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Is 5MMO Legit? [5MMO Review]

We have tested 5MMO for you beforehand if it is worth buying in game items, accounts and more. Let's see the results!

Updated on Dec 09, 2022
Is 5MMO Legit? [5MMO Review]

Nowadays, grinding in a game is one of the undesirable options. Because people don't have time to spare for this or they may want to advance quickly in the game and skip the boring parts. Today, we will examine the 5MMO marketplace for you, which offers the most ideal services for this.

Is 5MMO Legit?

5MMO is a legit and safe online marketing website with rich game and item variety and cheap prices. The fact that they are a trusted site with a high reputation proves that they are one of the best on the market. You can better understand the legitness of 5MMO by taking a look at the details below.

  • 5MMO is a legit market place, operated by ChongQing JianCan Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 5MMO was founded in 2008.
  • 5MMO's origin country is China.
4 / 5

5MMO is a marketplace where you can buy and sell in-game currencies and items, accounts, gift cards and more.

User Experience
4 / 5
4 / 5
Payment Options
5 / 5
Item Variability
4 / 5
5 / 5
3 / 5

5MMO User Experience (3/5)

We wanted to test 5MMO on user experience first. As a customer, we entered the site and browsed. We can say that they are quite successful in diversity because they offer services for many games on their site. We were able to find offers for almost every game we were looking for, and that's why 5MMO is one of the industry's leading marketplaces in our opinion.

Let's also mention that we questioned the legitness of 5MMO before introducing it to you. We test them beforehand and make sure they are completely reliable so you don't shop at any complete scam marketplace. We researched the legitimacy of their site and completed the shopping safety guarantee. That's why you can use 5MMO with peace of mind.

As for the interface, we noticed that the 5MMO is a bit weak. In our opinion, it isn't a site that is easy on the eyes and has a comfortable theme. Everything looks very messy. Also, since there are many games on the site, we would prefer them to be organized and presented under certain categories. There are search bars for you to find the game you want, but they are not pleasing to the eye. When we look at marketplaces like MMOGA, there is a really big difference in terms of user experience. That's why we're breaking points from 5MMO.

5MMO Pricing (3/5)

First of all, when we wanted to buy Genshin Impact account or account for another game, there was some cheap and expensive prices. There are cheap products, but when we compare them with most marketplaces on the market, we saw cheaper ones. However, it is really great that you can customize the account you want to buy and shop accordingly.

But overall, there are mostly cheaply priced products. For example, if you want to buy World of Warcraft currency, you can choose 5MMO at discounted and cheap prices. Compared to the other marketplaces, we think the prices are very uneven. 

Another category we wanted to shop from the online store was ingame gold, that is, game coins. That's why we tried 5MMO's services like WoW Warmane Gold, and WoW Classic Gold. We chose the cheapest price product to see how much fee they charge. We did not encounter any fee on the purchase screen, on the contrary, they provide a discount of close to 1 dollar under the name of member discount.

We chose the amount of gold we wanted on the payment screen. But as they stated, if you are buying gold, if you make the transfer with the Auction House and not via in-game mail, they get a 5% trading fee. Despite this, they are indeed generous in pricing compared to their competitors. They offer cheap price and fast delivery in all of their services.

It is also worth noting that in 5MMO, you don't only buy but also sell. Therefore, we would like to state that if you want to sell, there will be different fees. We have noticed that they are very successful in sales in categories such as PoE currency, mobile game coin, Fifa coins, Eso Gold and Madden Mobile account. And in the same way, you do not encounter very high fees when selling.

Payment Options (5/5)

Another point that caught our attention while shopping at 5MMO was the payment methods. Apart from the most popular payment methods such as debit and credit cards and Skrill, you can choose many different options. 

First of all, you can choose the country you live in and shop according to the banks and payment methods in your country. This is really a major feature because it makes it easy to pay globally. Especially in some countries, they have eliminated everything that prevents you from shopping due to unused payment methods. And this takes 5MMO one step further. In addition, some fees may be charged depending on the payment method you choose. But we haven't seen this with the most popular payment methods.

5MMO Item Variability (4/5)

Apart from account or gold, you can also buy items for many games in 5MMO. To make sure of that, we dug deeper and took a look at the variety of items. We took a look at the items sold for popular games such as Roblox, Diablo, Elden Ring, Fornite and learned that more than 3000+ items are on sale. 

For example, we wanted to buy items for Elden Ring. When we found and clicked Elden Ring from the categories, there were many options such as armor, shields, weapons, set and even ammunation. This really means that the variety of items is high. However, in our opinion, there may be a slight increase in the number of games you can buy items. Apart from that, there is fast delivery. You can have the items you have bought in lightning speed.

In general, they are quite abundant in items such as game skins and gear. In addition, in 5MMO, they provide services for games such as BDO cash online shop, Path of Exile and GTA. We have already highlighted how good they are at online game currency business. We can confirm that they are also successful in online items.

5MMO Support (5/5)

Online support is an indispensable factor on a marketplace. That's why we've tested the 5MMO to make sure it can meet this factor. We asked for a refund for a product we purchased and see if they could provide us the service we wanted. We noticed that 5MMO has Live Support and Mail Support and we contacted both. After you send a few of your information and problems to Live Chat, they will contact you in a short time. In our opinion, it is a huge plus.

To increase the dependability of our test, we even solicited the help of three different helpers. In our experience, customer service was first-rate since they listened to our concerns and gave us precise responses. As a result, not only the order was cancelled, they even gave us a discount code due to our misfortune. 

Therefore, we can say that they have a very attentive and caring customer service. Whatever your problem is, they will solve it as soon as possible and they will do their best to prevent the same thing from happening again. That's why 5MMO gets full marks for support from us.

5MMO Reputation (2/5)

And it's time for perhaps the factor that sums up a site entirely: reputation. We analyzed 5MMO's reputation for customers and reviews. As a result, few people are dissatisfied with the speed and reliability of 5MMO. And those people were able to solve their problems in a short time with the help of support. Many customers using 5MMO have made numerous repeated purchases because they are confident that the platform is reliable and that they will find most of what they are looking for.


There are also other consumers who have never been satisfied with and regret 5MMO. We took a look at the complaints and encountered comments such as missing gold transfer, instant price inflation, wrong order. However, the situations of those who encountered such problems were resolved as soon as possible, and very few of them remained inconclusive. While we were trying 5MMO, we did not encounter any negative situations and we handled all our transactions without any problems. Some technical situations are experienced on every site. But, this seems to be a common thing in 5MMO.

Consequently, we think that 5MMO is a legit marketing website, however it's not the best site to buy overpriced products. 5MMO fails in this regard, as it is possible to find the same products cheaper in the market. For example, we recommend sites like G2G without hesitation. Apart from that, you can make your purchases and sales in 5MMO without any problems. That's all from us for today, take care!

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