The Story of PUBG: how it started and what defines PUBG today

PUBG has been one of the most popular and legendary battle-royale games in the past decade. It revolutionized the gaming world and seemingly created a new popular genre, soon to be filled with a multitude of other battle-royale like games. We’ve come to love PUBG through a plethora of experiences, from jumping out of the plane for the very first time to winning your first match, PUBG has created an experience that players of this generation will never forget. But PUBG hasn’t always been the battle-royale giant it’s become. PUBG came from humble beginnings to revolutionizing a generation of gamers.So let’s take it back a bit, all the way back to the start and creation of PUBG.

Genesis, the Creation of PUBG

Who Created PUBG?

PUBG was created and developed by PUBG Corporation, a child company to the large South Korean video game company Bluehole. PUBG was all started by a man named Brendan Green. An Irish native, Greene moved to Brazil to pursue his interests in photography and web development. In Brazil, he met the love of his life and was married.Two years later his marriage ended abruptly and he journeyed back to Ireland to start game development. Greene loved the idea of battle-royales dabbling in modded titles such as DayZ: Battle Royale. Later, Greene would take a flight to Korea. Those at Bluehole saw the potential in Greene and wanted him to become the creative director of PUBG. With Greene’s genius, PUBG started to develop and was set to release in 2017.

When Was PUBG Released?

The beta was released in March of 2017 followed by a full release in December of 2017. PUBG was an instant hit, regardless of the issues and bugs and horrid optimization it had. As time passed PUBG would move on to the XBOX and would sell 50 million copies across both platforms. PUBG also cemented itself as one of the most played Steam games, above Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and at one point Dota 2.By 2020, the game sold over 70 million and became one of the most played Steam games currently on the market. Overtime PUBG has gone through a multitude of updates from map changes to content changes and has evolved into the game we all know and love today.

A Legendary Game with Legendary Content Creators

There is no doubt that PUBG is a legendary game.The game racked up a huge player base and took fans from all genres on influence that PUBG had on this generation of gaming was huge, competitors of PUBG were springing up left and right, everyone wanted a chance at the battle-royale throne.PUBG was one of the first popular battle-royale games after DayZ. Many other genres started to follow, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone are some of the more popular battle-royales that followed in PUBG’s footsteps.

The rise of twitch streamers like Shroud

With the rise of PUBG in 2017, came the rise of popular FPS players and streamers such as Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, etc. Shroud especially, with his retirement from CSGO Shroud devoted his efforts to streaming and of course PUBG. Shroud became more and more of a household name for PUBG than he was for CSGO. He became immensely popular and brought his streams to the next level.Shroud was no longer chained the competitive CSGO, instead, he played what he enjoyed. Shroud’s popularity was only the beginning, other popular streamers began to ride the PUBG train which would allow them to kickstart or restart their streaming careers. PUBG did not only leave a mark on the gaming world but the streaming world as well. It provided endless content for streamers and content creators alike, a golden opportunity for those who could take advantage of it.

PUBG’s Influence on the Entirety of the Gaming Scene

As stated before, PUBG has also influenced the likes of other companies and creators to converge into the realm of battle-royale. Other companies began to create their spin on the battle-royale genre only increasing it’s popularity even further. Everyone knew it was a cash mine and was a hot genre in 2018. Fortnite for example was one of the most played and popular battle-royale games that were introduced. Fortnite and many others took inspiration from PUBG introducing their versions of battle-royale.Whether it’s the building aspect of Fortnite or the first person gunplay in Warzone, each battle-royale took bits and pieces of PUBG and transformed them into something new and fresh for everyone to enjoy.In many eyes, PUBG was the beginning of an era and a huge influence on the gaming community.

Influence on other Genres

With the rise of battle-royale popular niche, genres began to dive into the battle-royale craze. The popular FPS shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, was one of the games that took an entirely different direction during the battle-royale craze. You see, Counter-Strike has always been a team-based competitive shooter, with bomb sites and team communication at its core. Yet, with the battle-royale era starting to take over the world, Counter-Strike attempted to create their battle-royale, something that many players would never believe was made by Valve themselves.Another example was Call of Duty: Warzone and the Black Ops 4 battle royale. Both games branched out of their usual FPS genres and evolved into battle-royales. These battle-royale games had their twists on them as well. All of these innovations in the battle-royale genre all stemmed from the popularity that PUBG started.

The Introduction of PUBG Mobile

After a knock-off PUBG called Rules of Survival was released on mobile, PUBG saw the profits and demand in the mobile market and released PUBG Mobile on February 9th, 2018, PUBG Mobile would again take the world by storm, this time through the mobile realm. PUBG was already huge at this point and expanding into the mobile market seemed like a good idea.Why PUBG Corporation released the mobile appThe main competition by the time was Fortnite. To get the first-mover advantage and more market share (that they previously lost from Fortnite) in the battle royale industry the developer launched as fast as they could.With the release of PUBG Mobile, the game quickly got more and more traction, attracting more casual individuals to the battle-royale genre. PUBG Mobile became one of the top games on both the App Store and Google Play Store for some time, captivating players around the globe - in particular in India.

New Casual Players

The game was the same as the original, except this time you were able to play on the go. The casual aspect of mobile gaming also intrigued many players to join.The mobile market has a huge upside when compared to console and PC. Not everyone has a computer or console powerful enough to support PUBG, but many people have expensive and quick phones that can be taken advantage of while gaming. PUBG was accessible to many and caused a surge in mobile gaming for quite a while. It was fun to play with your friends casually on your phone, sharing laughs and the occasional winner, winner, chicken dinner. PUBG Mobile was also the start of a mobile gaming revolution, the success of it also caused large and small companies alike to port over their games to the mobile market.PUBG was one of the first to meet the demand of casual gamers, other firms saw this and took advantage. Smaller battle-royale and knock-off games soon followed, some even reached the top of their respective app stores. Games such as Batteland Royale, Creative Destruction, Pixel Gun 3D, and other games followed the battle-royale model. Again, PUBG not only revolutionized the gaming market but also revolutionized the mobile gaming market through PUBG Mobile.

PUBG, a recognized and important game

PUBG and PUBG Mobile both stand as some of the most popular games of the 2010s, especially towards the end of the decade. They shifted entire demographics and markets through popularizing the battle royale genre. PUBG and PUBG Mobile certainly aren’t the first ones to do it, but they were one of the first to truly popularize the genre.This genre sparked a mini-era of gaming that revolved solely on battle-royales. PUBG and its competitors began to host competitive tournaments, only adding to the growing Esport scene. Esports a decade ago wasn’t as serious as they are today. Today, Esports are becoming increasingly popular and are on the verge of being as well recognized as traditional sports. PUBG was an important factor in the growth of the Esport market, not only did it expose casual players to PUBG and the battle-royale genre, but it also grew the community as a whole.The sheer popularity of the game imposed a surge of casual players to the Esport and gaming world, further increasing its recognition and popularity. Also, PUBG and PUBG Mobile sparked competition and innovation within the battle-royale and gaming community. With an outcry of demand and a growing community, PUBG and PUBG Mobile have influenced the gaming community for the better.

The Continuity and Development of the Gaming Scene

PUBG and PUBG Mobile are still getting constant updates today, and are receiving more and more competitors each day. While the battle-royale genre wasn’t what it used to be with the downfall of huge competitors like Fortnite and new additions to the genre, such as Warzone, PUBG will forever hold an important role in the influence and innovation of the gaming community.UBG marks itself as one of the greatest battle-royales of all time and a catalyst for change in the Esport community.The addition of both of the games legitimizes the profession of professional gamers. Esports is a growing field and the impact that PUBG and it’s competitors had skyrocketed the progression of Esports. Hopefully, PUBG and its competitors will continue their progress in boosting the Esport community. Who knows maybe PUBG and its creators will create a new and improved innovative genre and will rise, once again changing the gaming scene forever. We’re just going to have to wait and see.