The various rank emblems and badges of Apex Legends

Find out everything there is to know about the various rank emblems and badges that exist in Apex Legends!

The various rank emblems and badges of Apex Legends
The various rank emblems and badges of Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a very demanding first-person shooter that forces its players to evolve all the time if they want to reach the highest RP ranks that they can. But all of that would be a bit pointless if you didn’t have a way to “show off” your achievements to the other players, but also admire the fruits of your labor. This is where badges come in.

Badges in Apex Legends are the perfect way to demonstrate what you have managed to achieve, but also a great goal to struggle for. This is why in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about.

What are rank emblems and badges in Apex Legends?

Rank emblems and badges in Apex Legends, are small rectangular icons that you can unlock by achieving certain challenges in the game. You can put these badges on your Legend’s banner slot to let people know that you are a force to be reckoned with.

There are multiple ways you can earn badges and there are literally hundreds of them. They can be simple ones that even the lowest rank RP Apex Legends players can unlock, like “Fully Kitted” which requires you to have two fully kitted weapons or they can be extremely difficult, made to challenge even Apex Predators.

Players can also unlock some by buying cosmetics or legendary skins, and there is a multitude of event badges, like “War Games Champion”, “Track Master ii”, “War games artist” and “Lost Treasures Scout”, awarded to the players that join them.

You can have a different set of badges for each Legend so it is up to you how much you want to show. You can pretend you are a new Apex Legends player only showing some basic badges and then surprise your teammates with your performance, or you can go all out and display the rarest and hardest badges. Although your enemies will not see them until you actually kill them. In that aspect, they are different from some of the ranked rewards or legendary skins.

Which are the rarest badges to get in Apex Legends?

Some of the rarest badges to unlock are the Wrath IV, Wake, Team Work IV, and Win Streak IV. There are badges for every kind of player in the game, but there are some that are considered the most prestigious ones since they are the hardest to get.

 If we exclude the event badges and any kind of promotion badges like the “High Energy Badge Tier”, the most difficult badges to earn are the ones that require you to have a great performance in the game. We will look at some individually since they can be difficult for their own reasons.

[Legend]’s Wrath IV

This badge is the fourth tier of the Wrath badges that require you to deal specific amounts of damage in a match to unlock them. These are Legend-specific badges, so you can unlock them multiple times for all of the characters in the game. The Wrath IV is the highest tier of this badge and you can unlock it by dealing more than 4.000 damage in a single match.

You probably know that this is a very challenging task, and you need to actively work on it. Finishing downed players, using snipers to chip on your enemies' HP, and high mobility to be able to find enemies fast are just some of the techniques you need to use if you want to unlock this prestigious badge. Usually, only Diamond or higher-ranked players can unlock this achievement, and that is why it is the best candidate for the rarest badge.

[Legend]’s Wake

The second but arguably even more difficult Legend badge is the Wake. To unlock the Wake badge you need to get at least 20 kills in a single match. Killing one-third of an entire lobby is pretty insane even for the most experienced Apex Legends players.

As with the Wrath badges, you need very high mobility to get to all the potential kills, but there still needs to be a combination of luck, skill, and effort. Definitely, an achievement that is not for the unprepared.

Team Work IV

Team Work is one of the badges that require you to have a full pre made squad to unlock it. Team Work IV especially wants you to finish a game with each one of the players getting at least ten kills. So not only do you need the pre made squad, they actually need to be some of the most skilled players in Apex Legends to manage to complete this challenge.

Platinum ranked players or lower are not the best candidates to achieve this although it is not impossible. Picking the same Legend that you are good at and having perfect communication are pretty much the bare necessities for taking on this monstrous task. For anyone that tries this, we just have to say, good luck!

Win Streak IV

Another one of the rarest badges is the Win Streak IV which contrary to what you might think, is not a four-game win streak. It is a five-game win streak, which makes it even harder. This badge does not have as a requirement a pre-made squad, but it might as well have been. Unless you are a god in Apex Legends, getting a win five times in a row with random teammates is highly unlikely.


Not that many people have achieved this rank, and to do so, is something that Bronze and Silver players can only dream of.

What are the ranked badges in Apex Legends?

Ranked badges in Apex Legends are the badges you will unlock for reaching a specific rank. With the exception of the Rookie tier, every rank has a specific badge that you can unlock.

These badges are a bit different every ranked season but throughout the Apex Legends history, they have gained a lot of attention and prestige. So if you want to get some recognition through the rank emblems/badges, Apex Legends is ready to give it to you.

What are the best badges in Apex Legends?

The best badges in Apex Legends are the ones that are challenging to unlock, but they are also a lot of fun to do so. We have created a table so you can see all the best badges that will be a lot of fun to unlock, but they will also challenge you to become a better player. It is like a small boost so you can rank up faster when you need to.

Badge Name Unlock Requirements
Master of All Win at least 10 games with more that 8 different Legends.
No Witnesses With a full pre-made squad, kill 15 players and no one who your squad downs is ever revived or resurrected.
Rapid Elimination Down 4 enemies in 20 seconds or less.
Triple Triple Kill all 3 members of 3 squads in a single match
Flawless Victory II Win a game with no member of your squad getting downed.

All the badges in the table are quite challenging but they will push you to your limits, while at the same time, teaching you healthy habits that work for the ranking system RP of Apex Legends.