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Is AlchMate Good? [Alch Review]

Runescape is always full of high alchemy items to sell. So, is Alchmate a legit source for information? We have the answers!
Is AlchMate Good? [Alch Review]

Is AlchMate Legit?

Yes, AlchMate is a legitimate website to follow the algorithms of the buying/selling market of OSRS High Alchemy items, and RS3 High Alchemy items. The website is still in its "beta" status, which could lead to issues of some bits, not loading which can be frustrating. Overall, we have tested the trust of this site, and deem it trustworthy not only on our end but also through others, such as:

  • Hardcore OSRS and RS3 players from the Reddit Community, in which you can find many mentions of their use of AlchMate to find the best value on the r/oldschoolrs page.
  • YouTubers from the OSRS community who are highly ranked and experienced. AlchMate
    Youtube Reputation AlchMate
  • Passes all scanners of being safe and not a fraudulent website. 

YouTube Reference: F2P/P2P Profitable High Alchemy Items

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5/ 5

Calculator and Market Viewer

2/ 5
Price Comparison
2/ 5
Item Variability
3/ 5
User Experience
2/ 5
1/ 5
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Reputation 4/5

Overall, most reviews of this website from outside sources are positive. Along with this, the website has a high number of options for calculations and gold provider options. We know you want to get the best out of your items and want to know their value in RuneScape gold, which is why we believe this website is a great free-to-use alternative to other websites. 

Reputation AlchMate
AlchMate Reddit Reputation

AlchMate though seems to not have been updated since 2018 when it comes to bug fixes and other issues. Although it has a lot of reputation for helping other Runescape players, it also seems to not have as much of a fanbase as other sites like GETracker or 4RS Gold. So, let's keep this in mind. 

AlchMate Changelog
AlchMate Changelog

This also makes us wonder how much more activity this website has been receiving since 2018, if players are still reporting small issues or if they are running into problems. 

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Price Comparison 2/5

Are the prices accurate when it comes to your actual profit through the game? We have compared the prices on AlchMate to competitive websites that show a bit of a difference in their pricing as being lower than shown in competitive and more active markets. Meaning, relying solely on this website would be not recommended if you want to have the most accurate depiction.

AlchMate Prices

Otherwise, the site is completely free to use, unlike sites such as GETracker, in which only offer their entire service for a fee. Although AlchMate is not the most trafficked because of its free usage, it is still worth using for calculations and getting a general stance on your prices.

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Item Variability 3/5

Overall, the item variability is pretty high when it comes to OSRS High Alch, although for RS3 it seems to run a bit low in comparison. With 351 entries in RS3 and OSRS with almost 2,000. They seem to make their main focus on the calculator, which is understanding as calculators are helpful and hard to find.

AlchMate calculator
AlchMate Skill Calculator

If you filter the options correctly, you will run into over 100 items to look at, but it sometimes does not have the most recent items. The latest is 14 minutes and compared to other websites, this is extremely lagged.

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User Experience 2/5

When you first open AlchMate, you really are thrown from the lack of user-friendliness. It gives an extremely analog look and the most basic structure of any kind of website. You can see the Runescape gold worth of many different items when you first enter the site, which can be filtered under an excessive amount of filter options.

AlchMate User Experience

If you go to a website such as GETracker you will notice the difference in widgets, user ease of access, and overall enjoyment of the website. The graphs are much easier to read, while Alchmate seems to be for those who are really into the analog style. Along with this, AlchMate does not have an accounting system, and it seems to only exist to be a review site. It may take you a few minutes to understand where everything is on this site. And no, this is not a buy Runescape gold website.

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Support 1/5

The support service is hard to reach, we attempted sending emails to them twice, both of which failed. There is no option of chat service, only email. The support seems to only exist to receive feedback and what they can improve.

Support AlchMate

Since our support requests were not sent, it makes us skeptical if they are really open to changing the website more, or if they are fine with leaving it the way it is. Rest assured; you will have to handle the strange layout in order to really make use of the benefits of this site. The service seems to be pretty far from working at the moment.

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Overall, the company is great for a free-to-use close search for OSRS gold or for RS3 High Alch options, but not the most user-friendly experience.

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