Being one of the first popularized battle-royales, PUBG implemented a feature that catered to player preference.

With the addition of separate servers for first and third-person perspectives, players were able to choose between the two camera angles and could choose whether they wanted to play in a first-person or third-person perspective throughout the entire game.

Should you play PUBG in the first or third-person perspective?

Each view has its advantages and disadvantages, and queuing in both of these perspectives brings a lot of gameplay as well as style changes. Players play differently when using these two perspectives, and many prefer one over the other depending on their style. Here are the pros and cons of each perspective, which may help you decide which perspective you might want to stick to.

First-Person Perspective (FPP)

FPP means first-person perspective. It is your standard way of playing most first-person shooter games. Instead of seeing your character from a top-down perspective, you only see what the character would realistically see, your gun, the enemy, and your surroundings. Like most FPS games, PUBG’s FPP plays the same.

In the past, PUBG played in a third-person perspective, angering many FPS fanatics that loved the first person point of view. In their opinion, the third-person point of view gave an unfair advantage to those who only played in first-person. Once the first-person only servers were rolled out, many players migrated enforcing a first-person only battle royale everyone wanted to see.

While PUBG relies on one of the most important mechanics in all FPS games, aim, information, and information processing is also an important factor when playing PUBG. In PUBG you have to take into account your surroundings, the information that’s given to you, and make an educated choice in your next move. For example, seeing an opponent quicker than they see you is an advantage as it allows you to have more time to swiftly take them out efficiently. Even seeing the tiniest of details, like a small head pointing out from a rock could give you the upper hand in positioning, and pre-aim. Information is an important factor in all shooters and can change the tide of the game.



Third-Person Perspective (TPP)

TPP stands for third-person perspective. It has traditionally been used in scenic roleplaying games, where the player is exposed to a vast and interesting environment. In PUBG however, the third-person perspective has had a love-hate relationship with the community. Third-person changed up how traditional first-person shooters were played. PUBG was a shooter game that had a third-person perspective, allowing for more information and quirky plays that would be impossible in first-person.

Many individuals believe that third-person gives a disadvantage to those who prefer first-person. This forced PUBG to release a first-person mode which locked the camera mode to only first-person. With this update, came a divide between the community. Those who played in third-person and those who played in first-person.



What’s more popular? TPP or FPP?

In the current state of PUBG, the third-person perspective is far more popular than a first-person perspective. This is simply due to the fact that more casual players cater to the third-person perspective community. With casual players making the bulk of the community, third-person is standard for casual and new players alike. Third-person is for those who aren’t as serious or those who enjoy playing the game in the original perspective it was created in. In addition, the majority of PUBG mobile players also play in third-person perspectives.

PUBG Mobile attracts more casual players, and having the third-person perspective gives an easier time for those who are new and just want to play for fun. However, among those who are more serious about the game like professionals and streamers, a first-person perspective is more popular. Serious players are usually those who come from an extensive FPS background, making first-person a logical choice. Many professionals and serious players also agree that the realism of peeking and other intricacies in third-person is unfair and at times impossible to counter.

What the Professionals (esportlers and streamers) are using

As stated before, most professionals use the first-person perspective as in that perspective, lies most of the competitive and serious players. You’re not going to see professionals using a third-person perspective as that is usually reserved for casual and mobile players. For example, Shroud mainly uses a first-person perspective as he has stated before that third-person perspective poses an unfair advantage, with many players standing behind corners waiting for their opportunity to strike. However, users like ZoidM8 think differently. He believes that the use of the third-person perspective allows for outplays that ordinary players using the first-person perspective wouldn’t be able to do. He believes that the third-person perspective allows you to out position your opponent and play mind games with them. He strongly believes in the tactical advantages and prefers third-person over first-person. While both TPP and FPP have competitive players on both sides, most of the competitive and professionals compete and play with the first-person perspective.

How to change from FPP to TPP in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

  1. Select Mode: When you open up PUBG, on the left for PUBG mobile there will be a large button indicating the map, server, and perspective. To switch your perspective, tap on the map as press “Select Mode”.
  2. Perspectives: On the top, there will be two buttons, Third-Person Perspective, and First-Person Perspective.
  3. Choose: Once you have reached the perspective screen, choose one of the two perspectives you want to play with, by default this will be third-person.
  4. Finish: After you have chosen your desired perspective, map, and team composition, press the yellow “OK” button at the bottom left. Once you have finished this you are ready to queue up into your matches.

So, what’s better?

It depends. Players of different backgrounds have different preferences. With specific preferences, your decision to choose between first and third-person perspectives may differ.

If you’re more into fragging and realistic gameplay, first-person should be your choice. If you’re more into positional warfare, you should try third-person.

If you’re unsure of which perspective to use, try both and figure out your play style and preference.

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