„Where We Dropping Boys?“ The Sanhok Map Guide

After the success of the first and second playable map within PUBG, the pressure was on Bluehole to produce another big hitter. Although, there had also been a bit of criticism towards the sheer size of the last map produced making games very long. So the developers would make a map that was more compact and smarter in its design. They would give PUBG players the Thailand/Philippines based map, Sanhok.The map would be released in June 2018 on PC and September on console and would deliver an experience that would take place on a much smaller map. This map would be half the size of the existing roster, measuring a 4x4km space. Plus, this map would introduce the dynamic circle mechanic for the first time. This is, of course, the mechanic which takes note of the number of players left on the map measures the appropriate amount to lessen the playing zone.

What is Sanhok’s Background?

On a base level, Sanhok is simply an island retreat based in the rich jungle of Thailand. The development team actually took themselves to the mountain areas and jungles of Asian Countries to get a feel for how these areas were. They captured a series of images and footage that would be the inspiration for a number of areas and landmarks on the map.There is little in the way of an official backstory for this map, however, there are a series of well-researched fan theories on why this area has been abandoned. This relates to the idea of the island being haunted. This relates to the Kings and rulers of this island ordering the sacrifice of every family's first born daughter in the name of God. This would lead to these girl’s spirits haunting the area.This theory is supported by the cave filled with blood that acts as the sacrificial area, the shadows that can be seen in windows and the dolls of teenage girls that you can find across the island. There has been no confirmation of this story but it sure is interesting.

How was Sanhok Received?

In terms of how this map was received, it was seen as a breath of fresh air for the series. This smaller area would lend itself to a much more fast-paced and intense game. The dynamic circle mechanic was also praised as a positive change that complimented the setting. However, there was some criticism that there was still a player count of 100 players. Many believe that a smaller player base such as 70 players a game would have been more balanced for the map. Overall, this map offered something different for players new and old and despite its critics, it was a positive addition.

Sanhok’s Map Overview

This map was another climate change that brought new environmental aspects, interesting new art styles and supported a new brand of tactics that favoured fast reactions and risk-taking. The map is segmented into three areas with the main bulk of the island being in the east. This then connects to two other islands. One of which is to the south and offers four entry points making this the safer of the two landing zones as there are fewer choke points.Then the smaller Island in the north of the map only has a pair of entry points, making this a dangerous area to be if the circle isn’t kind. The map is populated with a series of boot camps and landmarks that serve as the build-up areas with an assortment of thick jungle, cavernous and mountain environments filling the space in between. There are eight major boot camps and then there are ten major landmark areas which are slightly smaller. It’s a map that supports close quarters combat best with very few exposed and open areas.

Hotspots on Sanhok

Where you drop is important on any map but on Sanhok the games are much shorter. So getting good gear and a decent position to hold fast is more important than ever. With the much smaller map, you might be thinking that the choices will be much fewer but we’re afraid you’ll still be bombarded with choices when you plummet towards the ground. So we are here to help you make your visit to this Asian jungle battleground a positive one. Here are the best drop locations in Sanhok.

Paradise Resort

What do Paradise Resort, School and Pecado all have in common? Well, there are right in the middle of the map, they promise to have a good amount of loot and you’ll pretty much always be able to reach it on the plane flight path. This makes this area a very popular one indeed. You’ll find a good number of players drop here but the good news is that it’s quite a big area, so you won’t feel too cramped.What you should worry about, however, is just how open the space is. You’ll be a sitting duck if you don’t scout the area, watch your back and use quick reactions to get away from a dangerous situation. In general, though, it’s not a winner takes all kind of situation, you’ll still be able to juke in and out with enough loot to start your run if youre sneaky enough. Overall, not a bad choice at all, especially if playing squads and you want to kit out the whole gang.


Next up we have the quarry. If you want a peaceful landing then consider hitting this place up. The quarry isn’t a popular destination because of its lack of loot and it’s very open and exposed layout. However, due to the lack of company, this isn’t too much of an issue, we would just suggest not loitering around for too long after you land.This area doesn’t offer enough loot for a squad and can maybe kit out a duo at a push. This one works best as a land zone during for players in solo games. So get what you can and get out of there before those with better loot spot you out in the open.

Boot Camp

If you thought that Paradise resort was like Pecado and School, then Boot Camp takes this chaos and ups the ante again. The spawn rates are much more generous and the area is even more central on the map. Which translates to a large number of players landing here, so be prepared to fight to exist here. However, much like Paradise Resort, the area is rather large so provided you keep your wits about you, you’ll be able to co-exist with other players and even be able to get in and out without getting into an early game skirmish.The loot in this area is arguably the best that the map has to offer players and it’s in great supply. So you’ll be able to sort out the whole squad quite comfortably. It’s a risky play but one that can really pay dividends if you play your cards right.

Camp Bravo

This camp isn’t the most popular drop zone despite the decent loot on offer in high quantities. The reason being the location of the camp is situated on the edge of the map, meaning that if the safe zone is on the opposite side of the map, you’ll really have to get your gear quick then get out of there and on your way. This requires a good knowledge of the area to clear it out fast and decent time management skills, especially with the smaller maps tighter time constraints.Thankfully, if you do get done dirty by the circle, there is a way out. There are some pretty reliable vehicle spawns in the area. So if you need to get going in a hurry to avoid an early end to your game, there is usually a way to get the whole squad to safety.

Ha Tinh

This one is rather similar to Camp bravo in a lot of respects. Due to its coastal position, all be it the north of the map on this occasion. This can be a position that isn’t accommodated by the plane flight path too often. Plus, when you arrive, the circle can really do a number on you. However, the trade-off is pretty good thanks to the excess of loot you can gather in this area. You’ll consistently be able to gather enough gear to support the whole squad.Then on top of this, much like camp bravo, there are a series of reliable vehicle spawns that make this one viable even if the circle is quite some distance away. We wouldn’t suggest taking your time clearing this one out but thanks to the getaway cars on standby, this one should probably be more popular than it is.

Sah Mee

Erangel and Miramar were both full of residential areas that the player could explore and ransack for goodies. This is something that Sanhok does lack, for the most part, however, there is the area of Sah Mee which is a somewhat more conventional living area on the island. This one is filled with a number of two-story structures that offer a great deal of loot. The only downside is that this can take a really long time to clear out.The buildings are compact and the rooms are plentiful, so if you want to play the sneaky way and avoid gunfights, this area accommodates that approach pretty well. Although, this one is pretty popular no matter what the plane flight path is, so if you do get spotted, be ready for a turf war and arm yourself appropriately.

Camp Alpha

Camp Alpha can be a risky place, not just due to the relatively popular nature of this drop zone. It’s also risky due to its location on the cast to the west of the map, meaning that the circle can really do a number on you. Plus, with its position on the smallest island, you will have to navigate over one of the two bridges which act as a natural chokepoint where players like to camp and pick up easy kills. So you may be wondering, why would you even go here at all.Well, the loot that you’ll find at this camp is in great supply and it’s also of a decent quality too. So you can get the whole squad ready for battle and with some amount of comfort too. Not to mention that if the circle is particularly kind to you and makes this location the end game spot, you’ll have a fortress at your disposal with a high vantage point to take out those that try to make it their own. In most cases, there will be a better option elsewhere but this is still a very viable option.


This area isn’t all that popular as it’s located on the south-east of the map on the coast. Which means that if the circle is elsewhere, you’ll have to move fast. However, what you’ll find in this area often makes it worthwhile. The loot is plentiful and the weapon drops on offer in this area are particularly nice. It’s rare that you’ll walk away from here without two viable weapons.The kind of engagement you’ll have in this area is medium-range or close-quarters combat, making this one of the most enticing drops for new players looking to get their bearings and not yet picked off by more experienced players. So if this sounds like you, consider this area.

Our Top Drop For Sanhok

Even with the close quarter’s combat focus and the smaller environment, there is still a wealth of drop options for the player. So to choose one that shines brighter than the rest is tough. In reality, it’s more a matter of preference than one actually being better than another. Your play style and your familiarity with the area play a vital role in how effective every drop will be. So if we don’t pick your favourite, try to understand.Our ideal drop zone in Sanhok is Sah Mee. Our reasoning for this one is the relative size of the place. This will easy kit out a squad and the area is compact enough with lots of structures that you can stay hidden more consistently. We are of the mindset that survival is key. So if you can stay alive, get all the gear you need and walk out unscathed, then why wouldn’t you? Let the fitter do it for you, then once their done, pick them off and take all the loot they worked hard to gain. It’s called efficiency.

How To Play Sanhok In PUBG

So now you know all the best places to drop, you know our pick of the bunch but you may be wondering, how do you actually survive and win? Well, that’s a question that we can hopefully answer for you. Sanhok rewrites the PUBG playbook with the new map size, dynamic circle and the close quarter’s combat-focused environment. So with this decision comes new hints and tips to stay alive and make your enemies take the L. Here are a few helpful tips to make Sanhok your playground.

Cut your fuel emissions

When you’re going around this concise map, what you’ll notice is the higher frequency of players that you’ll encounter. Due to the shrink in size, the density of players has gone up drastically. Yet staying hidden and gathering supplies without getting caught and killed by bigger, stronger squads is still something you may have to do. So unless you’re stuck on the wrong side of the map, we would urge you to travel on foot where possible.The areas on this map are much more tight-knit, making vehicles irrelevant a lot of the time anyway. However, even if you know your routes well, the vehicles are so loud. So if you use one and there is anyone nearby, your position will be compromised and you’ll be likely to see your newly acquired set of wheels go up in flames. So do yourself a favour and just walk.

Master the Elements

Another thing that is much more important on Sanhok is the dynamic weather system. Thanks to this inclusion, you may see the weather change on a dime throughout a game, Meaning that you may begin on a dry, sunny day and as time elapses, you may have to navigate the end game in a thick fog or heavy rain. Though, these weather patterns can be used to your advantage.If you do get caught in a rainstorm, it can serve as great covering noise for your gunfire. So if you use a suppressor it’s almost impossible to hear you sounding off bullets. Then as for the foggy weather, this allows you to get around enemies easier, sneak up on them or flank around them. Overall, the harsher weather conditions will make stealth a much more viable option but watch your back because the same is true for your enemies.

Duck and Cover

The last two maps before this one were extremely open areas with vast open vistas. So when it came to protecting yourself in a gunfight, your best hope was to get low and be a sure shot. However, when playing Sanhok, things are much more conventional. You’ll have a much more dense area to navigate with shrubbery, trees and structures to cover behind and peer from. So you can use this to your advantage.You can use it to hide and escape from enemies, you can use it to cover and heal in an intense battle, you can use it to advance and get closer to your target. Or alternatively, you can use it for a quick reload option. This allows this map to play out much more familiar to a standard FPS map in a lot of areas and arguably makes this one the most fun to play for casual FPS fans.

Welcome to the jungle

Overall, this new map offers a setting that is a breath of fresh air for those who played the larger maps since PUBG’s release. The fast-paced and frantic action was a lease of life that the series needed not only to entice new players to the series. The map’s small size did nothing to lower the quality of the areas on offer to the player, with some of these being the most vibrant and interesting areas in the series as a whole.The map also delivered an intriguing fan-made backstory, a set of close-quarters focused combat strategies and still kept aspects that made the maps that came before so popular. Sanhok is a map for players who want a quick game with intense action from start to finish. So if this sounds like something that was missing from the last two maps, you will love this one.