What can you do after the Story Quests in Genshin Impact?

There’s still a lot to do after you’re done with story quests. Here’s some best late-game activities that never go out of style and are fun.
What can you do after the Story Quests in Genshin Impact?

When Genshin Impact came out as a free to play RPG in 2020, it released with a pretty basic storyline; travel the world of Teyvat and find your sibling. Now after countless updates, numerous archon and story quests, and a total of 4 main regions, Genshin Impact has made little headway into the main story.

It has been cryptic and disjointed when telling the tale of Khaenri'ah and how that relates to your sibling being missing. That has led a lot of players feeling a little lost after they have done the story quests that are available to them. You'll be happy to learn then that there is still a plethora of things to do in Genshin Impact.


Abyssal Moon Spire

The Spiral Abyss is THE go-to late game activity because it can actually be a challenge and it rewards you with a bunch of Primogems. The first time that you challenge the Spiral Abyss you will face 12 levels of pure combat but the first 8 levels can only be completed once per account. Levels 9-12, on the other hand, reset after every 2 weeks; on the first and sixteenth of every month specifically.

This system allows players to get up to 600 Primogems every two weeks, if they are able to master floors 9-12 every time. The Spiral Abyss has changing modifiers that can either help or hinder you so having many built characters is a great blessing if you want to go for max Primogems every time.

One very crucial fact about the Spiral Abyss is that it is not dependent on your world level. Only the overworld scales to your world level, the difficulty of the Spiral Abyss is fixed and you cannot use consumables inside therefore building characters well is an absolute necessity. It also means that you will have to have characters of various elements in your party because of the way elemental reactions work in the game.

The Abyssal Moon Spire is undoubtedly the hardest activity that you can do after story quests so you will need to do a lot of overworld stuff in order to beat the 4 extra floors every fortnight.


Character Building

Building up characters is not something many people consider when exploring the overworld because of the option of lowering your world level but it should be part of the regimen that all late-game players follow.

Using up your resin everyday should be a priority and the best way to do that is by building up characters as there are so many facets through which they can be improved. Grinding for artifacts, ascension materials, talent level-up materials, and weapon ascension materials will take more resin than you think.

Personally we feel that grinding for the best artifacts is better reserved for when the character is at least semi-built with a good weapon, medium talent levels, and a high level. Artifacts are a lottery so it doesn't really make sense to spend a large amount of resin when you're going to get so little in return. That does not mean that you shouldn't get artifacts, just that you should initially try to settle for good artifacts rather than grinding for that one in a thousand artifact. Knowing which artifacts to keep can be a daunting task but with enough experience you can easily distinguish which to keep.

There are plenty of 4-star characters that deserve to be built and can be an incredible addition to your team like Bennet, Sucrose, and Xingqiu. You don't have to follow the meta either because building up your favorite characters is a joy in and of itself, so building people like Barbara, Razor, or Yanfei can be a rewarding experience as you get to see what they can really do once they are built properly.

Using up resin also advances your adventure rank so make sure to use it completely every single day because you never know which story quest will be locked behind a higher adventure rank.


Hangout Events

Hangout events are great for players that have completed all story quests as unlocking hangout events requires a story key. Using a story key for a small event may seem like a big deal but if you're done with every story quest then there is no use saving them. There is also the fact that you get a key every 2 days if you do commissions daily so you should unlock the hangout events even if you don't play them immediately.

Hangout events often get overlooked as they can be a little tedious to fully complete but the rewards for doing everything are great as you get Primogems for getting the various endings and there are at least 2 achievements tied to every hangout event so that means even more Primogems.

One major way that hangout events differ from story quests is how they are played. All hangout events have multiple endings which you can replay them whenever you want,

Hangout events also reward you with Adventure EXP which gives you a very easy way to progress your adventure ranks without spending resin. They can also be really fun as Gorou's hangout event is easily one of the best ones in the game.


Exploration and Reputation

Genshin Impact, at its very core, is a game about exploration and discovery. A lot of what you do is tied to exploring new areas and finding what secrets they hold. One thing a lot of players like to do is to reach 100% for exploration in every area. That is a tall order as missing a few important chests can make that impossible and not every area is as fun to explore (looking at you Enkonimya).

A simple but efficient way to explore new areas is to do it in chunks so that you can move area to area without missing much. Marking points of interest or stuff that you can't do just yet is also advisable as it is easier to come back to marked spots than it is to remember where you're missing that one chest.

Exploration also plays into reputation as it is the best way to unlock bounties and favors in each region. You need to be at least reputation level 2 in order to unlock those and story quests will only get you so far in terms of reputation. Grinding out reputation levels as fast as possible is a good habit to have as the rewards for the various reputation levels are extremely useful and can help make the game a lot easier.


Secret Achievements and Hidden Quests

One thing that Genshin Impact does better than many AAA games is the way it handles secrets. The game rewards players' efforts of figuring stuff out and involving themselves in the game world. There are at least a 100 achievements that are secret which means that you'll only see them once you unlock them. These achievements can include burning a dish while cooking, reaching the highest point in Teyvat, and there's even one that involves the audio settings of the game.

The same goes for quests. Genshin Impact has a ton of hidden quests which aren't always obvious and require you to really examine the areas you're exploring closely. For example, The Narukami Trail requires you to complete a series of world quests and commissions and requires at least 2 weeks to fully complete if you get lucky.

There are numerous quests like that one hidden throughout the game and are a joy to find by yourself so there is always something to do in Genshin Impact, you just haven't found it yet.

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