50 PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners (good for Mobile as well)

PUBG has been an interesting game ever since it’s release. With an outcry of demand, PUBG has quickly risen on the top of the gaming world as one of the largest and grandest of games. With the rise of competitive PUBG, many players are looking for answers on how to improve. PUBG has many intricacies and details that you need to take into account if you’re looking to become a better PUBG player in general. If you’re interested in the competitive aspect of PUBG or want to improve your gameplay to a certain extent you might want to take notice of these tips and tricks, they might come in handy during the game and may enable you to gain a slight advantage against others.

General Game Tips

  1. Practice your Aim: whether it’s through a 3rd party aim trainer or just playing around in the game and practicing shooting others, practicing your aim is extremely important if you want to succeed in PUBG. In the upper echelons of PUBG play, players will quickly dispatch of you if you don’t react fast enough or if you’re not accurate enough. Aim is important in any shooter, and PUBG is no different. While this tip may be extremely obvious, you should keep it in mind while you’re playing. Aim is one of the most important aspects of the game.
  2. Set your chat to Party Only, but Stay in the Game chat: setting your chat to party only will enable only you and your teammates to hear each other. If you don’t fancy using third-party software such as Discord using the in-game chat could be the next best option. Furthermore, if you stay in the game chat, you might be able to hear the opponents. Some players, especially newer players, may forget to leave the game chat, allowing you to hear them during battle. This is useful if they’re giving information to their teammates, you might be able to listen in and get a better idea of where they’re going. Hearing your opponents may also signal that they are nearby, allowing you to take caution.
  3. Put away your weapon to sprint faster: by pressing the default key of X on the PC, you’re able to put away your weapon. Putting away your weapon allows you to sprint faster. This is useful if you’re running from the zone, or running away from another team. You shouldn’t always put your weapon away while you’re running as there may be enemies nearby, but it certainly is a good option if you’re sure there are no threats nearby. Remember to stay cautious of both the enemy and the zone.
  4. Communicate with your team, this might be an obvious tip as communication should always be used. But it does get overlooked when you’re teaming with random people. Communicating with your team where you’re going or where the enemies are using the directions on the top of your screen will allow your team to mesh with each other and play together efficiently. Communication is key in many team games and PUBG is no different. Communicating on where the enemy is could be the difference between life and death.
  5. Non-Damaged Low-Level armor is sometimes better than Damaged High-Level armor, you should always compare the armor values for all of the armor you come across, regardless of the level. While a high-level vest may seem better upfront, it might be heavily used and broken. At that point, you’re better off using your undamaged armor as it will give you more protection. Always check your inventory if you’re unsure about the usage of the armor. This will allow you to stay in more fights and might even save you from death.
  6. Choose your fights wisely, you don’t want to be jumping into a fight you obviously can’t win. Jumping into a fight when you’re outnumbered may not be your best choice. Everyone wants to be the hero and fight entire teams by themselves, but statistically, it’s extremely difficult. Stay observant and strike when you think the time is run. Don’t just go rushing in, think about what you’re doing before you do it.
  7. Use leaning to your advantage, on PC you’re able to lean using the Q and E buttons. Leaning around walls will allow you to peek without exposing yourself too much. This is extremely useful if you have to peek for just a second to get information. At higher levels, you might be able to lean mid-fight to make yourself a harder target to hit. Practice leaning in different situations and it’ll come to you.
  8. Sometimes hiding is the best option if you’re just starting you might want to try this. Hiding for most of the game and picking up loot until the circle closes maybe your best option at winning. For example, if there are only two teams left and you’re down a man you might want to let the two remaining teams duke it out. This will leave you with a lot of ammo and high health to finish off your opponents.
  9. Use healing items and boosts late game, you don’t want to be healing after one of the last few fights of the match as you’ll have to worry about both the zone closing in and other players surrounding you. Use up your items in the late game to keep your health constantly regenerating. This way you won’t have to worry about healing after a large fight. Keeping your health high during the late game will help you succeed.
  10. Think about whether you want to drop in a place with high risk or low risk, dropping in a heavily populated place may have many benefits, you might be able to score a couple of quick kills allowing you to get a lot of loot in a short amount of time. On the other hand, you might get taken out easily due to the sheer number of players. By dropping in a place of low risk you might not have as great of loot, but your survival chances go up a bunch. Think about what you want, if you’re confident enough to fight off other players at the beginning of the game in a populated area, go for it. If you’re unsure and aren’t as confident, drop somewhere comfortable, and play out the game slowly.
  11. Play outside the zone if you must, while playing inside the zone is usually a safer option, the first few waves of circles won’t do much damage to you. You’re able to heal up relatively quickly making it not that much of a threat. If you’re about to encounter enemies that you can’t handle staying outside of the zone for a bit during the first few waves might be a good option. Most players don’t venture outside of the zone so you could potentially sneak up on enemies and catch them off guard.
  12. Practice your Recoil, most of the weapons in PUBG come with a kick when you’re shooting. Recoil balances the game and makes the game feel more realistic. Controlling the kickback and recoil of the gun can sometimes be difficult, which is why you should practice your recoil patterns at different ranges to get a feel for each gun. By using a third-party trainer, or the in-game training map, you’re able to test out a variety of weapons. Practice your recoil, it’ll help you while fighting enemies.
  13. Keep on the lookout for Supply Drops, supply drops have some of the best weapons and armor in the game. If you’re looking to upgrade your weapons or want more firepower in general, it might be in your interest to go scouting for a supply drop. Supply drops are rare, but you’ll recognize one when you see it. If you’re attempting to secure a supply drop don’t expect to be alone, many players may also want to get their hands on the high-level gear. Be on the lookout and eliminate any enemies necessary before going for the loot.
  14. Camp around Supply Drops, by camping around supply drops, you’ll be able to take advantage of unfortunate teams that come your way. While the enemies are focused on the supply drop, you’ll be able to catch them by surprise. Not only does this net you a few kills, but it also allows you to claim the supply drop more easily, as one team will already be out of your way. But always stay alert around the supply drop, there might be multiple teams hiding just like you.
  15. Closeout of Background Instances, if PUBG isn’t as running as smoothly as you’d like, you should probably close out of your background programs. Closeout of anything that’s not essential to playing the game, this will clear up some RAM allowing you to run PUBG smoothly.
  16. Look out for the Pan, the Pan believe it or not is only a melee weapon that you can use to bash your enemies with, it’s also a form of protection. When the player has the Pan equipped and is holding a different item the pan will be held on your backside. The Pan can deflect incoming bullets and may save you in certain unlucky circumstances.
  17. Don’t overdo the Vehicles, Vehicles can be a great way to move around the map quickly and efficiently, but they do come with their downsides. Vehicles draw a lot of attention, and other players are sure to know your location if you’re in a vehicle driving down the road at a fast speed. Use the vehicles wisely and only if you believe it’s necessary. For example, if you’re rushing to get back into the zone using a Vehicle might be a good option.
  18. Be cautious on Bridges, Bridges are an infamous spot usually filled with many players. Players may be hiding on the bridge, or nearby camping on the bridge waiting to strike. Crossing a bridge is extremely risky as you’re exposed and have no way of covering yourself. If you’re forced to cross a bridge, be ready for initiation.
  19. When picking up items move around, you might have seen professional players dance around while picking up items, they’re doing that to prevent themselves from easily getting shot. When you’re looting you’re extremely exposed, so tapping your movement keys a few times will make it difficult for others to get a clean and easy headshot on you from afar.
  20. Don’t Hipfire unless you’re nearby, for most guns aiming down on your sights will prove to be more accurate. For close-range fights and shotguns, you don’t have to rely on aiming down your sights as often, but for most fights that occur in a medium and long-range setting, you’re going to want to aim down sights. Aiming down on your sights will allow you to focus more on the enemy, and will make your shots more accurate.
  21. Press C to Dive in Water, if you’re not a fan of moving your mouse up and down in the water, use C to dive further into the water, and spacebar to rise. This makes it easier when going through the water as you don’t have to constantly move your mouse as often.
  22. Turn off Steam’s Shift-Tab Menu or Change Inventory to a different key, by doing this you’ll be able to look at your inventory and run at the same time. If you try to run while pressing your inventory the steam shift-tab menu will pop up, forcing you to stop. You can either fix this by disabling the feature as a whole or change your inventory key to a different key that’s not shift or tab.

Settings Tips

  1. Adjust your graphical level for peak performance, if you have a hard time running PUBG with your current setup, you might want to lower the graphical levels a bit. This will enable you to run PUBG more smoothly, and less choppy.
  2. Invest in a 144hz Monitor, the difference between 60hz and 144hz is extremely significant. If your computer is up to the task and can handle 144fps consistently, you might want to invest in a 144hz monitor. A 144hz monitor refreshes what you see on the screen more often, leading to a more accurate image. This allows you to have more precision in the game as what you’ll see will be a more accurate representation of what is happening.
  3. Turn off the Grass, By turning foliage to a minimum, you’re able to see enemies running and hiding more easily. Furthermore, grass just clogs up your screen and takes resources away from your computer, you shouldn’t have it on anyways.

Weapon Efficiency

  1. Become familiar with the weapons, find out what weapons you’re comfortable with and which ones you’re not. By memorizing the guns that suit you you’ll spend less time looking at the ground and deciding whether or not to pick up the weapon, and more time shooting the enemy. Especially at the start of the match, enemies are bound to swarm you, you’ll have to make quick decisions.
  2. Change your Firing style, for some weapons you might be able to change how often the gun fires. Some weapons can be semi-auto, full-auto, and even burst. Determine which firing mode you need in different situations and you’ll be able to kill the enemies more efficiently.
  3. Use semi-auto/single fire in long-range, you don’t want to be spraying a fully automatic gun at long range, it simply won’t hit your target. Change your firing mode to single fire, which will make it easier to control the gun and give you a better shot at damaging the opponent.
  4. Adapt to what you have, sometimes you’re going to spawn into the game and get extremely unlucky. Maybe you only get a single shotgun and virtually no armor. You’re in an extremely populated zone and think to yourself “How will I ever win with this?”. You have to adapt in this situation, if it means playing inside a building and holding an angle with a shotgun, then so be it. Be prepared to adapt and be flexible in the game as you’re not always going to start with the best of gear.
  5. Try to use Long-Range Weapons, in PUBG, the maps are huge, they’re significant and grand in their size. Having a long-range weapon at your disposal will allow you to defeat enemies from afar without putting yourself in too much harm. By practicing and learning the bullet drop at different distances, you’ll be able to pull off kills with a long-range weapon that’ll seriously impact your chance of survival and the outcome of the game.

Game Sense

  1. Listen closely for enemies, you might hear a door open, or an enemy walking above or below you. Pay attention to those queues. They will help you decipher where the enemies are, giving you an advantage. Use the sound queues to your advantage as they will help you out position your enemy, granting you an easy kill.
  2. Use Headphones, for most, this is already an obvious tip, but for those that don’t use a headset, you should invest in one. Having headphones will allow you to hear your opponents more easily. Hearing is just as important as seeing, you’re lacking a huge source of information if you’re unable to hear efficiently.
  3. Learn the Maps, your knowledge of the terrain and the maps may come in handy in life or death situations. By learning all of the maps you’re able to make positional decisions that may save you during the game.

Inventory and Items

  1. Make sure to Pick Up Medkits, Medkits allow you to heal yourself back to full health, they’re extremely important and one of the strongest items in the game. Medkits allow you to heal up quickly and can be used in a pinch if you’re low on health.
  2. Press Control + U to hide HUDs, if a certain HUD or graphic on your screen is covering a shot, you might want to temporarily turn it off. This will allow you to focus solely on the enemy, allowing you to get your shot off more efficiently.
  3. Use the ALT key wisely, If you’re hiding around in a piece of foliage and want to look around without turning yourself, press the ALT key. This will help keep you hidden and will allow you to look around without drawing too much attention to yourself.
  4. Don’t Spam your Bandages, instead of spamming bandages use the next bandage at the third tick of the previous bandage, this will make your bandage usage more efficient. Spamming your bandages will only waste them, you need to make sure that you’re using your healing items wisely. In the late game, you’re going to regret not having healing items.
  5. Be Cautious of your Inventory Space, you shouldn’t carry things that you don’t need. Carrying unnecessary items will only slow you down when you come across an item worth picking. The time it takes for you to throw away an item to take a new item may be the difference between you and an enemy killing you. Time in PUBG is precious, you’re going to need to speed up your actions so you can get back to fighting. By taking time away from looting, you’re able to focus more on the enemy in front or around you.
  6. Remember, You have Grenades, Grenades in PUBG seem to get overlooked by many players, they’re awkward to use and are neglected most of the time. Grenades can be extremely useful, especially when you’re throwing them through small windows in huts. By throwing a grenade in there you’ll be able to do a mass amount of damage to anyone hiding in there. Furthermore, you’ll be able to clear out the hut more easily.

Improving your Gameplay

  1. Turn Off Mouse Acceleration, by turning off Mouse Acceleration you’re able to build in proper muscle memory that will make your aiming seamless. You don’t want to be thinking when you’re aiming, instead, you should be relying on muscle memory to help you get those kills. Having mouse acceleration makes it more difficult to build proper muscle memory as it will increase the sensitivity or decrease it based on the velocity or speed of your mouse, not how far you move the mouse. This makes it different every single time you aim. While some players like to use mouse acceleration, most should not, try turning it off in the in-game or windows settings and give it a try.
  2. Watch PUBG professionals, by watching the professionals play, you’re able to learn a lot about the game. Professionals have great game knowledge and game sense, you’ll learn a lot just by watching them play. Whether you’re watching a Twitch Livestream or a youtube replay, try to figure out the things that the professionals do and why. By understanding what they do, how they do it, and why they do it, you’ll be able to upgrade your play as well.
  3. Figure out your Sensitivity, Sensitivity in all shooter games is a hot topic. You don’t want your sensitivity to be too low, or too high you’ll want to find a balance between the two. For a point of reference search up the sensitivity of the professionals, most range between 400-1600 DPI and range from 30 - 60 in-game sensitivity. Try out different settings and see which one fits your playstyle. Keeping your sensitivity consistent among all games is crucial to building consistent aim. If you’re coming from a different shooter, use a sensitivity calculator online to calculate the same sensitivity across all titles. This will make the transition to PUBG or other games extremely seamless and easy.
  4. Build Consistency, if you want to improve at PUBG, or at any game in general you’re going to want to build consistency. This means having a consistent setup, consistent settings, and consistency while playing. To improve you must be consistent in your practice. Play a lot, and commit to your settings. You want to build as much muscle memory as quickly as possible, to progress and improve at the game at a quicker rate.
  5. Remember to close doors after opening them, all the doors at the beginning of the game are closed if they’re open. It's most likely that someone has already gone through that area and looted it. If you don’t close the door after you go inside you’re exposing yourself and letting everyone know that you’re in there. Remember to close the doors and leave no trail behind, you don’t want people knowing your position when you don’t know theirs.
  6. Clear the site before taking anything, don’t blindly rush into a building or area and loot. There are bound to be players lurking and hiding around every corner. To make sure you’re safe, clear every area near where you’re looting. This will ensure your safety and will allow you to take loot without hesitation. It’s never fun getting killed while you’re looting, or not checking a corner and getting blasted in the face.
  7. Fight the enemies that can still attack you, if you’ve already downed a bunch of enemies, don’t waste your time putting them down. Downed enemies can only be rescued by living teammates, prioritize those who can still harm you before confirming a kill. This will allow you to save bullets and will allow you to squad wipe more efficiently. This is especially true if you’re playing alone and are limited on ammo.
  8. Master the different scopes, there are a lot of different scopes in PUBG, with some going to an insane 8x. Each scope will feel a little bit different so it’s best to adjust your settings to make each scope as easy to use. Each scope has its pros and cons and should be used differently based on the situation. Furthermore, not every scope can be equipped to every single gun. Figure out what scopes work best for you and master them. They will come in handy in clutch situations.

Tips for PUBG Mobile

PUBG is the mobile version of the game and can be played on various android and ios devices.The tips above can also be applied to PUBG Mobile but here are some specific tips that you canapply in PUBG Mobile.

  1. Change your Controls in PUBG Mobile, create controls that you’ll be able to use efficiently and comfortably. You don’t want to be playing inefficiently on such a small screen, having a balance between controllability and screen is essential to mastering PUBG Mobile. Just like in normal PUBG, you’re going to want to customize your controls and sensitivity to how you want them. Play with a sensitivity that allows you to build in muscle memory, this will enable you to improve your aim giving you an edge against many PUBG Mobile players.
  2. Try and use the Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile, using the gyroscope for some players may be beneficial. The gyroscope may make it easier for some players to aim, allowing them to defeat the enemy more efficiently. Many players in PUBG Mobile are casual players, if you have good aim you’re already a step above most casual players. Try out the gyroscope if you don’t think the standard controls for aiming suit you. It’s a hit or miss with this function but could prove useful for some individuals looking to amp up their gameplay.
  3. Lastly, play a lot, at the end of the day, playing a lot is the only way you’ll improve at PUBG. You’ll be exposed to a plethora of different situations that will help you grow as a PUBG player, learn to adapt and overcome and your skills will increase over time. Just playing the game regularly and consistently is a great way to improve your game sense.

To improve at PUBG, it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort, PUBG may be simple on the outside, but at high levels it’s an intricate game where only time and experience will hone your abilities.By following these 50 PUBG tips, you’ll be able to level up your gameplay. Whether you’re playing on PC or Mobile, these tips may come in handy when you’re facing off against your opponent. PUBG is a volatile game filled with emotions, fun, laughter, and much more. Stay committed and consistent and you’ll improve drastically.