Is Minecraft Dying?

Minecraft is a legendary game, one that’s impossible to replace, and one that can potentially withstand the test of time.
Is Minecraft Dying?

Minecraft colossal popularity after millions and millions of players fell in love with it, and a lot of time has indeed passed since its great rise to stardom. However, the more time passes, the more people think that Minecraft dying could become a reality. Today we’ll take a look at if Minecraft dying is a possibility, and whether or not it will die a few years down the line. 

In order to answer this question properly, we first have to take a deep dive into everything that made it successful in the first place.

Is Minecraft Dying? 

No, Minecraft is not dying at the moment, nor do we expect it to die in the next few years. It might decline in popularity, as most things do when a single concept becomes stale, but it won’t truly die until Mojang and Microsoft give up on it. Nor will it fail as a result of glitches and bugs like spam-clicking for example.  

One thing that could quickly lead to the death of Minecraft is if either of the aforementioned companies stopped providing the game with fresh and exciting content. Now, don’t get us wrong; innovating becomes impossible after a certain amount of time, especially if the concept itself has been around for years. 

But, what sets Minecraft apart from other games is its core concept. It’s very unique in the way that it has a continuous canvas, one that is nearly impossible to fill. There’s so much real-world inspiration for developers to use and turn into additional content. Naturally, everything has its limits, but Minecraft is far from dying, and new players will continue pouring in as that canvas expands.


Statistics Say Otherwise

On a positive note, the atmosphere and the creative freedom given to the players caused most critics to praise it. On the other hand, from its early development until today people have complained that the game feels incomplete and that the developers could add a lot more content to it. 

Before Minecraft even saw commercial success, it sold 800,000 copies in its alpha phase and one million in its time as a beta version. Moreover, before its full release, it registered 16 million users and 4 million purchases. By the end of 2021, with all its versions (Bedrock Edition & Java Edition) and ports included, Minecraft registered more than 141 million active monthly users. That is roughly 10 million more than the previous year. As for 2022, the number of active monthly users is still slowly climbing. 

The Universe Keeps Expanding

One of the main reasons why Minecraft occupies the pedestal it was given today is because of its gameplay. Survival mode, Hardcore mode, and each game rule that Minecraft brought forth lets it expand into the modern market. Although it has certain objectives intrinsic to the adventure, the most distinctive feature is the freedom given to the players.

Because of its skyrocketing popularity, Minecraft received many other spin-off games. Among them are Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale Games, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons and other upcoming titles. Not to mention Minecraft Classic, which has the features of the original 2009 Minecraft. The universe that the original Minecraft game spawned is constantly being expanded upon, and we believe that all of these games still keep the original title relevant.

Community Revival

For the multiplayer mode, Minecraft has an endless number of servers in which their creators are responsible for their maintenance and community. Some servers have been around since Minecraft’s conception, and have largely contributed to its success.

Big servers also have their own game rule and game modes, such as a Minecraft version of The Hunger Games. The most popular server today is Hypixel, which registers more than 14 million unique community members. On the other hand, there are also a variety of alternatives, such as 2b2t, MinecraftOnline, Mineplex, The Uncensored Library, and the Vatican City server.

Updates Will Continue

The game receives updates in an estimated time frame of 2 to 3 months. Usually, these are just small patches with bug fixes. However, approximately once a year there are major updates, such as new game modes or extensions to the current one. New maps are created for the main adventure, more secret locations, and new recipes to craft new items. 

In addition, due to the high number of players who defeated the Ender Dragon, it was decided to add several hidden bosses. After all, there’s no such thing as too many entities that can challenge you. The objective was that these remain motivated to continue the development of the world they created.

The most common ways for you to support Minecraft are by simply playing it from time to time, and engaging in the community. We’re sure stuff like that will incentivize Mojang and Microsoft to keep revitalizing the game. Community growth will follow as a result of that, so don’t worry about the multiplayer aspect of Minecraft. A lot would need to happen for Minecraft to come to a point of no return.

This game is made for both casual players and more experienced gamers. Its huge map gives the user the possibility to wander for countless hours to discover all the secrets it hides. The Fortnite craze showed us that games can withstand the test of time with the proper support of a smart development company, and that’s the only thing that could lead Minecraft to an early death.

Lastly, if you’re interested in Minecraft and want to learn more, we have a whole bunch of guides that we feel would be useful. Guides such as how to duplicate items in Minecraft, how to make time go faster in-game, and how you can stop Minecraft from lagging

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