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Is AccKings Legit? [AccKings Review]

We have tested AccKings to let you know if the site is safe to use.

Updated on Dec 26, 2022
Is AccKings Legit? [AccKings Review]

Is AccKings Legit?

Yes, AccKings is a legitimate website for selling accounts in Dota 2, Genshin Impact, PUBG, Smite, WoW, Valorant, League of Legends, RS3, CS:GO, Fortnite, Halo: Infinite, and many more games. Account Kings has the ability to sell accounts, along with buying accounts. Along with buying currencies from games like World of Warcraft, Path of Exile Orbs, and more (through their sister account, Chicks Gold). 

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Not only have we listened to reviews from gamers like you, but we have also tested ourselves the legitimacy of this website. A few reasons we know for sure the website is legit is because:

  • Fully operational and fully available and helpful customer support
  • Gamers have purchased and sold accounts through AccKings with thorough feedback on Reddit and other trusted websites.
  • AccKings LLC is based in the United States and has protected privacy authorization. 

But is Account Kings worth the time and investment? Buying accounts or selling comes with a risk, let's take a look at what AccKings does to ensure these risks are eliminated. 

3.2 / 5

Account Kings is a legitimate buying and selling marketplace, although with not a large inventory

2 / 5
3 / 5
Item Variability
1 / 5
User Experience
3 / 5
4 / 5
Payment Options
3 / 5

Reputation 2/5

Overall, AccKings is a rather new website. Only dating back to 2020. Meaning, feedback has been trial and error, especially with being a Game Account Marketplace. There is the uncertainty of if you have full authority over the account, and you could lose everything.

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According to some purchasers, it is almost guaranteed that the account will be reclaimed by the seller. Even with AccKings insurance coverage, it is still really crappy that you cannot OWN the account. Account Kings does not take responsibility for the seller's actions on the account; it is all put onto the buyer. 

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Prices (3/5)

Account Kings gives the buyer insurance to pay the full price back. Making the reputation of account buying a bit higher than its competitors. Although accounts can be quite expensive, they never seem to overvalue the accounts for what is included. Although if you are more into RS3 or Runescape accounts, make sure to check out 4rsGold to compare. Whereas if you're into making Runescape gold on your own, AlchMate might come in handy.

acckings price

When it comes to selling, they do not offer the best prices for the account's actual value. For instance, a LOL account level 223 with 156 champions and 120 epic skins is only worth $94... I am not sure about you, but that seems low for the hours and elements acquired here.

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Along with this, there have been moments when sellers would be still charged a percentage fee for the transference of money from Acckings to sellers. They do make sure to resolve their problems though and haven't had many complaints otherwise.

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Item Variability (1/5)

When it comes to the featured games like League of Legends or Genshin Impact, you will see maybe 10-15 accounts available. Not bad, but most other games only offer maybe 1-3 gaming accounts, sometimes there are no accounts available at all. It will most likely not be here for anyone looking for a specific game.

acckings variety

Along with this, most accounts seem to be sell accounts by the same person or business. Making it seem like the traffic of buying and selling accounts on this website is low. Yes, you have a few options, but do not expect a huge variety of choices like on Z2U.

Likewise, AccKings doesn't sell as many in-game currencies. We found WoW goldNew World gold, and Final Fantasy Gil, but there was no offer for Lost Ark and in-game gold, Smite gems, Runescape and OSRS gold, Robux, Tarkov roubles, and other in-game currencies.

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User Experience (3/5)

When you first open the website, it is pretty simple and easy to navigate. It does seem like they are professional when it comes to impressions, and logging in is just plain easy. Once you sign in, you will need to confirm your identity before selling an account, to make sure the accounts are directly associated with you.

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It is a little annoying that their FAQs list is also completely explained right at the beginning, but it would make sense in the big picture as to why the FAQs need to be explained. Game Account purchasing requires buyers' security, which they emphasize throughout your buying experience.

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Support (4/5)

Account Kings has good support. We tested the support response time which was within only a few minutes, which is exactly what they expressed the waiting time would be. It seems that they are very confident in customer satisfaction. For any company, this is a great experience to have to ensure customers that they are present to help with issues.

acckings service

Along with this, you are directed to a live agent after a few questions from a robot, which is nice, so you do not have to experience an AI for the entire customer support experience.

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Payment Options (3/5)

The majority of payment options on AccKings are through cryptocurrencies. You do have the option of purchases also directly to your bank account or from a debit/credit card (for a fee), but there are no options to use Paypal. Which is a huge loss for a lot of buyers as many other game marketplaces like Kinguin and Alch offer Paypal. If you are looking to buy through your bank or with a card, expect a huge fee.

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Along with this, the process which occurs in case of the account being reclaimed, you will be paid directly into the account in which the gaming account was purchased. This is a nice feature, but there are a lot of rules that are in place for a full refund, including the purchase of insurance.

Overall, AccKings is great for reliable customer support and ensured it is safe, but the variety of items is not as big as we hoped for. 

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