PUBG Replay Controls (How to Record, Download, Fast Forward and Share Clips)

Starting up the PUBG Replay System without any prior knowledge can be pretty confusing, especially if you’re not sure about the controls. The Replay System controls can be pretty difficult to manage all at the same time while trying to get the perfect angle, moment, and clip of a certain situation in your match.If you’re looking to amp up your gameplay or want to review certain tactics or plays that occurred within the game, you might be interested in the PUBG Replay System. The PUBG Replay System is a tool available to players that allows them to replay and playback the occurrences of the match they just played.This is great for players to look back at their mishaps and work on their misplays. Players who truly want to improve their PUBG gameplay. Like many other replay systems, the PUBG Replay system allows you to spectate in a variety of different ways. If you’re looking to get a replay on one of your recent matches here’s how to do it.

Starting up the Replay System

To start up the replay system you’ll want to open up a replay file from the in-game menu. To do this all you have to do is head over the Replays tab when your game is open. It should take some time before a match is loaded up, so be patient when waiting for the Replays to pop up.Furthermore, you’re able to see everyone's perspective in the game, not just your own, making it a great tool to analyze opponents and their patterns.Choose one of the Replays that you want to watch and dive right in.

Controls and Keybinds (among other things how to Fast Forward)

  • Toggle Timeline ON/OFF - If you want to turn on and off the timeline press the J button. This will enable or disable the timeline, you can disable the timeline if you feel that it gets in the way of certain angles.
  • Pause - If you’re looking to pause the replay during a certain point to either screenshot, or to just get a freeze frame of a certain situation you’re able to do so by pressing the P button.
  • Fast Forward - If you don’t want to watch the entire replay and want to fast forward to certain points press the Up Arrow Key.
  • Rewind - If you accidentally missed a part and want to turn back time press the Down Arrow Key.
  • Switch to your Own Character - Sometimes you might want to see the opponent's perspective or one of your teammates’ perspective, to quickly shift back to your own character press the B key.
  • Moving the Camera - Moving the Camera is easy just use the standard W A S D keys on your keyboard.
  • Changing the Camera Height - If you want to get an aerial view or want to change the height of the camera press the respective E and Q keys.
  • Changing the Camera Move Speed - If you want to change how fast the camera moves press the SHIFT + CTRL button, this will allow you to move the camera faster or slower.
  • Opening the Player List - If you want to get a list of all of the players that you played with in that match, press TAB, this can be useful if you need to communicate with certain players after the match has already ended.
  • Observer Camera - To see the first-person-perspective of a certain player you’re able to do so by pressing V or Left Mouse Button.
  • Follower Camera - If you don’t want to see the view from a first-person-perspective and want to see it following a person's shoulder, you’re able to do so by pressing C or RMB
  • Free Camera - The Free Camera allows you to move around freely to activate it press the F button or Space
  • Open the Battle List - To open the battle list press L.
  • Open the Map - To get a glimpse of the map it’s simple, press the M button.
  • Show All Player Names - If you want to get specific players’ names you can do so by pressing H.
  • X-Ray Mode - This will allow you to see opponents through an X-Ray like lens, which lets you see through objects you wouldn’t be able to see through otherwise. To activate this press X.
  • Hide and Show the HUD - To Hide and Show the HUD press CTRL + U.
  • Assigning a Camera Location to a Number Slot - If you quickly want to move back and forth from certain angles and want to save certain camera angles, press CTRL + Num1-9 to use the saved camera slot press the assigned key from 1-9.
  • Change the FOV - First, disable your HUD and then scroll Up/down to change the POV.

Why Use the PUBG Replay System

Allows you to see Mistakes

The PUBG Replay System can be a great tool for competitive and casual players alike, it gives you the option to quickly replay your matches to find where you went wrong during the match. Especially for competitive players and new players, you’ll want to see where you went wrong in the match. By figuring out where you went wrong you’ll be able to improve on your mistakes.

Check out other people’s perspective

Maybe you’re unsure of how you were killed, or are unsure how a player won a gunfight against you. By switching your perspective you’ll be able to point out where they bested you, whether it be positioning, raw aim, etc. You can learn a lot by just watching others. Watching the more skilled players in the lobby may also help you develop as a new PUBG player, looking at someone’s perspective may open your eyes to certain areas that you might have not thought about before.

Get a Grasp on Drop Timings

Certain players may get an advantage by dropping faster than you, watch those players and figure out why they’re dropping faster than you. By figuring this out, you’ll be able to get a drop advantage at the beginning of the round leading to more kills and fewer deaths.

Figure out the Zones

If you’re a new player and have trouble figuring out where to go in a zone, move around in the replay system and figure out which parts of the zones have the most populated people. If you’re unsure about your next move or want to avoid conflict you’ll want to figure out the parts with the least amount of people and try to go there the next time you encounter a similar zone situation.

Capture Exciting Moments

The PUBG Replay System is a great way to capture exciting moments that you wouldn’t be able to during the game. The Replay System gives you a lot of control allowing you to change camera angles quickly and efficiently. With the Replay System at your disposal, you’ll be able to capture insane clips and create cinematic montages from a variety of angles.

A Great Way to Explore

Especially for new players that aren’t that familiar with the maps or the game itself, the replay system can enable you to explore around the map without physically playing the game. Having great map knowledge will aid your development as a PUBG player. Map knowledge and just overall knowledge about the game will allow you to out position your enemies giving you an advantage.

The Replay Editor

The Replay Editor allows you to edit your replay clips quickly and efficiently, to open the replay editor, open a replay file from the in-game menu and open the timeline by pressing J.

Using Key Frames

Keyframes allow you to set certain positions with the camera. With keyframes, the camera will pan from one keyframe to the other. Every time you create a keyframe a thumbnail of where the keyframe is will pop up on the bottom of your screen, this will make it easy to figure out where your keyframe is for future reference. You’re also able to activate the camera path, which shows you the pathing of the camera.

  • Skip - Allows you to skip certain parts of the video
  • Camera - You’re able to set the camera mode from free, player, to follow. Each camera mode will look different and can be used interchangeably.
  • FOV - Changes the Field of View.
  • Camera Move - You can either change this setting from linear to curved.
  • Replay Speed - You’re able to change the replay speed from 0.25x - 2x.
  • Camera Direction - This option is split between Blend, Fixed, and Orient to Path. Blend is when the camera faces the direction it was already facing when the keyframe was made. Fixed keeps the same direction when the keyframe was created. Orient to path changes the camera to face the path of the camera.


  • Depth Of Field - Changes the Camera Depth of Field
  • Gaussian / Bokeh - Both of these effects blur certain things that are out of focus.
  • Color Grading - Changes the color of the screen.
  • Bloom -  Adds a glow-effect
  • Vignette - Darkens an area around a certain point on the screen, the darkness can be adjusted from a scale of 1-10.

Exporting (Download and Share)

  • Resolution - Choose between HD, Full HD, and 4K
  • Frame Rate - 18, 24, 30, 60, 120, 150
  • Video Length - Length of the Video
  • File Name - The name of the file.

With both of the PUBG Replay System and the PUBG Replay Editor, you’ll be able to capture exciting moments and may even learn a thing or two. Whether you’re into improving at the game by analyzing your matches or want to create montages and clips in the replay editor, PUBG is well equipped for both.