Where and How to Get Brilliant Diamond Sliver in Genshin Impact Quickly?

Find out everything You need to know about where and how to get Brilliant Diamond Sliver and more for your Traveler!
Where and How to Get Brilliant Diamond Sliver in Genshin Impact Quickly?

The exciting adventure of Genshin Impact begins in Teyvat, with players, who are known as the Traveler, explore this world in search of their long lost sibling. Players will have the choice of playing either sibling - Aether or Lumine - so it's up to players which gender is preferred!

What are Brilliant Diamond Slivers Used for?

Surely, as players progress, their characters will have to get stronger! However, since the Traveler is a very unique character in Genshin Impact, the Traveler requires special character ascension materials that no other character in the game uses, which is the brilliant diamond stones.

To level up and ascend the Traveler, regardless of gender, to level 90 (which is the level cap), you will need the following valuable stones in game:

  • 1 Brilliant Diamond Sliver (not Brilliant Diamond Silver)

  • 9 Brilliant Diamond Fragment

  • 9 Brilliant Diamond Chunk

  • 6 Brilliant Diamond Gemstone

The items above are exclusive and unique, but no Genesis Crystals price can buy these items. These ascension materials are all free, you just have to play and progress in Genshin Impact to get them. Now, let's see how we can get the items!

Where to Get Brilliant Diamond Slivers and More?

For all the players who are wondering how to get Brilliant Diamond Slivers and more, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Adventurer's Guild's Katheryne and talk to her.

  2. There should be a few options on the screen. Click on Claim Adventure Rank Rewards.

  3. Click on Claim Rewards!

Players simply acquire all the rewards directly. Once you click on Claim Rewards, all the items automatically enter the player's inventory.

How to Raise Adventure Rank Faster?

To level up your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact, you need Adventure Rank XP. There are a few steps that you can take in order for you to accelerate and get those Brilliant Diamond Stones for your Traveler!

  1. Check if you have any Story Quests (Archon Quests) or Side Quests. If you have any, finish them as these give you a lot of Adventure Rank XP!

  2. Check your map for any Domains you have not finished. Domains provide quite a lot of Adventure Rank XP if you are missing some.

  3. Claim the Daily Commission Reward everyday! Not only does this give you a good amount of Adventure Rank XP, but it gives you free primogems as well!

How to Get Brilliant Diamond Slivers?

Brilliant Diamond Slivers are the first ascension materials needed for one to ascend and level up their Traveler from level 20 to 40. Players receive the Brilliant Diamond Sliver from Katheryne of the Adventurer's Guild. However to obtain this reward from the Adventurer's Guild, players must reach Adventure Rank 15 to obtain it.

Players will only obtain 1 Brilliant Diamond Sliver as the Traveler only has a single brilliant diamond sliver required for ascending, so don't be surprised!

For most players, the closest Brilliant Diamond Sliver location would be in Mondstadt, as that is the closest region that players will be located when they reach Adventure Rank 15. However, Brilliant Diamond Slivers and the other advanced Brilliant Diamond ascension materials can be obtained from any region's Adventurers Guild, so do not worry!

How to Get Brilliant Diamond Fragments?

In order for players to ascend and level up their traveler from level 40 to 50, and later 50 to 60, they will have to reach Adventure Rank 30. The Brilliant Diamond Fragment reward for leveling up the Adventure Rank has been split in the following manner:

  • Adventure Rank 25 - 3 Brilliant Diamond Fragments (ascend from level 40 to 50)

  • Adventure Rank 26 - 2 Brilliant Diamond Fragments

  • Adventure Rank 28 - 2 Brilliant Diamond Fragments

  • Adventure Rank 30 - 2 Brilliant Diamond Fragments (ascend from level 50 to 60)

Most players would find themselves exploring the Liyue region by the time they reach Adventure Rank 30 - but if you're still in Mondstadt, or already in further regions ahead, that is perfectly fine! Play the game at your own pace!

By this point in the game, players should have collected enough character level up material and ascension materials to upgrade the certain characters they already have in their teams! If you yourself have not, check out the Genshin Impact Wiki for more details on how to upgrade characters!

How to Get Brilliant Diamond Chunks

Similar to how we receive Brilliant Diamond Fragments, all the Brilliant Diamond Fragments required to ascend your Traveler from levels 60 to 70, and 70 to 80 are split into a few checkpoints by the Adventurer's Guild, which are:

  • Adventure Rank 35 - 3 Brilliant Diamond Chunks (ascend from level 60 to 70)

  • Adventure Rank 38 - 3 Brilliant Diamond Chunks

  • Adventure Rank 40 - 3 Brilliant Diamond Chunks (ascend from level 70 to 80)

Players should be fairly familiar with Genshin Impact by now. It won't be surprising if many players at this point of the game have all the hottest characters that everyone's talking about. With enough levels, your characters should be more than enough to clear events for rewards and other items, such as talent books and furniture for the Serenitea Teapot System.

How to Get Brilliant Diamond Gemstones

The final set of ascension materials needed to upgrade the Traveler from level 80 to 90! All the players who have reached Adventure Rank 45 can claim all the required Brilliant Diamond Gemstones needed, make sure to claim them at these specific milestones at the Adventurer's Guild from Katheryne.

  • Adventure Rank 41 - 2 Brilliant Diamond Gemstones

  • Adventure Rank 42 - 2 Brilliant Diamond Gemstones

  • Adventure Rank 45 - 2 Brilliant Diamond Gemstones (ascend from level 80 to 90)

At this point of the game, players realize that the hardest items to obtain in Genshin Impact are Mora, Character Level Up Materials and of course the almighty Primogems (take a look at how you can get free Primogems here!).

We hope that you can start upgrading your Traveler, and continue adventuring in the world of Teyvat! While still progressing throughout the game, make sure to enjoy every single bit of it! If you are wondering how to take pictures of your favorite sceneries, check out how to screenshot or record your Genshim Impact gameplay!

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