Suppressor vs Compensator vs Flash Hider

In PUBG, there are a number of different attachments that help players come out on top in different scenarios. In most cases they are pretty straightforward, I mean we all know what a scope does after all. However, some of the attachments can be tricky to choose from as the game doesn’t hold your hand or show which attachment suits each weapon.This is particularly true of muzzle attachments within PUBG. These offer varied perks within battle and we have compiled a guide so that you know which one is best for you next time you jump into a game. So without further adieu, here is our guide to front attachments in PUBG.

Flash Hider

We begin with the flash hider because it has no variation of effects between weapon types. This muzzle attachments benefits are two-fold, it provides a mix of stealth benefits and accuracy benefits. In terms of stealth, the flash exhibited by your gun when fired will reduce significantly. However, contrary to the name of the attachment, the flash will still be visible.The attachment makes up for this oversight with a reduction of 10% to overall recoil, horizontal recoil and vertical recoil. Which translates to an attachment that ensures a decent level of evasive qualities but also gives the player an added bonus to their accuracy.It’s an attachment that offers versatility. If you’re not a player that likes to draw players out with suppressed fire and relies on accuracy. Yet your also not a player that sticks to the shadows and needs full suppressed fire, then this attachment provides a happy medium. However, if asked to recommend any gun that we would choose this attachment for over the other two options, we would be hard-pressed for an answer. In truth, the other two attachments are much superior.


Now we have the suppressor. This attachment is built with stealth in mind above all else. Using this ensures that you have significantly less chance of being detected, meaning you can take out squads one by one without alerting the whole group. Unlike the flash hider, this attachment will completely suppress your fire with no visible flash from the muzzle.Then on top of the visuals being subtle, the suppressor ensures that the gunshot is much quieter. For sniper rifles, this cuts the sound radius from 1000m to 700m. With assault rifles, the radius will drop in half, from 700m to 350m and then finally, for SMG’s the radius will drop from 400m to just 100m.In terms of what guns suit this attachment best, assault rifles and bolt action sniper rifles will benefit from a suppressor much more than a flash hider or compensator. There are exceptions to this rule such as the AKM but by and large, this is very much the case.


Then lastly, we have the compensator. Unlike the other two options, this attachment offers absolutely no stealth capabilities. However, what it lacks in this it makes up for with buffs to your accuracy. With this attachment, you will see changes to your overall, horizontal and vertical recoil which varies between gun types.With all weapon types, you will see a 25% improvement to the overall recoil pattern. However, there is some sway with the other two attributes. With assault rifles, you will also see a buff of 10% and 15% to horizontal and vertical recoil, respectively. Plus, you gain a 10% buff to your spread base stat.As for sniper rifles, you receive 20% buffs to both horizontal and vertical recoil. Then finally with SMG’s, the player will witness a buff of 20% to horizontal recoil and an astounding 25% buff to vertical recoil, making some SMG’s viable even from a medium range.In terms of what weapons best suit a compensator, it is perfect for SMG’s to ensure the best level of accuracy as possible with these very shaky guns. SMG’s can be hard to handle but with a compensator, you can tame their recoil and even get some decent shots in from medium range. The compensator is also good with automatic sniper rifles, allowing you to get multiple shots off without much need for re-aiming.

Gear up and get going!

Obviously, the attachment that is best suited for you will be based on your preference of weapon class and your overall playstyle. So for that reason, there is no way to choose a front attachment that is truly the best. They all have their own benefits for different scenarios. However, as a general rule, we would only suggest you use a flash hider as a place holder until you find one of the other options as they do offer much better qualities.However, this is a matter of preference and perhaps you enjoy the versatility of a flash hider. Either way, you are now fully educated on the best muzzle attachments for you, so get out there, strap on some gear and get those chicken dinners!So that’s our rundown on the best muzzle attachments within PUBG. Which of these attachments do you prefer? What gun-type suits each attachment best? Do you think the flash hider is beneficial or useless? Let us know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading, TheGlobalGaming.