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The Weekly Treasure Limit in Genshin Impact

Feel like Genshin Impact does not reward you enough? Check out weekly-limited bounties guarded by the hardest enemies you'll face in Genshin Impact!
The Weekly Treasure Limit in Genshin Impact

As you unfold your adventures in the land of Teyvat, you might encounter a couple of powerful creatures and people. Lucky for you, Genshin Impact immortalizes these fun battles as Weekly Bosses for you to test your skills, and if you can clear them, the game rewards you generously!

Despite being permanent in the game, you might notice that the Weekly Bosses domains have "Weekly Treasure Limit" written on them. If you're wondering what exactly that is, let's find out!

What is the Weekly Treasure Limit in Genshin Impact?

The Weekly Treasure Limit is the reward restriction that players have for clearing the Weekly Bosses. As of now, you can clear up to six Weekly Bosses a week.

Weekly Treasure Claim Limit

To obtain all the weekly rewards from the week-exclusive bosses, you will need a total of 270 resin (3 x 30 resin from the discount gives us 90 resin, and the remaining three can be collected for 60 resin each. This gives us 90 + 180, totaling 270 resin). Also, note that free primogems are hard to come by as a Genshin player, so allocating enough time to clear the Weekly Bosses is optimal.

Players are limited to receiving 1 weekly reward from each Weekly Boss. However, Genshin Impact offers a 50% resin discount to claim rewards from the first three bosses we defeat. With this, you can choose to spend your precious resin on domains you need materials from.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to extend the Weekly Treasure Limit, so players will have to wait for a week to claim the same kind of rewards. Therefore, you should remember to clear the Weekly Bosses before the usual week reset!

What are the Weekly Treasure Rewards?

Most players, like you, who are keen on claiming Weekly Treasure rewards are most likely looking for three of the exclusive drops, which are:

  1. Weekly Boss Character Ascension Materials - These materials are required to increase your characters' talent levels (to make them stronger.)
  2. Dream Solvents - Dream solvents are used to convert a Weekly Boss Character Ascension Material drop from one type to another.
  3. Weapon Billets - Only Weekly Bosses occasionally drop weapon billets, which are used to craft specific weapons for your characters to use.
Trounce Bounty Reward Claim with Limit Reached in Andrius Genshin

These rewards contribute quite significantly when you are building your teams. Since you only have 3 chances to claim the rewards from the Weekly Bosses, it is crucial that you consider the bosses you want to clear out for the week.

Where Can I Find the Weekly Bosses?

Weekly Boss domains can be found around where you first faced them during the main story quest. Look at the pictures below for reference on their respective locations!

Andrius and Dvalin Locations
Azhdaha and Childe Locations
La Signora and Mikoto Locations
  1. Dvalin in Stormterror's Lair, Mondstadt
  2. Andrius in Wolvendom, Mondstadt
  3. Azhdaha in Nantianmen, Liyue
  4. Childe in Golden House, Liyue
  5. Mikoto in Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma
  6. La Signora in Tenshukaku, Inazuma

These bosses should not be mistaken for Normal, Overworld Bosses, which you can find them in specific open places on the map. Weekly Bosses can only be encountered inside domains, unlike Normal Bosses where you just need to walk close enough to initiate a battle.

Do I need to prepare anything for the Weekly Boss Fight?

You will need to understand some special fight mechanisms that are unique to each Weekly Boss. By understanding your enemy, you can save time and effort by using the best strategy possible. It is always advised to be a character that can provide a strong shield, as well as a powerful DPS to finish the battle quicker.

If you lack a shielder, perhaps it will be better to also put a healer in your team. Also, do not forget to stock up on food so you can feed your characters in battle in case of an emergency.

Especially for lower leveled adventurers who may not have a well-built team yet, watching Youtube guides or streamer videos that provide insight and details on Weekly Boss fights can help significantly.

Zhongli and Azhdaha Genshin

So, if you still have not collected this week's Weekly Boss rewards, what are you waiting for? Challenge the domains and claim those precious bounties! Also, if you're looking for other challenges in Genshin Impact, make sure to check out these fun PvE and PvP content that Genshin Impact has to offer!

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