Is 1bet Legit? [1bet Esport Review]

We bring you an in-depth review of a betting site with a shady past – 1Bet.

Is 1bet Legit? [1bet Esport Review]

In this sportsbook review, we take a look at 1Bet, a betting site that prides itself as one of the world’s leading online sportsbooks. Although not precisely known as an esports sportsbook, 1Bet’s extensive selection of betting markets includes all esports titles you would want in a bookie to place your esports bets.

But is 1Bet any good, and should you use it? We will try to answer that in our in-depth 1Bet review, where we take a deeper look at how the site operates, what it is doing right, where it is lacking, and whether it’s safe to use.

Is 1Bet Legit?

1Bet is a legitimate website, but with an asterisk. But let’s first focus on the positives and list all the reasons why you could trust 1Bet:

  • Owned and operated by Bellona N.V.
  • Licenced and registered under the Law of Curacao
  • The site has over 1.2 million visits, according to similarweb
  • We did not experience any issues testing 1Bet


According to similarweb, 1Bet has a reasonably active customer base. But the site’s reputation is a mixed bag of encouraging and concerning reviews, leaving us feeling uncertain whether 1Bet deserves our recommendation. It has secure TSL encryption, which is a plus, but some things leave us slightly concerned.

1Bet TSL encryption.

Online review sites have 1Bet’s average rating below 4/5 stars, with more than one-third of all reviews one-star ratings. So either one-third of all users had an unlucky experience, or there is something wrong with 1Bet, but there seem to be equal or greater amounts of five-star ratings that keep 1Bet’s overall rating relatively healthy.

Oddly enough, most good ratings come from accounts with generic names that have only one review on their record. So you can be the judge of what’s going on, but something doesn’t smell right. Either way, proceed with caution.

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1Bet Bonus & Promotions (4/5)

1Bet offers plenty of bonuses and promotions, and you don’t have to look far to find them. Straight after registering for an account, you will receive an email offering you to claim your first bonus, including a 100% deposit bonus on 1Bet casino (up to 500€) or a 100% deposit bonus on sportsbook (up to 100€).

Admittedly, it’s not the best welcome bonus in the industry, but at least you’re getting something. And you can hardly complain about an extra 100€ to bet with.

1Bet's welcome bonuses for casino and sportsbook.

Additionally, 1Bet will award you free bets, and casino spins upon completing its missions. The offer will pop up on your account page straight after registering for the website, and you can access the missions by clicking on the “Missions” tab in the top right of the site.

Complete 1Bet missions and get rewarded.

The missions will start very simple, such as making your first deposit, placing your first bet on a sports or esports match, and completing your first ten casino bets. With higher levels come more demanding challengers, but those award more points, which you can then spend in the store for free casino spins or a 1€-10€ free bet.

Complete 1Bet missions and use the points to get bonuses and rewards.

And the bonuses and promotions don’t stop there. By navigating to the “Promotions” tab at the top of the page, you will access a page with all running promotions, further divided into sportsbook and 1Bet casino bonuses, providing you with excellent value to enhance your sports betting experience.

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Reputation & Safety (2/5)

Although 1Bet’s welcome bonus and its promotions deserve praise, things aren’t as exciting when we start talking about its reputation. As mentioned above, 1Bet’s reviews online are a mixed bag of five-star and one-star reviews, which average out at just above 3.7.

1Bet negative reviews.

Blindly following what people online have to say is never a good idea, but it should make you wonder why 1Bet would receive such poor reviews if it was a trustworthy website. Although you will easily find five-star reviews on 1Bet, most of these positive reviews are made by accounts that have only one review, so it’s fair to assume that 1Bet might have bought positive reviews to boost its overall rating. That might not be the case, but it looks like it.

1Bet positive reviews.

What’s more, most of the negative reviews claim that 1Bet did not pay out their winnings or that their funds went missing, which are severe accusations that made us seriously rethink whether to recommend 1Bet to our readers. Adding to that, after reading through 1Bet’s Terms & Conditions, we were left with more questions and answers.

1Bet Terms and Conditions.


And after digging a bit deeper, we found a user claiming that during the process of withdrawing funds from the website, 1Bet automatically used his funds to bet on two games which ended up losing. So, in other words, the user accused 1Bet management of fraud. The concerning fact is that the said user experience is not an isolated incident.

Furthermore, there have been similar incidents 1Bet’s sister websites in 18Bet, BabiBet, and Sportempire, which are all owned by the same organisation and own the same licence – (No 8048/JAZ2010-010) as is WelBet, ZodiacBet, and other sports betting sites owned by Bellona N.V.

Bellona N.V. Gambling licence.

All in all, we have found far more concerning information about 1Bet’s safety than we would like. Admittedly, the site is licenced, which should give you ease of mind; however, it holds Curacao Gaming License, which is relatively easy to obtain and doesn’t offer as much protection as some more reputable licences.

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Esports Markets and Odds & Betting Features (3/5)

On 1Bet, you can bet on traditional sports, as well as esports. Even though the betting site seems to focus more on sports betting and casino games, there’s still a generous selection of esports betting markets for you to explore.

To access the esports betting markets, you will need to click on “Esports” in the top menu, and a new page will open that will neatly display betting odds on all major esports titles, from Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Rocket League, and more.

1Bet esports page.

Upon entering the esports page, you get presented with all live markets with a live stream of the esport game that is currently being played. You can pick and choose which streams you want to watch by clicking on the “Watch” button next to the betting lines, which will open a small window of a Twitch stream with live odds displayed next to it. It’s a useful feature that makes it easier to open a stream you want to watch, but it’s hardly something you can’t find elsewhere.

Bear in mind, however, that we have encountered instances where live streams did not work (picture above), so we wouldn’t count on 1Bet to provide a reliable streaming service.

As for the availability of betting markets, 1Bet has the basic bets available, but rarely anything besides that. Prop bets are generally non-existent, leaving you with only the basic bets in winner, totals, and handicaps. And beyond that, some esports matches won’t even have those three and instead offer only moneyline markets, so overall, the availability of esports betting markets is underwhelming. For that alone, we could have given 1Bet a poor rating, but since the limited market availability is not an issue you will encounter on games, we deducted 1.5 points and an additional 0.5 for live streaming problems.

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Dota 2 Betting

1Bet has a nice selection of Dota 2 betting markets, covering minor leagues and all regional Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) tours. 

1Bet Dota 2 betting markets.

What’s more, the betting odds are fairly competitive, although we should note that the betting odds on favourited teams are below the industry average, while the underdogs tend to have better odds, so 1Bet might be a solid choice if you’re someone who bets on the outsiders.

On the negative side, we didn’t like 1Bet’s poor Dota 2 market layout, combining all DPC matches under one section rather than dividing it into regions. Furthermore, some betting markets were missing, which is a reoccurring theme for all esports titles.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

1Bet has done a fine job including all CS:GO tournaments on its platform, and there are even some smaller events that you might not find on other websites. 

1Bet Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting markets.

So as far as the coverage goes, 1Bet deserves a thumbs up. That said, the betting markets are limited, and there is no shortage of games where you can only bet on the winner market.

During our testing, we found that 1Bet was accepting only straight winner bets on Pinnacle Cup, which admittedly isn’t the biggest CS:GO tournament, but it is still covered much better by 1Bet’s competition. So while you will be able to bet on more CS:GO tournaments with 1Bet, you will have a limited variety of bets at your disposal.

Imagine going to the baker who sells more types of bread than any other bakery but has only one on offer - that’s 1Bet.

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League of Legends Betting

The League of Legends markets on 1Bet have the exact same problem as CS:GO markets – there are plenty of tournaments and leagues to bet on, but for the most part, you can only bet on moneyline

1Bet League of Legends betting markets.

That might sound like a problem if you’re only betting on the winner market, but there is no excuse for not providing additional markets on two of the largest leagues in the LoL competitive ecosystem.

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User Experience (4/5)

1Bet deserves a thumbs up for the way it designed the website. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and the green-grey scheme works surprisingly well. Another big bonus is that you can change the odds format into decimal, American, Fractional, Indonesian, Malayan and Hong Kongese.

1Bet site layout and features.

Besides all that, you can even change the website’s view from European into Asian, which some may find helpful – but there’s a caveat. The “Asian View” only seems to work on the page with traditional sports, so if you’re an esports bettor, the only customisation tool (besides the odds format) is changing whether you want to view the betting markets in a list or in tiles.

1Bet Asian view.

We also must touch on the availability of a mobile betting app, which 1Bet does not have. However, 1Bet’s website is accessible via your mobile browser, and it adjusts itself to offer a pleasant mobile betting experience.

On 1Bet, you will be able to place bets easily at any time, and there are enough small features that make the experience more enjoyable. Still, there are some issues, namely the Asian View not working on esports and live streams crashing.

Overall, the website design is clean, making it very easy to find what you’re looking for. It’s not cluttered with ads and promotions, and the colour scheme is very easy on the eyes. So while the website is designed well, it has some bugs, which bring down our rating to 4/5.

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Customer Support (3/5)

If you encounter an issue while using 1Bet, you can contact the site’s customer support via a live chat that you can access by clicking on the “Chat” button, located in the bottom right corner of the screen. During our testing, we found that 1Bet’s customer support was very quick with responding to our questions, and it didn’t take more than a minute for us to get assigned an agent who responded to all our questions.

1Bet customer support - live chat.

We have also learned that you can contact 1Bet customer support via email, albeit that is something you might be able to figure out by yourself since 1Bet does not have an email address on the site, nor is there a “contact us” page. And if you want to get answers via FAQ, we’re sad to inform you that 1Bet’s FAQ is somewhat disappointing, providing very little information about the site and its features. 

If we draw a line, 1Bet’s quick response via live chat is the only positive of its customer support offer, but due to the lack of other options and lacklustre FAQ, we can’t give it more than a three-star rating.

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Deposits & Withdrawal Options (3.5/5)

1Bet’s deposit methods are decent and include MasterCard/Visa/JCB, NETELLER, Skrill, MiFinity, Jeton Wallet, and crypto, which gives you enough options to choose from. However, we would still like to see a couple more options, namely PayPal, Paysafe Cards, In-Game currencies like V-Bucks or Riot Points, and other popular deposit methods to cater to the wider gambling community.

1Bet deposit options.

The withdrawals take 3-5 days after they’re approved, while the options vary depending on where you live and can be limited to only credit/debit cards in some instances. So it is wise to contact 1Bet’s customer support and ask which methods are available to you.

For its limited withdrawal options, we’re giving 1Bet a 3.5/5 rating for its banking options, but note that it can be higher if you live in a country that supports more withdrawal options.

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1Bet Casino (4.5/5)

As a gambling site, 1Bet also offers an online casino with a nice selection of slots and games to choose from. In addition, some games are included in weekly/monthly promotions and contests with prize pools that reach up to €500,000. Although having slots available on a betting site isn’t exactly a feature that will improve your betting experience, it’s still nice to see some diversity.

1Bet casino slots

And if you’re not into slots, 1Bet also offers live casinos with blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and more, so 1Bet provides enough options to keep you entertained. However, one thing that the games were missing was a free demo, so we’re only deducting half a point for that.

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If we draw a line, 1Bet does some things right, but it’s not very good at anything it does and given its negative reviews from the betting community, we would approach it with caution. But if you decide to try out 1Bet, remember to gamble responsibly.