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An In-Depth Review of Advanced System Optimizer: Features, Details, and Pricing

You can learn more about Advanced System Optimizer here. This review will cover the program's features and help you decide if it's worth trying.

Published on Nov 27, 2022
An In-Depth Review of Advanced System Optimizer: Features, Details, and Pricing

You might have tried a bunch of software to optimize your computer's performance, but have you heard of Advanced System Optimizer? Advanced System Optimizer is an all-in-one program that works for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP computers

It has a multitude of useful features, including automatic detection of errors, promising to fix any errors your PC may have. If you want to find out more about this program and what it can do for you, keep reading!

Is Advanced System Optimizer Worth it?

We would consider Advance System Optimizer as a pretty handy tool to have, and it offers a decent value overall, so if you have already bough it, you will probably be just fine. However, we think there are multiple alternatives out there that will work better, and some of them (such as BleachBit) will even be free and Open Source. 

Advanced System Optimizer
4.7 / 5

Advanced System Optimizer is a helpful tool for every PC user needing the utmost speed and performance they can get. We think it's worth it!

5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5

That said, if you have bought it already, no worries - you can get a decent value out of it, we would advise you to test different software programs, especially the free ones. It's also worth noting that Advanced System Optimizer offers a 15-day trial, so if you find it better than all the similar tools that are free, the choice is up to you!

Available Features (4/5)

Advanced System Optimizer is packed with features, and every single one has a practical purpose when it comes to improving your PC. Unlike some comparable developers that have separated these features into a few separate programs (a notable example is a Wise Game Booster), Advanced System Optimizer has everything in one place, which is always great.


Still, although there are many features, it's hard to find any unique ones that competing programs don't have, so here we'll remove one point from our rating. All the essential features stand out practically nothing compared to the competition, but we still have to admit that the feature set in Advanced System Optimizer is quite impressive.

Ease of Use (4/5)

Despite having a wide variety of features, Advanced System Optimizer is incredibly easy to use. Its clean interface and detailed description of every feature will allow anyone to use this software, so even those without any technical knowledge will be able to get the best out of it.


What is more, every feature is sorted into categories, which allows finding the relevant feature within a few clicks. Even if you haven't used similar software before or want to recommend it to an older person who doesn't use electronic devices so often, you can be sure that the chance of getting lost in Advanced System Optimizer is really slim.

System Improvements (4/5)

When we installed Advanced System Optimizer on a PC for testing purposes, we thought that it wouldn't find that many issues because our test PC was already running smoothly. We were wrong! This program has found so many issues on our test PC that we couldn't believe how neglected it was.

After using several features of Advanced System Optimizer, we have noticed some improvements. The program had a small impact on system speed and provided a few more frames per second in games like Valorant or Counter-Strike, and even in more demanding games like Dead by Daylight or Dying Light 2.

Pricing of Advanced System Optimizer (3/5)

At the moment of writing this review, Advanced System Optimizer is priced at €44.95, with the regular price of €59.95, which in our opinion, is quite a lot for a regular user. However, you do get numerous useful features for that price. Still, the fact that you can get a considerable amount of these features for free with other programs is what makes us do a 3/5 rating here. 

Advanced System Optimizer Pricing
Advanced System Optimizer has many wonderful features but is not perfect software. However, every feature this program has will do an amazing job, whether it's improving your overall performance or something else.
Besides, you can always try out the free trial; if you don’t like it, you won't lose anything. 
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