while playing the game, the ELO system is quietly working in the background.In a similar fashion to other competitive games, the rank points earned are dependent on who else is in the match. The ELO of another player also changes how much you lose or gain RP from a single game. Playing with better-skilled players and doing well in that game will reward you with much more RP than most other games while losing to someone who has very low ELO will have a harder decrease than normal.

How to Get Your First Rank

Each season has a soft reset meaning that while players have their ranks removed from them for the start of every new season. The 'soft' reset means that the rank points go back to 0 at the start of a new season but the rank you finished with does influence your new rank. Since the game uses your previous rank, it also means you need to complete five matches to re-calibrate your starting rank.

New to Ranked?

Brand new players just starting ranked for the first time however need to complete 10 placement games instead. Depending on how those matches go determines how they're placed when they first start playing ranked. This means that the better someone plays and the longer they survive, the better chance they have of being placed into Silver or Gold.Once someone has been through the placement period, they can continue to play games to move up the ladder. There's no way for being certain what affects the RP since the developers haven't made this public knowledge. However, there are a few things that we know and playing as often as possible is a great way to continue moving up the ranking.

Can you lose your rank?

There are different ways to drop ranks in PUBG which are commonly seen in ranked modes for other games as well. While playing more games will help boost your PUBG rank, there are still ways to lose RP.

Get RP by Playing Games

Playing as many games as possible will help overall but there are times when you can lose points from playing matches. Winning games will reward you with RP but losing games will decrease the RP associated with your account. In addition to this, losing to someone with a much lower ELO rating than you will decrease the RP more than normal. There are other factors to why you might lose more ELO from one game such as not surviving very long or dealing no damage.While we can't say for certain what causes the RP to decrease, doing badly in games isn't a good thing for your rank. Bad games might be unavoidable but it's best to be as active as possible during ranked PUBG games.

Does Rank Decay in PUBG Exist

Not all games have this feature but PUBG has a rank decay added to encourage players to regularly play the game. Those who are Diamond rank and above will see that they're losing points if they haven't played the game for at least a week. This is something that's only a problem for those who are Diamond rank and above so you might not have seen this if the highest rank you've reached so far is Platinum.

Why are TTP and FFP two different modes?

There are obvious benefits and disadvantages to using first-person mode or third-person mode in any shooter game. Especially if there's an option to use both in the same game. Playing in third-person mode allows players to see their environment much easier which makes it harder to sneak up on players using this mode. While this can be a huge benefit to players, some players find that it can make aiming more difficult at times. It's not always as easy to be precise when not using the first-person mode for aiming.Meaning then that those in the first-person mode might have an advantage for aiming but they won't be as environmentally aware as a third-person player. Placing the first-person and third-person camera using players together would make it unbalanced and would start arguments, especially if one type of camera almost exclusively took the top ranking spots. Keeping these two modes separated allows players to enjoy the game using their preferred camera mode and avoids potential conflicts.PUBG might have various versions but each one does have some kind of ranked mode. Ranked here is a combination of skill and grinding, playing the game as much as possible is a great way to keep moving up the ladder. If you hope to reach the highest ranks in any of the PUBG versions then playing often, surviving a long time, dealing damage, getting kills and being a good teammate, in general, is the best way to gain rank points. There's nothing certain about what decreases the RP outside of losing games or losing to players with a lower ELO rating. Ranked doesn't display this clearly but playing more games does increase your chance of getting a better rank.Playing ranked with friends might not be possible if you're not within two rank tiers of each other though this isn't obvious. The game won't tell you there's a problem, you'll just never find a game while searching together. It's a good idea to compare ranks first to make sure this won't be a problem.