What does DPS mean in Genshin Impact?

It's always challenging to build a good team in Genshin Impact, and that's why we'll explain to you everything you need to know about the DPS role in the game.
What does DPS mean in Genshin Impact?

Every action RPG tends to classify its characters by giving them a specific class or role, and Genshin Impact is no different. Based on their unique skills, the characters in Genshin are classified as one of three distinctive classes: Main DPS, Sub DPS, and Utility. 

In this article, we'll be explaining only the role of the first two classes of the list.

What are the DPS Characters in Genshin Impact?

The acronym DPS stands for Damage Per Second, so basically, DPS is the amount of damage (how to see the highest damage) something gives every second (don’t confuse it with FPS in Genshin Impact). In general, the DPS characters can also be called Damage Dealers, and the role they take is to deal damage to the enemy. 

The best Damage Dealers are the ones that can give more damage in the least amount of time, but on Genshin Impact, you can't just rely on the character's solo damage. Having a good team composition is the most important thing when looking to increase your overall damage.

The Difference Between Main DPS and Sub DPS.

There are two kinds of DPS characters in Genshin Impact. 

First, the Main DPS characters are the ones that deal more damage, filling the rotation with normal or charged attacks. 

The Sub DPS characters are the ones that assist the Main DPS, using crowd control skills and elemental reactions. When planning your team composition, remember to pick a Main DPS that has a good synergy with its Sub DPS to improve your team's overall maximum damage. 

For example, if you choose Ganyu as the Main DPS of your team, then Xiangling would be a great option for Sub DPS. With these two in your team composition, you can easily trigger the Melt elemental reaction giving extra damage from both Pyro and Cryo attacks. Pyro is the element of Xiangling's attacks, and Cryo is the element of Ganyu's attacks.

Now that you know the basics of the DPS role in Genshin Impact, you can try out new team compositions with different Subs and Main DPS characters. If you keep in mind the synergy between the characters of your team, there's no way you can end up with a weak team composition.

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