Ranked account, Apex Legends' most crucial system

If you want to learn everything about Apex Legends ranked accounts, then you have to read this article.
Ranked account, Apex Legends' most crucial system

Apex Legends players are a bit too familiar with how difficult it is to rank up in this game. The ranking RP system has become extremely hard and even veteran players are finding it harder and harder to rank up these last ranked Seasons. To bypass this struggle, many players are choosing the option to buy an Apex Legends account.

There are multiple ways you can do that and each person will do it for their own personal reasons, so in this article, you are going to get all the information regarding Apex Legends accounts, where to find them, and what you should expect when getting one. Buying game accounts might be criticized by some people, but it can be a quick solution to a long-term problem.

Can you buy an Apex Legends Account?

Yes, you can buy an Apex Legends account pretty easily. There is an entire Apex account marketplace out there that allows you to choose between a myriad of ranked accounts, to better suit your needs.

That being said, it is important to know that even though you can technically buy Apex Legends accounts, this is in breach of the Terms of Service of the game, so Electronic Arts (EA) reserves the right to make some in-game bans. If you do it to get a few unlockable or because you are bored to grind the levels yourself it is not the end of the world.

On the other hand, if you buy Apex Legends account to get to a higher rank than the one you deserve, you are spoiling the fun for other players. Let us say you are Gold rank but you think you deserve higher, and you buy a Diamond account, you are not going to be able to keep up with your teammates and make them lose the game.

If you keep these things in mind, then you should have no problems enjoying your bought account.

Can you trade Apex accounts?

Yes, you can trade Apex Legends accounts, but again it is not exactly allowed by the game developers. If you are particularly good at the game, meaning Apex Predator or at the very least Master ranked, you have the opportunity to make some good money.

Selling an Apex Legends account

If your account is a high level, with multiple achievements and badges/emblems, there will be many people looking to buy it, and you can fetch a pretty high price for it.

 There have been cases of accounts that have been sold for thousands of dollars. The price usually depends on various factors, like if it is an Origin account or Steam, and which platform it is on, but it is generally accepted that the higher level of the account and the more achievements unlocked the more money the account is worth.

There are accounts that have just 10 levels, just enough to meet the ranked requirements, which cost a few dollars, but there are accounts that can cost much more than that. Especially the ones with many relics and heirlooms are really sought after. If you happen to have one of those accounts and you are short on money, you know what to do!

Ranking up Apex Legends Accounts

You can also get special requests from people that want you to rank up their accounts. On this people usually charge a fee depending on the delivery time requested and what level they need to reach. To reach the Platinum rank, a fee of 200$ wouldn’t be irrational. If you are a good enough player, it is really worth your time.

If you also learn how to farm damage and kills in order to get the most difficult badges in the game, namely “Wrath IV” and “Wake” you can sell your services to players who just want to have these badges unlocked on certain Legends.

Is it safe to buy Apex Accounts?

Yes, it is safe to buy Apex Legends accounts as long as you find a secure place to do it, and are aware of the dangers of getting your newly bought account blocked.

Thankfully there are many websites that are dedicated to selling accounts to gamers and below we will give you our suggestions for the best option available.

Where to buy Apex Accounts

One of the most famous websites to buy accounts for Apex Legends and other games is G2G. There you can find Apex Legends accounts at pretty good prices and with the guarantee of G2G for an “as described delivery”. All you have to do is find the account you want from the numerous accounts available and choose the one you like and your preferred payment method.

After your payment is done, you will get your new account details meaning the username and password, within the specified time frame. Thankfully no CD key is required for Apex Legends. Congratulations, now you have full access to all of the features of the account and you can use it like your own.

This is where the fun and danger begin. You can join matches normally and enjoy your newly bought account, but if Respawn Entertainment figures out the account you are using is not yours, there is a risk you might lose it, and the money you spent to buy the Apex Legends account would have been for nothing.

If you think about that, maybe it is more worth it to stay in the lowest RP ranks of Apex Legends and just enjoy the battle, rather than spending a lot of money to get an account that you might lose fast. Just read some articles with tips on how to rank up faster and hope for the best!