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Is Apkmody Legit? [An APK Review]

We have tested Apkmody and reviewed its legitimacy! Take a look at what we found.

Updated on Dec 04, 2022
Is Apkmody Legit? [An APK Review]

Is Apkmody Legit?

Apkmody has mixed reviews, and in our opinion, it is best to say Apkmody is legit but has sketchy ads and downloads. There have been many who have downloaded this mod and antivirus' scans typically show an issue with downloading from them. Although this is common for using mods like this, it does come across as not trustworthy. 
A few reasons we deem this site a risk:

  • Some apps contain hidden malware tech that is harmful to your phone
  • They receive access to a lot of your phone's information
  • If anything goes wrong, they do not have a professional Customer Support system.

Apkmody, though, is from the United States, thus making it less likely to be a scam, but being careful of what you download is highly recommended.

2.6 / 5

Apkmody is a good and legit Marketplace for free modded apps and games for Android mobile devices.

Reputation Among Gamers
3 / 5
3 / 5
User Experience
3 / 5
Item Variability
3 / 5
1 / 5

Reputation Amongst Gamers (3/5)

There are a handful of gamers out there that use Apkmody to download free mobile games onto their Android. Although, the majority of users have a lot of issues getting through the potential virus alerts and fear losing all of their private information. 

apkmody review

Besides these common issues, there have been thousands of downloads through Apkmody as one of the most used websites to purchase apps. Compared to competing websites, Apkmody is probably the most popular. Although, ApkPure presents itself as much more professional and trustworthy than Apkmody. 


Safety (3/5)

As far as the app goes, everything runs as smoothly as it could even if purchased from the Google Play store. A common issue that you will most likely run into is the frustration of which apps are safe to download. When you download mod apk games, you always have the possibility of facing viruses that can affect your phone and its performance. So always check the specs of the app you are downloading, and the mods included. 

apkmody review

A virus scan would be helpful, although they typically always catch something "dangerous" when downloading an app through Apkmody. Lately, though, many users have claimed these danger alerts have been fixed and there have been fewer and fewer issues with downloads. 


User Experience (3/5)

You will see that the experience is actually not too bad. It appears as if you are just downloading any other app to your phone, with the only difference of who is offering the application. 

apkmody review

After downloading the mod apk file, your phone definitely starts to perform poorly, which is alarming and could mean you need to run a file review. This makes the overall user experience extremely frustrating. With how frustrating Apkmody can be, it's easier to just spend the money for the safe un-modded app or download on a separate phone form your personal phone.

There are also a lot of complaints about ads for offline games or apps. They say they fixed this, but only if you pay a $1 money fee. Ads though are understanding as they do offer a free service.


Item Variability (3/5)

Apkmody offers some of the most popular apps such as Minecraft and Netflix. Although, unlike Apkpure which offers a huge variety of PC-based apps and android apps like Firefox, Edge, etc, Apkmody only offers mini-games. Most of which, are already free to download un-modded. 

apkmody review

The items also seem to focus harder on photo and video editing apps. 


Support (1/5)

The support for Apkmody is extremely sketchy, and not at all professional. If you need to contact them, the best way is by commenting on a post or trying to use their random association with Telegram. You must download Telegram in order to actually comment and follow their account. From our checking their profile, they do seem to hold true to their statement. 

apkmody review

Apkmody is very active on Telegram if you need to contact them for anything, although since it is not very organized a response will be unknown.


Overall, Apkmody has a lot of premium apps but has sketchy issues with viruses and frustrating ads that make it hard for gamers to enjoy using the mod feature.

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