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What to Do At Night Time in Rust [Rust Guide]

Spending time at night in Rust can sometimes be boring and difficult, in this article we will talk about how you can spend this time in a good way.
What to Do At Night Time in Rust [Rust Guide]

Mass Craft Your Most Needed Items at Night in Rust

There are many ways to spend your time in Rust at night. You can be productive or have fun at night times in Rust. The best night activity in Rust is mass crafting. In Rust, in the mid-game and late-game, we usually need the Medical Syringe the most. This item is constantly consumed and runs out quickly. You can spend your nights crafting Medical Syringes, gear sets, weapons, and walls to get cover. Or you can craft gunpowder and bullets for raid preparations as much as 1-2 chests or as your materials allow.

That's the best Rust tip I can give for night-time. At night, you can queue up crafts in your base and eat and watch videos on Youtube while you wait for the morning. This way, you won't waste time in the morning waiting for time-consuming things like crafting bullets, and medical syringes. This way you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Organize Your Chests at Night in Rust

Another best Rust tip for the night times is organizing your chests. As you progress in Rust, your resources and weapons will increase at the same rate. It is very important to organize these items well so that they only have their own chests. For example, let's say you have 5 chests in the core of your base. You can dedicate one of your chests only for medical syringes, another chest only for metal or sulfur ore, another chest for your best weapons in Rust, one chest for components, and lastly another chest for the best armor combinations in Rust.

Organizing your chests in this way at night and collecting the same type of items in one chest and close to each other. You will save time and make your base stronger against raids. In Rust, when you are going to roam with your team, looking for an item you need in mixed chests is like death. Having your chests organized will allow you to find the item you are looking for faster. And also, allow you to defend your base against a possible raid.

At the same time, you can see much more easily how many resources you really have left. Organizing your chests at night in Rust is another efficient way of spending the night.

Expand Your Base at Night in Rust

Most Rust teams have a dedicated builder that only builds the base every wipe time. In some small teams, there may be one person who builds the base, but this person may not only want to build the base. He may want to roam and PvP or even farm.

For the builders in small teams, in such cases, you can continue the rest of the base at night after finishing the most important parts so that your team is not victimized such as being defeated by number superiority. In this way, you can enjoy the game even more. But to make sure you don't get the base wrong in dark. Ask one of your friends to hold a Torch for you, or use items like the Candle Hat, Miner Hat, or Night Vision to see at night.

Once the important parts of your base are done. You can continue to add things like upper floors, bedrooms, external TCs, and the compound at night.

Massive Recycle Run at Night in Rust

Especially if you are playing on a crowded server and it is the first day of the wipe, it is very likely that the server will be overflowing. In this case, recycling runs can be quite scary. When you find yourself in the middle of a situation like this, you can perform your recycling runs with your team at night.

The most useful point of recycling your best recycle items in Rust at night is that many other players will be AFK while you doing it. Thus, you can perform a recycling run a little more comfortably and safely than in the morning.

If you want to see other players and your surroundings more clearly in pitch black, you can buy Night Vision from Bandit Camp. There is one small thing to be aware of with Night Vision, which is that when Night Vision is activated, it starts to make a small buzzing sound.

It's not something to get too hung up on, in fact, I'd say you need to have played the game a lot to notice it. Keep in mind that if another player approaches you in the pitch dark without realizing it, they can hear the Night Vision sound. You can also refill the Night Vision from the Workbench when it runs out, just like the Diving Tank and Jackhammer.

Do Monument Puzzle at Night in Rust

As we mentioned before in Rust, most players are AFK at night. They would probably watch videos on youtube until the morning or spend their time in their base. You can turn this to your advantage.

While everyone is AFK in their bases, you can prepare with your team and go to the best loot monuments in Rust before everyone else. Such as Launch Side, and Train Yard. After looting and doing puzzles, a few people can go back to the base with the items while others can try to ambush the group that will arrive in the morning at the monument.

Play with Arcade Machine at Night in Rust

The Arcade Machine is an extra way to spend your night having fun in Rust. This is a craftable item and as the name indicates, you can play an arcade game on this machine.

At the same time, we can see the scores of other players using Arcade Machines on the server. You can try to beat each other. The Arcade Machine is not a purchasable item on the Steam Item Marketplace. Arcade Machine can be crafted to 10 HQ and 2 Gears.

How to Get a Chippy Arcade Machine?

  1. Buy Chippy game on Steam.
  2. Hop-on Rust and craft Chippy Arcade Game Machine

Beware that if you refund the game, your Arcade Machine will be gone and it won't come back even if you buy the game again.

There's a lot you can do during the night on Rust, but if you're out of ideas, you can check out a Rust-themed gambling site, Bandit Camp, and try your luck on casino games. Just know that gambling might not be the smartest way to spend your free time, and be sure to gamble responsibly.

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