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What is Charcoal Used for and How to Get It in Rust [Fastest Methods]

Let's find out what we do with charcoal in Rust and how we can get them the fastest way.
What is Charcoal Used for and How to Get It in Rust [Fastest Methods]

Charcoal is used for crafting gunpowder in Rust. Gunpowder is one of the most important resources of the game and with this resource you can perform most PvP elements in the game. In Rust, you need to have plenty of gunpowder to make bullets for your best weapons and raid your neighbors to destroy their walls. For crafting gunpowder you need Sulfur Ore and Wood. Sulfur Ore melts in furnaces to become Sulfur and when combined with Charcoal, Gunpowder is obtained.

Coal is one of the easiest resources to obtain in Rust, but it is often thrown away as junk. But in the later stages of the game, your team may be severely lacking in coal. In short, it is one of the resources you will need the most in the long run.

Fastest Way to Get Charcoal in Rust

As you know, Rust is obtained by burning Charcoal wood. Small Furnace, Large Furnace, Camp Fire, and Barbecues convert wood to Charcoal. Towards the end of the game, you will need plenty of Charcoal to raid as your Charcoal will be extremely low. Now let's see how to get Charcoal in the fastest way.

Camp Fire16 Minute 49 Second100 Wood = 78 Charcoal
Furnace3 Minute 21 Second100 Wood = 78 Charcoal
Large Furnace3 Minute 23 Second100 Wood = 78 Charcoal

Don't use Barbeques to get charcoal unless you want it to take way longer than it needs to. Barbeque takes 2 hours to turn 1000 Wood into Charcoal and both furnaces only take half an hour.

When you are in dire need of Charcoal, the best move you can make is to gather a lot of wood and put new Furnaces and Camp Fires wherever you can fit them in your base and compound. Then put wood in all the burning deployable in your base and start turning them into charcoal. While doing this, remember that the Small Furnace turns Wood into Charcoal the fastest.

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