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An In-Depth Review of Action! [Worth it?]

We researched and reviewed Action! to see if it's worth buying!

Published on Nov 27, 2022
An In-Depth Review of Action! [Worth it?]

Finding the right game recording software can be challenging. Action! is one of many programs on the market, but is it really worth trying? This article will give you all the details about this software. In this review, we'll test out every feature of Action! so you don't have to. If you're interested in learning all about Action!, let's get started!

Action! is a complete solution for gameplay or screen recording and streaming, giving users the ability to stream or record videos in outstanding quality without burdening the CPU. In addition, Action! supports various advanced features that we'll discuss in the following section.

4.5 / 5

Action! is the Swiss Army knife of livestreaming and game recording, packed with features and functionality.

5 / 5
User Experience
5 / 5
5 / 5
Supported Output Formats
4 / 5
3.5 / 5

Available Features (4/5)

Action has virtually everything one gameplay recording software should have, but we still believe that they could have included a few additional features that other similar programs have.
Still, for an average user, this will be more than enough, but if you're a content creator, you might want to look for alternatives. Below are some of the most useful features found in Action!:

Live Streaming

Action! was originally made as screen recording software, but it can also be used as a powerful live-streaming tool. It supports integration with various services, including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, allowing you to stream to these services within a few clicks. Sharing your recorded videos on these websites is also possible.

Action! game streaming.
Action! game streaming.

High-Resolution Recording

This software supports recording videos in resolutions ranging from 2K all the way to 8K and higher. But not every format is supported in high-resolution videos; for instance, you can only record 8K videos in AVI format, provided that you have NVIDIA 3D vision or AMD Eyefinity.

Webcam Recording

Of course, this is a must-have feature nowadays, especially with the popularity of streaming. Action! supports simultaneous recording of the screen and the webcam, making it perfect for live streaming and for making tutorials, presentations, and various video guides in which showing your face is crucial.

Time Shift

Have you ever done something extraordinary in a game and wished you'd recorded it so you could brag about it? Time Shift solves that issue by allowing you to record any moment up to 10 minutes from the current point in time simply by using the keyboard hotkey.

Audio Recording

Action! is a screen recording tool that doesn't just capture video but audio as well. It can pick up on sounds from in-game or the music you're listening to while playing.

Smartphone Integration

You can also install Action! RCU app on an Android device and use it for various controls, monitoring FPS, and much more.


Ease Of Use (4.5/5)

You won't need to be a professional content creator or a video editor in order to start using Action! because it's incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Unlike programs like OBS, which are quite complicated, especially if you're new to gameplay capturing, Action! is easy to get started, so you'll be able to start recording the gameplay as soon as you install it without watching lengthy tutorials on YouTube on how to accomplish that.


Performance (4/5)

Let's face it, some gameplay recording programs can be quite demanding and can go hard on your resources, which is something everyone wishes to avoid because it can significantly drop FPS in games.

Action! getting started.
Action! getting started.

However, that's not the issue for Action! since it's a very light program that doesn't require lots of resources. We used it to record the gameplay of various games - from indie titles to the most demanding AAA titles, and we used a decent PC to test it.
The result was that we had absolutely no drops in FPS, stutters, or any kind of issues while recording several games we played - it was almost like we weren't recording the gameplay at all.


Value For Money (4/5)

Action! offers a free 30-day trial with a watermark added to recordings. There are also two tiers: Home use ($29.59) and Commercial use ($49.59). The only difference between the two tiers of service is that the Home tier can't be used for commercial use.

However, they often have discounted prices (like at the moment of writing), so you can get a home tier for only $19.77. Without a doubt, that's excellent value for money, as you'll get a lot of useful features for a bargain!

Action! Pricing.
Action! Pricing.
All in all, if you don't mind paying for screen recording software and don't want to settle for the free alternatives like Gyazo, Action! should be your choice. It's an excellent program that can certainly be useful whether you're a content creator or simply someone who wishes to record the best gaming moments.
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