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Is Aida64 Extreme Good? [Aida64 Review]

We have tested Aida64 Extreme to see if it is worth the purchase!

Updated on Nov 25, 2022
Is Aida64 Extreme Good? [Aida64 Review]

Is Aida64 Extreme Good?

Yes, Aida64 Extreme is Good. Aida64 Extreme is made to purposely be a PC system diagnostic and information tool. These types of tools are great for someone servicing a PC to find any troubleshooting issues, including maximizing the PC's CPU and GPU performances. 

Aida64 Review

Here are some reasons to prove Aida64 is safe and legit to purchase:

  • Aida64 Extreme is owned by a licensed company known as FinalWare Ltd., founded in 2010
  • Professional PC Youtubers such as DanKamYouKnow trust and use this software showing tutorials on how to use the program.
  • Trusted Hardware & Software Companies have written reviews/tutorials on Aida64 Extreme

Resources for some tutorials:

How to Set Up Your Own PC System Information Panel to display Vitals. Aida64 Tutorial!

2 / 5

Aida64 Extreme is a great option for PC builders needing to test or overclock their PCs, although it is not the cheapest option

3 / 5
3 / 5
Reputation Among Gamers
2 / 5
2 / 5

Pricing 3/5

There is not much PC System Diagnostic software available for less than $100. Aida64 Extreme provides not only installed programs for diagnostic functions but also for overclocking. Sure, $60 isn't a bad price compared to its counterparts, but it isn't the best either.

aida64 price extreme

The bios of a computer provide their own diagnostic and overclocking operating system such as, for example, AMD Ryzen Master, which is completely free. So, unless you work with computers as a profession, paying for software to just perform stress tests is a bit too extreme... and we aren't talking about the Aida64 type of Extreme. 

Price Options

Aida64 has three other hardware detection engine software available for purchase. Aida64 Extreme is presented as the cheapest and most logical option of all of the other options from Aida64 software licenses.

aida64 price comparison

Software licenses are also offered for each option, and experienced users have expressed this to be accurate. The purpose of an installed software though with a price, has been expressed by users as not worth it depending on your intentions. As mentioned before, AMD Ryzen and Intel both have their own free stress testers. Along with other free lightweight options like CPU-Z or CPU Tweaker.

cpu tweaker

As seen here, these free software options cover most hardware components. So, if you need to test your computer. Don't spend $60 unless you run a business fixing PCs for a living. 

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Accuracy 3/5

There have been mixed reviews on whether or not Aida64 Extreme is accurate. The majority, claim Aida64 is extremely accurate. Running tests on CPU, fan speed, disk space, and more detailed information. You definitely pay for a hardware detection engine unrivaled.


Aida64 Extreme has been known to glitch though as a benchmark for getting accurate results. CPU-Z gives a better result than Aida64 Extreme sometimes depending on the situation. If you want optimal results, you will have to download both testing software applications to make sure everything is accurately presented.

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Reputation Among Gamers 2/5

Among gamers, Aida64 Extreme is barely an option, if it is at all. But, if you want to have extreme overclocking software to push your computer the hardest without completely destroying it, Aida64 will make sure this happens safely and accurately. Many users though have advised to just use other options that are free and lighter on the PC.

aida64 review

Aida64 Extreme really only has its reputation among PC builders or someone who fixes PCs as a business. In this case, the other options are more relevant. It seems they offer Aida64 Extreme to just turn some heads of the consumerists in the gaming community.

The security features are amazing though, and stress testing the computer components is important for PC builders.

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Support 2/5

We tested the support email option, without receiving one returning email for 48 hours. So, the support seems to have a very delayed response time. Along with this, they do not ensure any response at all once sending a ticket.

Aida64 extreme support

Well, soon was not really the best description of their guarantee of support. This is quite unfortunate for those who have an issue with their product.

Although the Aida64 Extreme edition company has poor customer support and is a bit expensive, the whole system itself is reliable and is recommended for PC builders.

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