The Vikendi Map Guide [and the best drop locations]

Up until this point throughout PUBG’s run, the community had been treated to luscious tropical jungles, hot desert escapes and isolated Soviet islands. Needless to say, these have been stark contrasts from each other and when a new map was released in December 2018 and January 2019 on console, it’s fair to say that fans were anticipating more of the same. So Bluehole duly delivered on this hype with the new map based in the Adriatic Sea, the Northern Resort of Vikendi.This map would have a snowy climate and is supposedly inspired by the Czechoslovakian country of Slovenia.  It would be the fourth playable map for PUBG and would be the first to come in a 6x6km size. This map’ aim was to deliver a new, fresh environment, rich in backstory while providing gameplay that would offer a middle ground for those that enjoyed the longer games synonymous with the 8x8km maps and those who enjoyed the high octane, fast-paced games of Sanhok.

What is Vikendi's Back Story?

While there is no true narrative around the snowy mountains and warm coastlines of Vikendi, it is clear that this area was rich in culture before the place was abandoned. This area was clearly a tourist destination for many with a plethora of attractions and interesting landmarks that make this map as fun to explore as to play. Take the Cosmodrome as a prime example.This area showcases one of the tallest structures on the map in the form of a massive rocket. Then additionally, the area plays host to a series of hangars, space shuttles and control centres. It’s an eerie location that will leave the player scratching their head as to why the space programme never took off, quite literally. Perhaps it is the bad omen of Vikendi, everything dies here, even dreams.The map also has some other outstanding attractions such as Dino Park, a Jurassic theme park which is adorned with various life-size dinosaur replicas. Then you have the Winery, which showcases the upper-class lifestyle that you could comfortably live as a resident of Vikendi. Or perhaps history is more your game, in which case, the castle is bound to excite you. Due to this area being inspired by Czechoslovakia, it’s understandable that there would be a reference to Bohemia and the rich history of this empire. Overall, this map is perhaps the most mysterious in terms of why it’s residents have up and left but in regards to speculation, this map gives the player a lot to go off.

How Was Vikendi Received?

At the time of release, this map was widely considered to be the best map on offer by a long way. This was due to the map taking all the great aspects from the previous maps and combining them to create a perfect hybrid. This map used a size that would accommodate the aggressive, fast-paced gameplay of Sanhok but still leave enough room for the methodical, calculated playstyle that players of Miramar or Erangel enjoyed.On top of this, the map would also include new aspects that made it a joy to play such as unique new snowmobiles or visual aspects such as footprints in the snow that allowed you to track players. Not to mention the camouflage capabilities of the white ghillie suit that made players almost impossible to see in some areas. The only real negative for this map is the drop in FPS that you are likely to see. However, even at a janky 50fps, this map can still be a fun option.

Map Overview

As mentioned, this map would opt for a middle ground between the large and small maps already on offer, settling on a 6x6km radius. In terms of the layout of the map, the island would be split into two halves which would be separated vertically through the map by a river. Then towards the south of the map on the river, there is a small island that plays host to the castle, one of the larger landmarks on the island. There are six ways to cross between the two larger island areas and three entry points to the castle island.The map has a number of densely populated areas to explore with a total of four major cities and eleven named minor cities, towns or villages. Then additionally, the map has eleven major landmarks of interest too, including Mount Kreznic which serves as an indicator to the player of just how much vertically there is on this map. There is a variety of open spaces and densely populated areas, vantage points and structures to make your fortress for the end game and a range of areas that encourage long-range and close-quarters combat through their design. In short, this map aims to have something for everyone and does so with aplomb.

Where to Drop in Vikendi?

Thanks to this map’s all-encompassing approach, it means that getting a drop zone that suits your style is more important than ever. You’ll have a wide range of play styles to contend with so getting ahead of the pack and sorting out your loot quickly is always the best option. Vikendi keeps the trend of varied and interesting locations alive and provides a wide selection to choose from, each with their own benefits and pitfalls. So it can be quite overwhelming choosing your ideal drop in this icy playground.Well, that’s where we come in. We have done our homework and worked out what each drop zone has to offer so you don’t have to. All you have to do is find the area that suits your approach best and reap the fruits of our labour. So here is an extensive rundown on the best drop zones on Vikendi in PUBG.


We begin in one of the major cities of Vikendi, Goroka. This city is much like any of the larger residential areas on any of the other maps. You’ll have a wealth of high-quality loot at your disposal, more than enough to kit out your squad for the entire game. However, this will come with the challenge of several other likeminded players or squads looking to spoil your party. Especially with this area being fairly central, meaning that you’re unlikely to fall outside the safe zone if you land here.This drop location also offers a level of verticality that is synonymous with this mountainous map. Landing on the north side of town will give players a vantage point to pick off anyone in the areas down below. The only issue is that once you’re down picking this place for loot, you will have to exit the city via the frozen lake. It’s an area that leaves you very exposed so be sure to cross this area in double-quick time and scout ahead.


Cosmodrome is arguably one of the most interesting map locations in the entire game. This plays host to an enormous rocket, a variety of hangers, control stations and a multitude of underground pathways. While the outdoor areas to have some good loot, the area is very exposed, so you may want to stick to the indoor areas and navigate via the tunnel system. These areas tend to have enough loot to kit out a squad on their own regardless.Getting out of this area alive can be the hard part though. It’s an open area on the outside which can have danger waiting around every corner. Plus, the underground areas can lead to some very intense shootouts if you meet another squad in the middle of these narrow sections. With this area being such a popular spot we advise caution and good time management if the circle doesn’t fall your way.


Now we have one of the more upper-class locations on the map, the winery. Whether you’re on the hunt for some fine grapes or some fine loot, it seems that both are in abundance in this area of the map. The bulk of the goof loot will be found in. The wine cellars under the shed structures. It can be tricky to get in and out of these areas when there is company lurking around. So we advise you to exercise caution, check around each corner and try to get out with your gear as fast as you can.The good news about this area is that many players will avoid it due to its southern location and it’s close proximity to Pilnec. However, this can lead to its own problems as players may loot up in Pilnec and make their way to you for some easy kills depending on how lucky your loot spawns have been. So get in, get your loot and get prepared for them.


If you’re in the market for a drop zone that lets you like out your Bohemian fantasy but with guns instead of swords, then the castle is just the ticket. This area offers everything the name implies, a drawbridge, a moat, a courtyard and all the loot you could want that is fit for a king or a Queen. The only problem is that everyone wants to be king or queen and heavy is the head that wears the crown.You’ll have to battle off a cavalcade of players aiming to make the castle their own and due to the tiny space you’re working with, you’ll encounter a lot of players fast. So the main goal is to get a weapon of any description and stay alive by any means necessary. There isn’t really any way to hide or to sneak away, so you best be good at combat, otherwise, it’ll be a short game for you.If you manage to clear this place out and live to tell the tale, you can take advantage of this area’s natural height and scout a safe, clear path to exit. Also, be sure not to hang around here too long. Leaving this area can take quite a while and leaves you very exposed, not to mention that the circle can really screw up a good run for you in the castle if you don’t keep an eye on it. In short, the castle is a good place for loot and testing your close-quarters combat skills but not something we would advise unless you’re an experienced player.

Lumber Yard

If you’re looking for something that is a little more safe and secluded, then you should consider the Lumber Yard. This area features a number of spaced out buildings, some loot spawns littered on the ground in the outdoor areas and a number of other small buildings in the areas surrounding it. Oh, and a tonne of wood that’s ripe for chopping.You’ll struggle to kit out more than yourself in this area with duos being an absolute maximum for this area. So if you’re playing squads we would urge you to think bigger. However, when playing solo especially, this can be an area that can set you up nicely for the rest of the game with a bit of good fortune. You may have the occasional individual with the same idea join you so just be sure to stay hidden and avoid standing in exposed areas as this area is quite open.Also, if you’re unlikely enough to get a western safe zone, be ready to make a move fast. You’ll need to not only travel the length of the map, but you’ll also have to consider walking further to avoid crossing through the castle choke point. If it’s a risk your willing to take then more power to you but we would suggest you take a wide route and allocate more time to get there.


If the lumber yard wasn’t for you, perhaps the villa will be more your speed. This area includes a large main area, a few surrounding sheds and a garage that will usually have a vehicle meaning that the circle is the least of your concerns when looting. Although, due to the villas central location, it usually won’t be a cause for worry without a vehicle either. The loot itself is also pretty generous as well, with a variety of weapon spawns, attachments and solid armour.This area isn’t too closely contested due to the amount of loot on offer being able to kit out players for a solo game or a duo game at a push but in these game modes, this area can give you just enough to get going and a vehicle to get to the next location fast.

Hot Springs

This drop zone is pretty interchangeable with the near location of Cantra as each offers a lot of the same perks. However this area gives you a slightly better starting position with more flexibility on your next move, whether that be to go towards Cantra or plan an assault on the Castle. The loot in this area is enough to comfortably stock a solo or duo run and if rationed very carefully, a squad run too. Though we would personally argue against the latter and urge you to go elsewhere.The area isn’t too popular so you could easily get the run of the place. It includes a number of cabins, and a handful of larger buildings but other than that, it is a pretty open space so if you do have company get yourself indoors and plan the best method of attack.

Dino Park

This one can be quite a hard sell, primarily due to the open nature of the area and the mid tier loot that’s on offer. However, the sheer size of the area pretty much guarantees that the whole squad will walk away with a good amount of good to carry them to the next point of interest. Plus, the area is far from the most popular of the major landmarks on the map, so despite the exposed layout, you should be safe enough to move around the park.Then there is the added bonus that this place is arguably the most visually appealing of all the attractions on the island. We know that this is hardly a reason to land here but you can’t dispute that dinosaurs are cool. Plus the area is relatively central, so you should have plenty of time to take in the sights.

Our Top Drop For Vikendi

Of all the maps that PUBG have to offer, this one provides some of the best locations that the series has to offer. There is the carnage of Castle, the aesthetically pleasing nature of Dino Park and a wide variety of more quiet drops nestled in and around the mountains. It means that we have had a hard time selecting just one location as our pick of the bunch.Obviously, this is a matter of preference and there is no one location that is better than another. One person’s ideal drop may be another players nightmare start, so if you don’t agree with our choice, we won’t hold it against you. However, if you were to twist our arm and make us choose a favourite, we would have to say, Hot Springs.We say this due to the flexibility that this one provides. You can play solos, duos and squads at a push and get enough to get going. You’re never too far away from the centre of the map. You can also attack the castle if you’re so inclined or wage war on anyone who decided to take up residence in Cantra. Plus the loot on offer is of a high standard as well. In short, it’s a quiet spot with good gear and a great place to begin your quest for a chicken dinner.

How to play Vikendi In PUBG

Vikendi is such a change from all the other maps on offer. Yet, due to its choice to use all the best aspects of previous maps, it also seems strangely familiar as well. There is a need for a range of combat skills, a need for great communication and teamwork in squads and a need for both fast, aggressive play and calm, methodical approaches depending on the situation. It’s a map that challenges the player by throwing everything that they’ve encountered within PUBG at them in one map.For this reason, you may be wondering what way is best to apply yourself and keep yourself alive when you arrive at your preferred drop zone. Well, there are a number of map-specific tactics that you can use to make sure you leave this icy playground with a steaming chicken dinner. So here are a few helpful tips when playing Vikendi in PUBG.

As white as a sheet

In this map, one aspect immediately stands out and that is the terrain. The snowy landscape offers a series of new tactical advantages for players that are willing to use them. One of which is the ability to use this white coverage as a form of camouflage. When equipped with a while ghillie suit, it is almost impossible to see the player, especially from a distance. Which translates to great opportunities to set up from distance and pick off players from range with little chance of return fire.That’s not the only benefit the snow provides, however. Thanks to the footprints that enemy players leave in the snow, it means that you can track players by following markings in the snow. Plus, if the battle gets a bit more close between you and the enemy, the crunching sound of the snow can be vital to assess where your opponent is and what direction they are moving in. This terrain can prove a real asset to you if used correctly but remember, this is also true for the enemy so cover your tracks where possible and step lightly.

Don’t Doddle

Due to this map being bigger than the action-heavy Sanhok, there may be a temptation to bide your time, loot every single nook and cranny and let the game unfold around you before you assert yourself. This can be a good idea in select cases but for the most part, you need to be decisive and move fast on Vikendi.This is due to a circle and timer that close in faster and count down quicker, respectively. So time management is key to making it on this map. So key things to consider is your position in relation to the safe zone, whether you have access to a vehicle and also, if you need to cross choke points and if you. Can avoid them. Assessing this early on will aid you when the end game comes.

Look up

This map is rather like Miramar is one way and that is the open spaces and vertically. Due to this, there will be a multitude of players that opt for a raised position in which to snipe. So if you find yourself in an exposed area, be sure that you have scouted ahead accordingly and use any cover that becomes available if things turn sour.Also, when navigating the open spaces and choosing to climb into the mountains, be sure to come at these areas from the least taken paths to ensure you aren’t walking into danger. The tracks in the snow should help with this.

The ultimate hybrid

Vikendi is a map that takes everything great about everything that came before it, uses it to its advantage and then adds more impressive unique assets to bring it to a whole new level. It’s easy to see why this is a favourite of many players in the community. It’s a map that supports all play styles through its diverse and accommodating design. The areas on offer are fantastically designed, the terrain offers a new tactical consideration and the new vehicles are a nice touch as well.If you’re a player that couldn’t quite get their head around the long-winded and methodical style of the large maps but also couldn’t tolerate the mindless, the all-action intensity of Sanhok, then this map is the ideal choice for you. So be sure to put on a few layers and brave the cold. You just might like it.