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World Of Tanks 2022 Review [Is it still worth it?]

Is World of Tanks still worth it in 2022? Look into our WoT review to find that out!

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
World Of Tanks 2022 Review [Is it still worth it?]

World of Tanks was founded by Wargaming, creators of the well-known Massive Assault saga. For over a decade, we've gotten as many as 7 game releases for the WoT franchise, including console, mobile, and card games. And how is this game doing today? Let's look at some numbers to find that out!

How Many Active Players Does WoT Have?

After its launch in 2010, the game quickly gained a total of one million players. As of now, World of Tanks boasts a large number of over 160 million registered users. However, the active part is only 600 thousand, which may not be a bad result, but still, it is an enormous disproportion.

how many active players world of tanks

Moreover, many WoT players are users of offer wall websites such as Freecash or Idle-Empire who create new accounts purely for profit. Honestly, it seems that if it weren't for these offer wall websites, the game would be much less popular and would lose out to competitors like War Thunder.

Main Game Mode

In almost every game of World of Tanks, victory is achieved by destroying all enemy vehicles. The most common game mode is called Random Battle. In this mode, a team of 15 tanks will embark on three types of randomly chosen missions against another team, alternating between Standard Battle, Assault, Grand Battle, and Encounter.

  • Standard Battle – Team that kills all the enemies or captures their base within 15 minutes wins.
  • Assault – One team must either capture the enemy's base or destroy their vehicles within 10 minutes, while the other must survive during this time.
  • Encounter – One of two teams needs to capture a neutral base or destroy all enemy tanks. If none of this happens before the time runs out, the game ends with a draw. 
  • Grand Battle – 30 players on each team fight each other. This mode is exclusive for Tier 10 Tanks only (check out the best Tier 10 tanks in WoT here).
World of Tanks Grand Battle

Special Events

World of Tanks also covers special game modes that change according to the occasion. For example, in celebration of various football events, the developers decided to create a soccer game mode, assigning the different vehicles defense, midfield and attack roles. It is worth noting that the commentator for these games was Gianluigi Buffon, the legendary goalkeeper of the Italian national team.

WoT soccer event

Sounds cool? How about a Halloween event, which featured ghostly and demonic versions of the vehicles facing each other on themed missions? Developers care about keeping the game fresh all the time, and seasonal events like this help a lot.

Tanks in WoT

As a game focused on tanks, we expect them to be the protagonists of the delivery. With more than 700 vehicles to choose from among eleven producing nations, the title excellently fulfills this premise. Before developing a new model, Wargaming looks for its planes all over the world with the objective of making them as faithful as possible to reality. The developers also modified some new tanks to adapt to the game mechanics, such as the Primo Victoria or the KV-2.

World of Tanks Primo Victoria

World of Tanks supports 5 types of vehicles, among which are:

Moreover, all of them are separated according to the nation that builds them, having each one a line of them that goes from Tier 1 to Tier 10.  The vehicles can have from 2 to 6 drivers, and each one is unique in some way or another.

World of Tanks Tier 10 Tank

In addition, every one of these types has a different utility. For example, light tanks have the function of detecting enemies, while heavy tanks have to do as much damage as possible. All of them have a different thickness of armor, separated by different colors to distinguish the probability that a projectile will pass through them.

Graphics: Combining Quality & Performance

After three years and in collaboration with Intel, the development team created the Wargaming Core graphic engine. Although it has post-processing effects, lighting and a great shading capacity, its main objective is that mid-range computers can take advantage of it. Even for 2022 standards, the visuals are high-quality.

WoT Graphics

Moreover, your ping and FPS values are displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen constantly, allowing for better transparency of the quality of your performance.

Countless Maps

World of Tanks also has numerous maps available. Adding up the seasonal, events and even eliminated ones, the game accumulates a surprising amount of 71 maps.

WoT Review Maps

Each one of them has its own characteristics, with most of them being in cities, forests or more arid lands. In addition, except for some made for special events, they are designed to match real locations worldwide.

World of Tanks in eSports

Since its launch, the title has quickly established itself as a eSport. After debuting at the World Cyber Games 2012, Wargaming created their own official tournament called League, where they hosted teams from various regions of the world.

World of Tanks Esports

From that time, Wargaming organizes an annual 15v15 World of Tanks major tournament with a prize pool of about $15000. Every so often, the community also organizes some tournaments with symbolic prize pools.

Server Performance & Updates

The biggest drawback to the title comes from the waiting times on certain servers or the high latency rate in some matches. Regarding Latin American players, for example, one must wait approximately 15 minutes to start a competition. This also happens with some US users, who suffer the same inconvenience because they are located far from the server.

WoT Bugs

Patches usually contain bug fixes and quality of life improvements. However, there is also a lot of emphasis on content delivery, but it's not as regular as it was when the game got released.

Is World Of Tanks Worth It?

Despite not having a significant role in eSports and relatively low popularity, World of Tanks is still a pretty good game. Its graphic engine ensures that there is no need to own the latest computer model to participate in this outstanding experience. Although the market is full of war games, World of Tanks still excels in quality and is even better than some paid games.

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