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Is AndroidModders Legit?

We have downloaded, used, and tested androidmodders to see if it is legit!

Published on Jan 03, 2023
Is AndroidModders Legit?

Is AndroidModders Legit?

Yes, AndroidModders is a legit website for modding and downloading applications such as games or other lifestyle apps. Although you should always be cautious when downloading from a site with third-party mods and hacks, some could harm your device. AndroidModders has had one of the best reputations for having the largest selection of safe and legit mods and hacks for games. Here are a few reasons we believe AndroidModders is legit:

  • Many users have praised the website for providing legit and virus-free mods and hacks.
  • We downloaded and tested the applications and did not run into any viruses
  • The application has been around since before 2019.

Below is some more in-depth research we have performed on this website to give you the best opinion!

2.6 / 5

Website for modded games and other applications for easy download that is deemed safer than the average website

3 / 5
Item Variety
4 / 5
User Experience
4 / 5
2 / 5

Reputation (3/5)

Although it has been deemed as one of the safer hacking and modding websites for gaming applications, it has recently lost many viewers compared to its average growth. 

AndroidModders Review

From what we have researched, they have not received much negative feedback, if anything, more recently, good feedback. Which is a good sign regardless of the unfortunate fact they are losing users. This could be due to other more SSL Certificate secured websites that make others think they are safer. Along with the lack of limiting nasty hacks or mods. 

AndroidModders Review

Some other competing websites serve similar Android mod apk packages with much higher reputation responses, such as moddroid, or apkmody

Apps Variability (4/5)

When it comes to variety, They include many famous apps such as Hay Day, PUBG, TikTok, and even Fortnite. All of them have decent mods and hacks attached to each. It is best to start with an app with better reviews than the others to guarantee that you will not download something suspicious. 

AndroidModders Review

AndroidModders provides many different applications as well for lifestyle apps such as Netflix and TikTok. It depends on your niche and goals, but rest assured you will find your favorite Android apps in AndroidModders.

User Experience (4/5)

So far, regarding the frontal interface, these online shops have been entirely up to date. With a very smooth and appealing website navigation, AndroidModders is a website that makes modding and hacking seem safer than it usually feels. 

AndroidModders Review

We have tested and used VirusTotal with our downloads, and we can safely say after downloading PUBG we ran into no security issues. Always have trustworthy Antivirus installed before installing Android mods despite it being your favorite games. 

Compared to APKMody and APKPure, AnndroidModders has one of the most appealing website structures overall. It has a very welcoming front page along with a very simple structure that makes navigation simple for finding Android mods. It just flows with common sense. 

Support (2/5)

It is a task to achieve when it comes to finding information about this website and support. We eventually discovered their support email that was hidden within their Terms of Service, which they eventually responded to within a couple of days. 

AndroidModders Review

Considering it is a hacking and modding website, we do not expect to find every detail known about the website. ALthough we do with it, they would make it more evident of their origin and when they were founded for the sake of legitimacy. 


Although AndroidModders is overall safe, be smart when choosing to download from this website, and do not download anything that might seem suspicious, as the responsibility will be eventually be put on the user. 
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