Where to sell Rust skins for real money?

Here’s an in-depth buyers guide, in which we will present sites, ways, and tips for selling Rust skins for real money.
Where to sell Rust skins for real money?

Best places to sell Rust skins

If you have some Rust skins that you don't need, you can safely sell them to someone looking for them. But where and how to do it? We have prepared a list of sites where you will be able to earn some dollars by selling your unwanted Rust items. These websites are proven and 100% safe and feature ease of use and high-quality customer support. Keep in mind that none of these sites always have the lowest prices, and even buying on those with high fees may prove to be the best deal. Thus, if you care about purchasing Rust skins at the best prices, it will require you to spend time researching.


Rustskins is the only website on the internet dedicated strictly to selling Rust skins and no other. Skinrust is often visited by the most active Rust players, which means that you will have no problem selling even the less popular skins there; as we know, the more players, the different tastes, play styles, and favorite ways to fight for survival. Besides, it is safe and works completely legally, which is confirmed b


Skinport is all about a convenient interface and incredibly well-functioning Customer Service. If you are new to selling skins on online marketplaces, the staff here will definitely help you. The fee on sales is 10%, which in comparison to other sites may seem a lot, but honestly, this value is 15-20% on most online marketplaces, so it is still relatively small here. You can link your Skinport account together with your local bank account, so the money for the Rust skins you sell will land right there, and you will bypass unnecessary fees. And don't worry — this site is safe and verified; it is registered as a legitimate business in Stuttgart, Germany.


Dmarket is a site where the sales fee is one of the lowest of all online marketplaces. This site mainly specializes in CS:GO, but there is no shortage of support for Rust items. The website is backed by the likes of Trip Hawkins (the first CEO of Electronic Arts) and has over one million registered users. This is where many sellers choose to list these most expensive Rust skins, mainly because of the sales fee of up to only 7%. Plus, the site is popular enough that you won't have to wait long for a buyer. 

Steam Community Market

We should also mention Steam Community Market; after all, that's where most players do their Rust item shopping. By selling your skins there, you actually have the best chance of getting a buyer, but there are two massive drawbacks involved. First, the fee is as high as 13%, which is almost 2x as much as, e.g., Dmarket. Secondly, you cannot withdraw money from Steam account anywhere else. So if you want to spend the money you earn on games or other items — go ahead; this is probably the fastest and safest option to do it. However, it will probably not be the most profitable.

These are the most tested and verified places to sell your Rust skins. There’s, of course, much more, but many of them are not as reliable as the ones we mentioned. As we know, in places where you can earn “easy money,” it's not hard to encounter a scammer.

Online marketplaces vs Steam Community Market — where to sell your Rust skins?

Where we want to sell our Rust skins strongly depends on what you need the money for. If you're going to spend your money buying a game on Steam sale quickly, perhaps a better option is to use the Steam Community Market. That way, you will find a buyer a lot quicker, the money will immediately go to your Steam account, and you will be able to buy your game. However, when it comes to making the most profit — we dare say the marketplaces do the job a little better. It is also worth remembering that you cannot withdraw money from a Steam account anywhere else, which is why most people choose to use online marketplaces.

Our solution — Use both. Sell low-value skins such as Tan Boots or Blue Jeans on the Steam Community Market, and use online marketplaces like Rustskins, Dmarket, and Skinport for the more valuable items. This way you will save a lot of time, and maximize your profits. At the end of the day, people browse the markets for those rare and expensive skins. 

How to sell Rust skins on online marketplaces

On all Marketplaces, the process of selling skins is virtually the same. 

  1. Connect your Steam account and inventory to your marketplace account
  2. Select the items you want to sell and make a transaction with a marketplace bot.
  3. Set a price for each item.
  4. Done! Now you just have to wait for a buyer interested in your items, after which you will get the money instantly credited to your account on the website.

Before listing Rust skin for sale, check its prices on other marketplaces. Potential buyers of Rust items search other marketplaces for better bargains, so keep that in mind. Proper research will increase the chances that your item will sell.

How to sell Rust skins on Steam Community Market

Here the process looks a little different, but it's still not super complicated. You just have to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Open Steam. Go to Community, and select “Market”
  2. Click a green “Sell an Item”
  3. Select the item you want to sell, and press “Sell”
  4. Set the price for your item and confirm you want to sell it
  5. Done!  As soon as someone is willing to buy the item for the price you have offered, the money will immediately be in your Steam Wallet

Tips for selling Rust skins

If you are new to the Rust economy and selling your Steam inventory items, we have prepared 3 tips for you that will increase your chances of making a profit from selling your item. 

  1. Check the authenticity of marketplace bots. One of the more well-known ways for scammers to steal skins is by impersonating marketplace bots. With every transaction, check if everything is correct.
  2. Watch market trends. See if this is the right time to sell skins by being up to date with market trends. If you could sell the same item for twice the price by just waiting one week — why not try waiting? 
  3. Send skins you don't use to one of your marketplaces in advance. This one will be handy for people who favor one particular marketplace. Who knows, maybe some skin that you do not use will suddenly become more expensive, and you will be able to benefit from it quickly.


There is a big economy behind Rust, and you have just learned ways to use this to your advantage. Sell your skins and turn them into real money using the sites we have shown you. And remember, always watch out for yourself and your skins — scammers never sleep!

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