How to easily view your playtime in Genshin Impact on all platforms

Find out how to view your hours played in Genshin Impact on PC, PS, and Android!
How to easily view your playtime in Genshin Impact on all platforms

The open-world co-op manga game from China hit the world by storm in 2020, and it’s still going strong. It’s never too late to start the adventure, and when you enter the world of Teyvat, you are hardly going to leave any time soon! To keep track of the time invested, the game doesn’t offer you in-game tracking solutions like the in-game overlay you can find in our guide on how to show game time in For Honor.This means you have to rely on third-party methods. Since the game is available for PS, Android, iOS, and PC, we provide you with a step-by-step guide for all.

How to view hours played, check game time for Genshin Impact on PC using Epic Games Launcher

Genshin Impact is available for PC with its launcher, but if you want to check how many hours you’ve spent in-game, you should add the game to your Epic Games library. It’s free to play, and you can use your Hoyoverse account to continue the game where you left. Here is how you can check your playtime in Epic Games:

Genshin Impact gametime in Epic Games launcher
  1. Start the Epic Games launcher. It might take a while to be useable because patching takes some time. You may also need to log in if you’ve logged out.
  2. Go to the Library page to see all the games you’ve added to your Epic Games collection.
  3. Select Genshin Impact on the list, and you can view the time you've spent in the game on the right. The “...” icon shows some additional info, like install size (in this case, it only calculates the launcher’s size) and version.
  4. You can also view the playtime by clicking on the "..." icon if the view is set to grid view.

How to view hours played in Genshin Impact on PS4 and PS5

  1. Turn on the console, and wait for it to boot.
  2. Navigate to the upper right corner and press X on your profile picture on the home screen.
  3. From the menu, select Profile and press X.
  4. On your profile page, select Games
  5. Find Genshin Impact on the page, where it shows completion and trophies, along with hours played.

You can use the same approach to check total playtime for other games, such as War Thunder.

How to check playtime for Genshin Impact on Android

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Apps in the Settings menu
  3. Select App info on the next page
  4. Choose Genshin Impact from the applications list.
  5. Select the “Time spent in-app” option. You can find a daily breakdown as a default setting, and there is a weekly breakdown too.

You can view the application’s info which covers the time spent or screen time of the game. On PC, you may need to tackle settings to get the best performance in Genshin Impact. To measure performance, you might find a helpful guide on how to view FPS in Genshin Impact and Ark: Survival Evolved. This game is entertaining, and if you enjoy playing anime-style games, it is one we recommend! 

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