Rocket League Error 68

How to fix error 68 in Rocket League

Error Code 68 is caused by an unexpected matchmaking error which means you can’t join an online game. All of the error code 60’s are due to some kind of matchmaking error and which one is usually something specific. For Error Code 68 this means “Start Search Fail. Unable to contact matchmaking server” and explanations for each one can be found on the official support Rocket League website. What causes …

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How to Fix Error 58 in Rocket League

Rocket League players will be familiar with the Error Code 58 issue since it’s been seen on PC and consoles as well. This is something you’d see when failing to connect to a server. The description from Psyonix is that Error Code 58 is “No Reservation. No reservation found” which simply means your game is having trouble connecting to games. ROCKET LEAGUEERROR 58 There are three main causes for this …

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How to Get Free League Of Legends Skins [9 legit ways]

Many LoL players appreciate being able to acquire free skins, and all players know a crucial aspect of the LoL experience is the skins you are using within the game. Players love to purchase skins to enhance their League of Legends gameplay, however, not everyone can easily buy skins to use towards the game on an impulse. This leads us to several ways you can get skins for free to use on LoL, without spending your own money towards Riot Points.

How to port forward Rocket League

What is Port Forwarding? Port Forwarding means that you need to forward some ports in your router. What this means is that network connections are not usually designed for allowing the incoming network requests needed for some games such as Rocket League. Due to this, you can suffer from bad pings, network lag and stability issues if your network isn’t set up correctly. Forwarding the Port or Port Forwarding is …

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Rocket League Error 42 How to Fix

How to fix error 42 in Rocket League

When you are matchmaking and eagerly anticipating entering your next match up, there are few worse things than seeing a red script appear in the top right right-hand of your screen An error 42 message appears and you are completely unable to join in with online games. You are left frustrated and desperately seeking an answer to the problem.

Rocket League Bakkesmod Guide

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the Bakkesmod for Rocket League. If you are a Rocket League player that is aspiring to hit the illustrious heights of the grand champion rank, or even get signed by a pro team, one thing you will need to do is train and practice hard to be the best you can be. You can do this by playing …

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