The Worst Weapons in Rust You Don’t Want to Use

To survive weapons are inevitable and the biggest part of Rust. In Rust, we're nothing without them!
The Worst Weapons in Rust You Don’t Want to Use

To survive weapons are inevitable and the biggest part of Rust. In Rust, we're nothing without them, and that's why knowing what weapon to use and not to use is vital.

In the early stages of the game, you won't have many supplies, so the weapons you can craft will be bad and limited. For this reason, the weapons you will craft must move you forward in the game. To do this, you need to know which weapons are bad and which ones are not worth the effort of crafting.



Eoka is one of the worst weapons in the game, but if used correctly, it can open the door to wealth for you. Killing another player armed with Eoka is quite difficult.

The gun only takes 1 bullet and to kill the enemy, you have to go right next to him and shoot him in the head, it depends on his armor whether it can kill the enemy for sure or not. Another downside of this weapon is that it depends on your luck whether it fires or not, for this very primitive weapon to fire, your character has to detonate the bullet by hitting it with a stone, this animation of detonating the weapon with a stone can take 3-4 times, leading to inevitable death.



Nailgun, on the other hand, is a primitive weapon that throws nails. Again, like Eoka, we see it in the early stages of the game, but it is still not preferred by many players.

To kill the enemy player with Nailgun, you need to be a little closer to the enemy, like Eoka, and you need to hit more than half of the 16 nails.



This is the only weapon you can really count on at the start of the game, but that's it. Once Workbench Tier 2 weapons are used, it becomes extremely difficult to do anything with this weapon. Low ammo and damage make this weapon nothing more than just a simple early-game weapon.


Waterpipe Shotgun

We can easily say that the Waterpipe Shotgun is the worst weapon in this game. It is recommended that you do not even bother to craft this weapon, with its bullets that do not even go where you aim most of the time, its range no different from Eoka, and most importantly, its endless reload animation.



This gun requires a lot of material for a pistol and is extremely difficult to use. Has the ability to kill someone wearing a Hazmat Suit with 3 body hits. The damage to the weapon is good, but the downside is that it is too expensive and the recoil control is very difficult.


Custom SMG

If you do not want to break your keyboard, it is recommended to stay away from the Custom SMG, the only weapon you should stay away from in the Submachine Gun category.

Although the recoil pattern and control are easy, the base damage of this weapon is very low and it is much harder to kill someone compared to other weapons. Especially if your aim is not perfect, you have a very high chance of dying against a primitive player who uses a bow or nailgun for a minor mistake.

As a result, in this list, we tried to show you the weapons that you should get away from as quickly as possible, or that you should not use at all. Our humble recommendation is to focus on using revolvers and crossbows as soon as you can craft your Tier 1 Workbench and collect scraps as fast as possible to switch to Workbench 2 and start using Tier 2 weapons.

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