The Apex Legends Rank Distribution & Percentage Explained and Visualized

If you analyze the rank distribution percentage of Apex Legends you can find out many interesting facts about the game!

The Apex Legends Rank Distribution
The Apex Legends Rank Distribution

The rank distribution in Apex Legends is an ever-changing ecosystem that has a lot to tell you if you know how to interpret it properly.

You can learn a lot about the state of the game, and even how to get better at Apex Legends, by understanding what is happening in the ranked system. That’s why we decided to create an article about the ranked distribution of Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends Battle Royale Ranks Distribution

As you probably know, Apex Legends is split into 8 tiers with the Rookie tier being the lowest RP one and the Apex Predator tier the highest one. The player that starts playing ranked Battle Royale is placed in the Rookie tier and he has to fight his way up the rank ladder gaining Ranking Points in the process. The following table is the ranking distribution in Apex Legends at the moment.

Rank Percentage of players Number of Players
Rookie 18.05 % 180500
Bronze i 13.86 % 138600
Bronze ii 5.99 % 59900
Bronze iii 5.58 % 55800
Bronze iv 4.08 % 40800
Silver i 4.88 % 48800
Silver ii 4.72 % 47200
Silver iii 4.87 % 48700
Silver iv 4.94 % 49400
Gold i 10.87 % 108700
Gold ii 5.38 % 53800
Gold iii 3.86 % 38600
Gold iv 3.63 % 36300
Platinum i 6.47 % 64700
Platinum ii 0.87 % 8700
Platinum iii 0.45 % 4500
Platinum iv 0.43 % 4300
Diamond i 0.87 % 8700
Diamond ii 0.04 % 400
Diamond iii 0.02 % 200
Diamond iv 0.02 % 200
Master 0.05 % 500
Apex Predator 0.07 % 700

If you want to see how these numbers look on a graph, don't worry, we got you covered with the following image.

As you can see, the ranks are far from evenly spread. The Apex Legends ranking system RP is not perfectly balanced right now, and these are the abnormalities you notice in the chart. 

Apex Legends Ranked Distribution clusters

It is a pattern, that the first rank of each tier has a big cluster of players and then the number drops dramatically. This is especially apparent in the Bronze, Gold and Platinum ranks. The rookie cluster doesn't count since there are 4 ranks combined in one. So it's not a real cluster.

This effect is caused by the way the ranked rewards are distributed in Apex Legends, in combination with the increased difficulty of the ranked matches in the latest season. According to the highest rank you reach in a season you will get some special rewards.

The problem is, that everyone in the same rank tier will get the same rewards. This gives the players an incentive to strive to reach only the first rank of a specific tier. If they know they can’t push through to the higher Apex Legends ranks, some players lose their motivation to play ranked altogether. Add to the mix the increased difficulty of the ranked play, and you can’t really blame them.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to rank up, you can see that there is a pretty big concentration of players in the platinum iv rank. These are the players that immediately realized that it is not worth the effort to try and rank higher. 

You, our reader, should push for higher since if you go to Platinum iii, you are automatically at the top 3% of all Battle Royale players. Just watch a few Apex Legends tier list videos and it's done. Easy peasy!

Why is the Apex Legends Ranked Distribution so low?

The Apex Legend ranked distribution is so low due to the difficulty of the ranked leagues. It would make sense that the average RP should be somewhere between the 4th and the 5thrank, this means between Gold i and Platinum iv. It might not be clear from the images but ever since ranked season 13, the average has fallen to almost Silver i.

In the previous seasons, the big majority of the players used to rank between Gold and Platinum, but thanks to the scoring system change that Apex Legends Season 13 brought, the game became much harder and only the people that take each ranked match seriously are the ones that are able to move to higher ranks.

In the end, the average RP rank of the Apex Legends Battle Royale is between Silver iv and Silver i or 3000 RP - 4500 RP.

Accumulating Rank Distribution of Apex Legends!

There is another kind of graph that we have prepared, that can help you see how good you are in the game with just a look.

How this works is pretty simple. If you are in Gold i, you can find the number 12.92% attached to your rank. This means that only 12.92% of the total Battle Royale players are higher rank than you. With a simple subtraction you can see that you are better than 87.08% of the players.

As you can see, the highest RP rank you can get in Apex Legends is the Apex Predator rank, which is only reached by the top 0.07% of the players. This rank can take hundreds of hours to reach, and tens of thousands of RP.

How does the rank split affect the ranked distribution

If you were to look at the rank distribution exactly after the soft reset, you would have the same graph, but shifted 1.5 ranks to the left, since this is the amount of ranks that the players are going to lose.

The only exception are the Apex Predators, that are going to derank directly at the Platinum ii rank.The graphs in this article are from data that have been taken at the end of the ranked split. So that players have more fight for their real ranks.

How can the Battle Royale rank distribution help you?

One tip that we can give you so you can rank up faster, is that you need to be more careful at the end of a rank than at the beginning. Since many players will play more casually after they have reached their desired rank, it is possible they will make a lot of mistakes.

It is not that it will make you a better player, but don’t focus all your mental strength at the beginning of a rank. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the Master, Diamond, and Apex Predator ranks, since only the best players can reach these ranks. There are no shortcuts there.

Apex Legends Arenas Rank Distribution

We cannot forget about the rank distribution of the other Apex Legends mode, ranked Arenas. This 3vs3 mode has a pretty distinct distribution from the Battle Royale. With a lot of the things, you would expect to see a more “normal” distribution.

Rank Percentage of players Number of Players
Bronze i 2.79 % 2790
Bronze ii 4.18 % 4180
Bronze iii 5.72 % 5720
Bronze iv 7.81 % 7810
Silver i 10.30 % 10300
Silver ii 11.05 % 11050
Silver iii 11.15 % 11150
Silver iv 9.79 % 9790
Gold i 9.24 % 9240
Gold ii 9.18 % 9180
Gold iii 5.41 % 5410
Gold iv 3.76 % 3760
Platinum i 4.68 % 4680
Platinum ii 2.24 % 2240
Platinum iii 1.46 % 1460
Platinum iv 1.05 % 1050
Diamond i 1.32 % 1320
Diamond ii 0.57 % 570
Diamond iii 0.23 % 230
Diamond iv 0.29 % 290
Master 0.31 % 310
Apex Predator 0.27 % 540

This time there are no big clusters of players in the first rank because there isn’t an entry cost that makes each rank more difficult. In ranked Arenas the only thing that matters are victories and losses. The Arena Points AP system is simpler than the Battle Royale one and it is also much more generous.

Apex Legends Arenas Distribution Problem

There is another factor that influences the rank distribution. The fact that there are not a lot of players in ranked Arenas. If we added another line to our table that includes all the unranked players, it would dwarf all the other ones, since 75% of the players never play ranked arenas. Only the most passionate players will grind to get to higher ranks, and that is why there is a much bigger percentage of players in the higher ranks.

Even if the percentage of players in Master and Diamond is 7 times larger than the equivalent percentage in Battle Royale, if you do the math (and we did), there are still, almost double the actual players in ranked Arenas.

How can the Arenas rank distribution help you?

As you can see from the rank distribution percentage, Apex Legends Arenas players have a much easier time getting higher ranks compared to the Battle Royale. So if you are after the ranked badges and various ranked rewards you can get, you should focus on this mode, since the chances are you will achieve a higher rank.

We will not claim that you can get to Apex Predator, but you definitely have a better shot at reaching the top ranks. The highest RP ranks in Battle Royale are just too demanding most of the time.