What Does Zerg Mean in Rust

Let's see what the word Zerg means, which we hear in many online games, including Rust.
What Does Zerg Mean in Rust

Zerg is a gaming term used in many multiplayer strategy games, and first-person shooters,  including Rust. The meaning of the word "Zerg" is to try to defeat the enemy with overwhelming player superiority rather than tactics and strategy. This is not done with tactical skill, but rather by getting groups of players so large that they don't even know each other.

These groups to achieve victory in Rust, are usually so large that they literally don't even know about each other, and if you're lucky, you can even blend in without them noticing.

How Word "Zerg" Originated?

The term zerg is derived from a playable alien race in "Starcraft." In the game, the Zerg focused on weak enemy units and swarmed them with numerical superiority to kill them. Zerg entered the gaming terminology when players began referring to other players who used a Zerg-like strategy in other games.

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