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Is 4RS Gold Legit? [4RS Gold Review]

4rsGold sells gold currency for RuneScape for a cheap price. But is it legit? We answered for you
Is 4RS Gold Legit? [4RS Gold Review]

Is 4RS Gold Legit?

4rs has a mixed reputation but is a legitimate business. Although, there have been real incidents of buyers not receiving their gold here and there. Buying RuneScape Gold along with instant delivery is hard to come by. Finding a reliable website as well is even harder. Here are reasons we know 4rsGold is legit:

  • They have been legalized business since 2020
  • Users have claimed millions of gold from 4rsGold
  • Although incidents arise, the support team has been proven to solve issues. 

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5/ 5

A cheap alternative website for OSRS Gold, but not the most trusted

3/ 5
Price Comparisons
3/ 5
Item Variability
2/ 5
User Experience
1/ 5
2/ 5
Payment Options
3/ 5
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Reputation 2/5

The reputation of 4RSGold is mixed. We tested the site ourselves, to buy gold comes with a really strange experience. Reviews have also mentioned the security of purchases is very sketchy. Mentioning the request for pictures of your credit card and your personal ID. Which didn't seem to stop 14-year-old gamers.


Yes, cheap RS gold might make you really tempted to purchase through 4rsGold but rest assured once your ID is given to this company, you will never be able to reverse this. So, keep this in mind when purchasing. Along with this, 4rsGold claim to be from the UK, but have the majority of languages Asian based. Making us think the company might be owned or completely operated elsewhere. 

4rs process of payment

Not only this, but many worry if it is a safe site, as there have not been very many 5 stars ratings, only random people. The website is also very old school and out of date with competing marketplaces.

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Prices 3/5

Compared to other competitor marketplaces for Runescape gold, 4rsGold seems to have one of the cheaper options for OSRS gold or overall RS Gold options. We compared it to other websites as 4rs offers 0.36 USD for 1M OSRS gold. While other websites are offering closer to 0.32 USD such as Chicks Gold which has proven to not only be a safer site but also offer better prices.

4rsgold price

Along with OSRS gold, RS3 gold is also sold for 0.01 more on 4rsGold than Chicks Gold. Chick's Gold is also affiliated with the AccKings website which we have also reviewed, be sure to take a look!

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Item Variability 2/5

4rsGold not only sells cheap RS gold, but they also sell other types of Runescape items. Just as other sites, they also sell RS3 accounts and OSRS FireCapes. They do not have a lot of variety with FireCape, but have over 8 pages of accounts available to be purchased.

4rsgold variability

They also offer according to the website, a 7-day warranty for purchased accounts. According to their Support, which we will cover later, getting any kind of money back would be a miracle. Overall, they have a large selection of accounts and hardly any FireCape options. They also emphasize more on their Runescape gold rather than anything else.

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User Experience 1/5

Users have had all kinds of issues with how the website functions. They have a very old-school website that from our experience would not load everything in a smooth and professional way. The experience is very poor, and there is also no way to log in or have a personalized account. Only your email.

4rsGold experience

It is also quite bizarre, as they send you to a separate website for payment, but if you want to go back, there is no function in going to where you were before. If the website is this old, how do we know if they will even have the tools to help if a problem occurs?

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Support 2/5

There have been mixed reviews on how the Support of 4rsGold works. Some give 5 stars, and they solved the issue, but the majority say that the support does nothing about their problems, and they feel completely scammed.

4rsgold support

We tested the support ourselves, and with more surprises, we realized we cannot even connect with them without an order number. From there, this is when an account would be handy. But since they only offer support to active orders, that kind of defeats the purpose of the 24/7 live chat options for anyone with pre-buying questions to the company.

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Payment Options 3/5

4rsGold has a variety of payment options including cryptocurrency being the main option. Although they do allow Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. All of these are very accessible for the majority of people looking to buy cheap OSRS gold. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, the security of using these payment options is deemed to be unsafe. So, it is bought at your own risk with this company.

4rs Payment Method

If something goes wrong with a payment method, since you already would have an order number, live chat would be able to help with this situation. Besides this, the fees for Visa/MasterCard are 3.5%, along with most of the other payment methods. With Neteller, it is 4.3%, these are rather low compared to competing markets. For example, Chick's gold has up to a 6% fee for Credit/Debit purchases.

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Although 4rsGold has been proven to instantly transfer gold, they still show a bit unreliable to players who run into real-money issues with the company. But if you want to make Runescape gold the right way, in-game, then you should AlchMate.

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