Rust: What is Hardcore Game Mode [Everything You Need to Know]

Let's dive into the differences between Rust and Hardcore Rust.
Rust: What is Hardcore Game Mode [Everything You Need to Know]

The long-awaited hardcore mode is finally here. Just like softcore mode entering hardcore mode is quite simple. It can be enabled by server admins in server settings and changes can be done in how some things work in-game.

Here are the most important changes hardcore mode has compared to vanilla. The team system is completely disabled, meaning that jump checks will be making a return. Along with safe zones, turrets, and scientists have been removed. The map and compass have both been disabled. The map no longer shows while pressing G or on the death screen. Also, map seeds are hidden. Players can no longer crawl while wounded. In hardcore game mode global chat is disabled, only local chat is available and only within 100 meters of the sender. A limit of 5 sleeping bags per person was added. And the new hardcore game mode also makes monthly blueprint wipes compulsory on hardcore servers.
The removal of MLRS on maps, the disabling of the Rust+ App, the disabling of the quest system, and the disabling of drone marketplaces from Bandit Camp and Outpost are just a few of the things that Rust hardcore mode has changed.

Let us now examine them one by one.

Map & Compass UI is Disabled

One of the vast majority is the complete removal of the map and compass from the game. With these removed, you basically can no longer learn your coordinates in Rust. In fact, the new game mode can offer casual players a much more comfortable gaming experience. Because it's not as easy as it used to be, it will take longer to find the best weapons in Rust, and it will take longer to collect gunpowder to make explosives in Rust. Also, since there is no map system in the game, players will have a hard time finding your base, and even if they see it, maybe they will forget where it is after a while.

Even better, the best loot spots in Rust will become more comfortable. For example, Launch Site, Oil Rig, or Artic Research Base, someone new to the server will not know where these monuments are and will not be able to settle accordingly, they will have to explore the map first. Maybe some players won't know where some monuments are until wipe time in Rust.

Imagine your base is on a beautiful secluded seashore and a Cargo Ship appears. How many other players could have noticed it besides you? Even if they hear the sound, will they know where the ship is? There are really great details and improvements in this aspect.

Limited Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags in Rust have been limited. Now you can only use 5 spawn points. Spawn point improvements will again increase the overall play experience. Remember the last time you tried to raid, the people you shot were coming at you like a horde of naked zombies. Honestly, it felt like playing Call of Duty Zombies and it was frustrating.

This exciting new feature will make the world of Rust much more realistic. Forcing players to only 5 spawn points is a well-thought-out detail for this mode.

Global Chat Disabled

Goodbye to toxic people in chat, goodbye to Rust zergs that play 30 people and spam their clan tags on chat. This feature, which should have been in the game from the beginning, finally met us with hardcore game mode.

There is no global chat in the game anymore, only local chat. A survival game shouldn't have global chat anyway. This is much more Rust worthy and realistic.

Team System Disabled

The removal of the team system is a disadvantage for large groups of players, but it's a great boon for players who play solo or don't play in large groups. Even with the team system, zergs playing in a crowd already suffer enough in ghosting situations and will have an even harder time with this change.

This limit is a big nerf for zergs. Be prepared for the return of jump teammate control with this limit.

Contact System Disabled

As with Softcore, there will be no Contact System in this game mode. You won't be able to see people, enemies, and friends you've met in the game before.

Or when you're looking at a person through binoculars and they wave at you, you won't be able to see their nickname.

Monthly Blueprint Wipes

In hardcore game mode, Rust servers get force-wiped monthly. Unlike softcore game mode, hardcore regularly has blueprint wipes every month, making the game more difficult. You have to learn blueprints every month, or you have to continue your game without learning any blueprints.

Again, while this is not a problem for large groups, solo or small teams may have trouble making scraps easily in Rust.

Safe Zones Disabled

Safe community centers like Bandit Camp and Outpost are no longer as safe as they used to be. The removal of safe zones in hardcore mode also makes the game even more challenging. You can't safely come to places like Outpost and Bandit Camp and recycle your best recycle items in Rust.

Even worse you can't use drone shops like you used to. Drone shops are disabled with hardcore mode. There will no longer be scientists and turrets guarding safe zones.

MLRS - Crawling Disabled - Rust+ Disabled

MLRS is turned off in Hardcore mode, so now the big clans who do Oil Rig all day that bully you won't be able to send 10 MLRS to your base just because they're bored. According to the data obtained, crawling will also be disabled. It might be a bad feature for some people, but it's a good feature. It's distracting to drop someone and then have your mind stay on the person crawling on the ground while you're fighting someone else. The Rust+ app has been disabled, but it is not known how much this will affect hardcore mode. Apart from all these, global.consolescale convar font size change command has been added for those who need it.

Some chapters of the hardcore mode can be really difficult, but overall it's a great mode for small teams and more casual players.

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