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Is 365Games Legit? [Complete 365Games Review]

We have tested and used 365Games to know if they are legit to purchase games!

Published on Jan 02, 2023
Is 365Games Legit? [Complete 365Games Review]

Is 365Games Legit?

Yes, 365Games is 100% legit and safe to purchase game keys or other gaming-related items. Many gamers love using 365Games for the security of receiving their product and the ability to find rare games or products that are not available on any other gaming website or marketplace.  Here are a few reasons we know 365Games is legit: 

  • 365Games is owned by Xbite Ltd, was founded in 2007, and is located in the United Kingdom.
  • Many users have claimed to have experienced tremendous support and received every item as detailed.
  • We have tested 365Games and know that the website is safe to purchase from. 

After our tests and research, below are some more detailed experiences you may encounter with 365Games.

4 / 5

365Games sells many different games and is overall very safe to purchase from.

4 / 5
2 / 5
Item Variability
3 / 5
User Experience
3 / 5
4 / 5
Payment Options
4 / 5

Reputation (4/5)

The overall reputation of 365Games is overwhelmingly positive, with only a few negative reviews. 365Games. Many people get confused with another scam website called 365-Games , so be careful and use the correct link! We offer the direct link to the correct website below if you are interested!

365games Review

Besides this minor issue with other websites, the original 365Games has hardly had any issues regarding safety or receiving to correct products. From our experience, we could also purchase and navigate the website smoothly without problems.

If you are looking for a website with rare games or anything you need regarding gaming, they will most likely have it!

Prices (2/5)

The prices at 365Games are relatively high compared to competing marketplaces like Instant Gaming or Green Man Gaming. Not only this, but they seem to lack a lot of sales that many other websites do. Not only this, but most games for consoles will be around the same price you would find at any local gaming store.

365games Review

This is the perfect website unless you are looking for something rare or trying to find something unrelated to games but technology or other related items. Otherwise, many other websites offer much better prices than those displayed in 365Games.

After viewing platforms that constantly write reviews, some have recently pre-ordered games that also include an initial postage cost for shipping, making the games even more expensive.

Item Variability (3/5)

Besides having a vast inventory selection provided through the frontal interface, it is deceiving as hardly any games are in stock. Particularly regarding PC Games, we found almost zero matches in stock. Including Nintendo Switch.

365games Review

Additionally, the games that are provided are not hot or related to anything trending except for a handful after their release date. Even then, the prices are so high it is not worth purchasing. The website focuses more on physical products such as controllers, console games, and other technology items.

Overall, the selection is vast, although they seem to not narrow down to one type of niche, making everything almost impossible to be in stock due to the enormous amount of supposedly available items. The shocking lack of games is an absolute joke regarding a website being created to sell games or even cd keys.

365games Review

If you are looking for a website that offers a great variety of PC and game consoles, you should check out Instant Gaming or even CDKeys for great deals and a much more extensive game variety!

User Experience (3/5)

The website needs to have a more updated frontal interface. There are so many categories, and finding precisely what you want is challenging. As a gaming website, they only feature Xbox or Playstation then everything else is gaming gear or tech products.

365games Review

Sign-Up is also a bit excessive. They ask for a lot of information before you get started, which is in a very old-school layout. Making it seem extremely industrial, and the website doesn't seem to be built for the buyer's experience.

Support (4/5)

The customer service was immediate, and we did not encounter any issues contacting the support as soon as possible. It was a bit strange, though, to immediately receive almost a mechanical behavior from a supposedly "human" agent. As far as we have researched, they do not have many support issues and run smoothly.

365games Review

Besides the live chat, they also offer email tickets if the problem is slightly more extreme. Other than this, live chat is the fastest way to get in contact with 365Games. This is an excellent plus to receiving absolute customer service. Not to mention, the customer service immediately responds.

Payment Options (4/5)

The payment options are great; you have Paypal, MasterCard, and Visa. All of these are vital for any essential website that sells products. Paypal is one of the better options for payment as some have lately removed this feature.

365games Review

The payment process is relatively smooth, as you can pay for your product and fill out all information by simply clicking the pay with Paypal alternative.


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