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Best Skins Heracim | LoL

The spectral fusion of a man and a beast known as Hecarim is a champion with high potential for team fights and ganks.
Best Skins Heracim | LoL

Hecarim is one of the League of Legends champions that will have 10 years in the game in 2022. 

He is a being who perished because of the Ruination energies that plagued his home, the Blessed Isles, now, as the dark mist reaches out across Runaterra Hecarim will be found commanding the dark creatures transformed by it.

In-game, Hecarim is a jungler who can also be played on the top lane, throughout his almost 10 years in League of Legends he has received some amazing skins, and here, you will discover what are his bests.


Arcade Hecarim

Arcade Hecarim arrived on 21st August 2013, and up until this date, it is one of the best skins this champion has. Previous to Arcade Hecarim there were other skins, such as Blood Knight Hecarim, Reaper Hecarim, and Headless Hecarim, but they weren’t that impressive.

When compared to Blood Knight Hecarim or Reaper Hecarim, Arcade Hecarim is an absolute change for the champion other than just his appearance. This skin features for the top laner a new voice filter, additional and unique quotes, new visual and sound effects as well as animations.

The Arcade version of Hecarim can be found in-store for 1350 RP, when it came out it was the most expensive skin for him, but it was and still is worth it, especially when Blood Knight Hecarim and Headless Hecarim were Legacy skins that added little to nothing for him, let alone Reaper Hecarim which is permanent, costs 975 RP and doesn’t even have new particles.

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Elderwood Hecarim

Elderwood Hecarim looks as if it was pulled out from Lord of the Rings, the concept of him being this creature made of wood is rather mesmerizing and thanks to the great artwork of Victor “3rdColossus” Maury it all comes to life.

The skin became available on 25th November 2015 for 1350 RP, the same price as Arcade Hecarim, but despite not having as many things as the Arcade one, Elderwood Hecarim is visually impressive enough to make it into this list.

Elderwood Hecarim only has new particles and animations which fit the fantasy-like appearance he has here, and those same new effects we would’ve like to see in the next skin he received, Worldbreaker Hecarim. The Elderwood themed skins, along with Death Blossom, and Coven forms part of the alternate universe called Eclipse.

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Lancer Zero Hecarim

Usually, Hecarim is portrayed in skins as a being of evil who’s will lead the dark forces to victory, but that’s not the case for Lancer Zero Hecarim, which its lore tells us he’s a protector of an ancient civilization that’s used as a last resource when things in a critical state.

Riot Games released it on 16th August 2017 and the way to obtain it is through Hextech crafting just as Hextech Annie or Soulstealer Vayne, this skin requires 10 rare gemstones obtainable from Hextech chests.

Lancer Zero Hecarim is an improvement when compared to Worldbreaker Hecarim thanks to the new particles and animations the skin shows for the jungler, which looks mighty and overwhelming when coming out of the jungle ready to gank an enemy.

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High Noon Hecarim

Now that Riot Games has added Hecarim to the High Noon universe of skins, players will forget easily about Headless Hecarim, and we wouldn’t blame them, since he looks more frightening and evil than ever.

Just as all champions that are part of this universe of skins, Hecarim’s new particles and animations are visually stunning, and to say the least, his essence as a bringer of despair has never been portrayed better.

Riot Games announced High Noon Hecarim on 10th October 2019 for 1350 RP which is the highest price any skin of the jungler has ever had, as strange as it may seem, and for those who love chromas, this one also has five chromas available: Amethyst, Emerald, Nomad, Obsidian, and Ruby.

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Cosmic Charger Hecarim

Cosmic Charger Hecarim feels like the perfect and most beautiful combination between Worldbreaker Hecarim and Lancer Zero Hecarim. 

This is the most recent skin Riot Games has put out for the champion, being released in 2020 which has a gorgeous splash art created by Xiao Guang Sun from West Studios.

Cosmic Charger Hecarim features for the first time in seven years a voice filter for the champion, the last time he had one was in the 2013 skin Arcade Hecarim.

In this skin, Hecarim also has new particles and some new animations of which the recall to the base is the most remarkable. Cosmic Charger Hecarim, which costs 1350 RP, has available seven chromas for summoners to choose from and customize their champion.

This skin belongs to the Cosmic universe, which has two themes of skins, the Cosmic where you’ll find the good guys, and the evil Darkstar. In this case, it’s interesting to see how Riot Games decided to put Hecarim as a defender of the Cosmos rather than a threat to it.

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It’s really interesting how Hecarim has gained multiple nuances regarding his personality and story throughout the years with the skins mentioned here. 

It can be easily said that he’s a strong opportunist jungler that can do a lot of damage with the right runes, plus, finding a nice Hecarim build on the internet isn’t that difficult, therefore, before going in the Summoner’s Rift make your Hecarim look his best with the best Hecarim skins mentioned here. 

Also, he is a great pick to help out those champions played in the mid-lane that don’t have that much HP, like Heimerdinger, and in case you play with him too, you can find here the best Heimerdinger skins.

Also, other champions do have their spotlight in our Best League of Legends skins section, feel free to check them out.

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